Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-27 ) Part – 2

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Recap- swasan argument
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Swara is seen sitting on a bench at a lonely park staring at the night sky. She was expressionless. She was staring blankly at the sky. Then a person is shown coming towards her. The person silently sits beside her. The person takes something from a bag.
Swara was thinking about something when suddenly a chocolate is shown in front of her. She blinks in surprise and she knew who the person was but kept silent. The two choc… she keeps silent, three…. She keeps silent, then a whole box……, she smiles cutely and takes the box.
Person: still angry with me? Won’t u forgive me?
Swa: (faces the person) hold Ur ears and say sorry then I will think about it.
Person holds his ears: soooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Happy?
Swa: yup! Now I officially forgave mr.sanskaar maheswari.
Sans: thank god!!!!
Swara frowns but smiles.
Sanskaar sees the choc box in her hand.
Sans: u know what? The person who is going to be Ur future husband or boyfriend must definitely be bill gates son.
Swa: why?
Sans: becoz if that person fights with u he will have to spend a very lot….like me. even if he buys anything he have to buy the best brand of it, see even in choc u need Cadbury dairy milk silk and I had to buy a whole box for u!!!
Swara who was happily munching on a choc stopped eating and stared at sanskaar for a while and started beating sanskaar.
Sanskaar was laughing, finally swara got tired and leaned back on the bench.
Swa: duffer
And munched on her choc…
Sans: meher will be waiting for me na?
Swa: meher meher meher!! Wont u ever stop taking her name? We fought becoz of this and again meher!!!
Sans: ok then after this I won’t take mehers name!
Swa: u better not!!

And they were chatting and sanskaar
Sans: u know even meher…
Swara frowns.
Sans: ok ok! I won’t take her name!
They both were chatting again.
Sans: once meher……….
Swa interrupts: phir se naam liya!!
Sans: Swaraaaa!
Then sanskaar gets mehers call.
Sans: hi meher!
Meh: sanskaar where are u?
San: actually I am out and very busy so can we meet tomorrow?
Meh: yea sure… take care bye.
Sans: bye
Swa: sanskaar! Let’s go to beach!
Sans: at this time r u crazy?
Swa: probably!! Chalo na
And both went to beach and enjoyed and went home.
A few days later…
Swasan day by day grew really close and now sanskaar always used to talk to meher about swara.
Swara was sitting alone in a classroom.
Swara was constantly saying to herself
Swa: I love sanskaar……….. I love sanskaar
Swara kept her head to the table and kept on saying it while closing her eyes. She realized she had to go to library to pick a book and she stood up and got shocked………..
She saw ……………
Meher standing at the doorway…
Precap-……………………. U all know it………. Here
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  1. plz complete swara’s love by realizing sanskar’s love

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    awesome complete swara’s love

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    And yes…
    One more thing….
    The epi was tooo cute
    Chal bhaag rahi hoon yahan se
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    Love u?

  4. Dr i too want swara ‘s love love story to be complete…..but did sanky love her?????
    Plz dr dont hurt swara plzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..
    I will give u 10/10…………
    Awesome part dr……

  5. It is awesome yaar ? About score?…….??Plsss.. post soon

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  10. Loved the chappy… sooooo cute of SWASAN… n plzzz dont complete Swara’s story ,, at least not now… after some episodes… plzzzzz… let Sanskar know his feelings slowly…
    Rest is in ur hand…??

  11. awesome.. update soon complete swara love story

  12. Superb….!! Woww…!! I want their love story to complete please….!! Swasa are soo cute…!! I will give 10…!! Because I liked it soooo much….!! Even though it’s common story…. the way you wrote is really interesting and amazing…with suspense precaps at the end….!!
    Because of my exams I stopped reading other ff’s yesterday onwards… but I am reading only yours… because I don’t want to miss your ending episodes….!! Waiting for next part…!!!

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    Awesome very nice….. I want swara’s love story to complete…… Rating its 8/10 dr…. Bcoz u give short updates so 2 points gone in that…. ?

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    Hey amu… I’m happy if the story complete or incomplete and about marks it’s 1000 out of 10 I jst luv ur ff yaar… take care… luv u.. ???eagerly waiting for the next one…..


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