Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-27 ) Part – 1


Hi guys! Missed me? Guess not! So guys I saw many of u all want to know who meher is.
Sanskaar is attracted towards meher and meher is attracted towards sanskaar. Both don’t actually love each other. Meher happens to be swara’s friend. Sanskaar asks swara to help him with his love. Swara accepts. Now sanskaar and meher are together. And swara is avoiding sanskaar because she can’t bear to see meher and sanskaar together. Hope u all understood.

Swasan stared at each other and there was a brief pause.
Sans- I love u too.
And both burst into laughter.
Sans- hahaha. Y r u avoiding me?
Swa- me? Avoiding u?! IMPOSSIBLE!! Listen Mr. U r only avoiding me. Now u got meher and y do u need her friend?
Sanskaar for some reason felt, bad about that statement.
Sanskaar- but…. But…..
Swa- why would u need me? I almost feel like u used me to get meher. Now meher loves u and u love meher, now u cut me off and I am no longer a friend of u right?
Sanskaar held her shoulders tight.
Swara hissed in pain.
Sans- don’t u dare to utter those words again. What’s wrong if I love meher? U r still my friend right?
Swara smiled listening to his statement.
Swa- says who?
Sans- Ur still my friend and I am still yours. He
Swa- so?
Sans- can I slap u?
Swa- yea sure! Wait what???!! Don’t u dare lay a finger on swara or else!
Sans- or else?
Swa- noting! Just u will be slapped back!
Sanskaar’s eyes widened.
San- hmmm! You scared me!
Swara punched him playfully!
Swa- sanskaar! I need an ice cream!
Sans- ok! What flavor?
Swa- chocolate.
Sans- ok! (Forwards his hand) money?
Swa- what money? I have no money.
Sans- ok! Then no ice cream!
Swa- hey not fair! Buy me one!
Sans- nope!
Swa-(pouts) hate u. And turns her head.

At that moment meher came running up to them.
Meh-hey swasan (swara & sans)
Swasan- hey.
Meh- I have arranged a party tonight, everyone’s coming. Both of u shud definitely come.
Swa- no meher! I am busy!
Meh- y? U shud come and that’s final.
Swa- ok fine!
Meh- ok! Sanskaar u too.
Sanskaar nodded.
Meh- ok bye see you later!
Meher went away.
Swasan stood in silence for a moment.
Sans-shall we go get ice cream?
Swa- sure!!!

@ Home.
Phone convo:
Swa- sanskaar!
Sans- mm?
Swa- which color suits me red or black?
Sans- umm neither!
Swa- what color are u wearing?
Sans- dark blue?
Swa- then I will wear pink!
Sans- whatever! I wonder what meher will be wearing.
Swa- Uff! Again meher will never change! Ok bye see ya at the party!

Girl 1- Omg look at Arjun year!
Girl 2- he is so hot!
Girl 3- I wish he would dance with me!
Girl 1- me too.
Arjun. Arjun Malhotra the hottest boy in the college. Attracted to swara.
Swara enters and every boy gets mesmerized seeing her.
She was wearing a hot pink dress till her knees and a touch of makeup. She was wearing a simple yet elegant chain and matching earrings. She looked gorgeous. Feeling everyone’s gaze on her made her wonder if something was wrong on herself.
She stared back at everyone with an innocent look and went near meher.
Swara, meher, kavya and other were chatting. Meher saw sanskaar entering and dragged him towards her friends.
Sanskaar saw swara and he himself was mesmerized seeing her.
Meher was talking nonstop and didn’t give swasan a chance to talk properly.
Then meher dragged sanskaar away to dance.
Swara was disappointed she couldn’t talk to sanskaar.
Mehsan (meher and sanskaar) danced very close along with many other pairs. Swara fumed in jealousy seeing this.
Boy 1- Omg look at swara yaar she is so hot!
Boy 2- I wish I could dance with her.
Arj-(in his mind) Omg swara u r looking damn beautiful.

He goes near swara. Swara was continuously staring at sanskaar so she dint notice Arjun.
Arj- hi swara!
Swara nearly jumped.
Swa- oh its u! Hi!
Arj- umm…..
Swara raised her brow.
Arj- wo… can u um….
Swara glanced at sanskaar one more time and they both very dancing closer than before, meher was laughing at something what sanskaar said and both went to get a drink. She was irritated.
She turned towards Arjun.
Swa- can u dance with me??
Arjun looked shocked.
Arj- yea ……yea sure.

Swara dragged Arjun and both were dancing. Arjun was getting closer to swara on each step. Sanskaar was getting a drink. His eyes were searching for swara. He saw swarjun dancing. Sanskaar fumes in anger.
He went towards them and holds swars hand tight and dragged swara away from there. He brings her to a parking lot. He holds swara’s hand tighter.
Swa- ow! Sanskaar! Its hurting…. Leave me.
Sans- y were u dancing with Arjun?
Swara jerked her hand from his tight grip.
Swa- what bothers u? U don’t care about me when meher is there right?

Sanskaar held her shoulders tight.
Sans- just answer me damn it!!
Swa- why are u dancing with meher?
Sans- because I love her.
Swa- then I love Arjun.
Sans- no u don’t! Swara what’s wrong with u?
Swa- correction, what’s wrong with u? It’s my life I can do anything I want.
Sans- please don’t say me u r angry with me just coz I danced with meher.
Swa- oh again meher! What bothers me if u dance with meher? I don’t care!!! And yeah y r u still here didn’t u go to Ur meher?
Sans- I don’t get it swara why r u always getting angry if mention the name meher? Y did meher come between us?
Swa- I shud ask that with u? Y did meher come between us? U just used me to get meher right? Now y r u still with me? I don’t care if u r friend with me or not! Look sanskaar, u r no one more than a friend to me got it? And right now I think we r not even friends anymore, coz u don’t need me anymore right?
Sans- yes I am a friend. I feel disgusted to be friends with u, I have been friends with many girls bit not one like u. I hate u swara. I HATE U! DONT U SHOW UR FACE TO ME EVER AGAIN. AND U WONT SEE ME AROUND U TOO. GOOD BYE!!
Swara just stared.

Recap- same…… (Sorry year but please don’t be angry! I can’t help it.)
Sorry for the very long and boring epi! Hope u liked it. Please do comment. I will try to post the next part tomorrow, if I am not busy! Till then keep smiling  love ya all…………..

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  1. What was that……plz dont make swara sucide….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..???????????
    Superb dr……

    1. Ameera

      Hi Madhu thank u for commenting and do u know that the best always comes after the worst my ff is just like that after swara sucide something will happen so please don’t be angry on me keep reading to find out more. Keep smiling love ya??

  2. nice..continue soon..

    1. Ameera

      Thank u so much for commenting. Please do keep reading and commenting and always keep smiling?

  3. Hey Ameera it’s my first time commenting on ur FF… i just read ur chappy n i couldn’t resist myself from reading ur whole FF till now… it’s amazing dear… just loved it…??.. plzzzz next one ASAP… ☺..

    1. Ameera

      Thank u so much kakali that means a lot to me. Will try to post one today or tomorrow lets see. And do keep reading and commenting and always keep smiling ?

  4. Abirsha

    Wow ameera u do no how much i was missing ur ff….. Its indeed a superb ff…. I m happy that u updated…. Pls post next soon…. ?

    1. Ameera

      Hi Shan thank u so much glad u like it and read ur ff till the end. It was fantastic hope u come up wid a new story soon. Will try to post next. Till then keep smiling love ya?

  5. Soujanya


    1. Ameera

      Thank u so much sorry for late and short reply but just to say love u and always keep smiling?☺

  6. Boring? Not at all! What a shock!
    Amu……so glad to see u back! Hw wr ur exams?
    My my! U nailed it dear! U jus nailed it! I loved it so much!
    And ye Sanskaar ka bachha!
    Ekk cheez common hai hum dono ke ff mein, Sanskaar! Sanskaar in half grey shade, in both of our ff’s?
    Isi ko kehte hai behen-behen ka pyaar?
    Chlo…post next one soon…love ya…?

    1. Ameera

      Haha? love my sis a v.v.v. lot?than and post ur too. Always keep smiling

  7. This nice bt it is a reupdate aftr long time u gave da same update plz plz update soon. I love this ff so much

    1. Ameera

      I knw bt this is a descriptive chapter. Umma not possible in weekdays will try in weekends. Love ya keep smiling?☺

  8. Mica

    swasan jealous to each other .. so funny
    luv it Ameera….. update soon as time permit ty

    1. Ameera

      Aww them mica. That means a lot . Will post on week ends. Love ya keep smiling?☺

  9. Hi ameera i lyk ur ff very much infact i like all ff on swasan bt due to some personal reasons i cnt cmment but today i m comntng by goin out of the way just to make a humble request that dnt kill swara make her suicide attempt but dont kill her this incomplete story should get complete plzz if u agree

    1. Ameera

      Hi.? Ty its OK I understand and I totally agree and understand you but I say u give it a shot and yea I got many request saying to complete so I am gonna most probably complete her love story. Ty again for commenting, love so much keep smiling☺?

  10. heyyy….Ameera…!!! Finally you are back…!! Episode was superb….!! Loved it…!! Missing this ff soooo much you know…??!! Even I don’t want swara to die…!! 🙁
    I hope sanskar gets clarity about his own feelings…!!
    Please post next part soon…!! I am eagerly waiting…!! 😀

    1. Ameera

      Awww chandu tysm . I will post next part in weekends. And u have o wait and watch wat happens lol?☺ don’t worry, something will happen in their life. U have to keep reading for hat. Love ya always keep smiling?☺☺☺

  11. Rabia

    awesome n plzz yrrr suspense khatam kro naa :p

    1. Ameera

      Mhm sorry that rabi ( can I call u that?) I am helpless pakka in the 28th episode suicide part will come. Till then keep reading love ya keep smiling and friends??☺

  12. Awesome bt update soon dear

    1. Ameera

      Tysm dear and next in weekends OK? Keep reading and love ya keep smiling?☺

  13. Kavya_08

    Amuu!!!?? YayYayYayYay!!? I’m commenting after such a lomg time Ily Ily Ily? you’re awesome ya!! Not at all boring veryyyyyyy entertaining.

    ATB for your tests though I know my amu will do her best!!???? if they’ve finished then results would be great!!

    Let’s chat sometime ya we didn’t talk chat from so many days? love ya tc❤

    1. Ameera

      Kavi!! Yay! Ur back? tysm? exams r over and I did good here yeah we dint chat but no tysm at all ya!!? Let’s see I might be free in weekends then we can chat. Love ya keep smiling?☺

  14. Hey ameera finally u back… missed u and ur ff… hw r u dr..? how u did ur exams…? hope good.. 🙂 🙂
    its nt at all boring… just awesome… jealous in the air… he he he… post nxt epi soon.. 🙂 🙂 n yeah keep smiling dr… 😀 😀

    1. Ameera

      Hey nive. Ty am fine how r u?? Ma exams were gud.ty next episode in weekends. Post ur ff yaar u dunno how I am dying to read it. Love ya?? always keep smiling.?☺

    1. Ameera

      Ty niya . Glad you like it. Love ya always keep smiling?☺

    1. Ameera

      Ty dharani for regular comments. Love ya loads. Always keep smiling?☺

  15. Sree_deeksha

    Hey amu… remember me… loved it yaar… and love u more than that… awsome episode dear….???

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      And loads of hugs to everyone.

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    Of course I remember my sree.? Hehe missed you yaar. Love you more than that. Haha keep smiling?☺?☺

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