Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-26 )


Hi guys i am back!i thought to post another epi today in the happiness of completeing 25 episodes. YAAAAAY!
I want to thank everyone who supported me. My regular commentors.
Swa- bolona.
Sans- i am in love with——-
Swa-(to her self ) say it sanskaar. U dont know how much i was waiting to hear this from u. Please say that last word u. Say it.
Sans- i
Swa- u
Swa- love
Sans- i love
Swa- say?
Sans- i love meher!
Swa- me, wait what????

Sans- haan swara i love her so much. Please she is ur friend na, please join us.
Swa- par—
Sans- please dont say no!
Swara cupped his face.
Swa- why would i say no? I will definetely speak to meher. I am very happy for u.
She smiles happily.
Sanskaar hugs her.
Sans- i love u swara. u are the best.
She hugs him back.
Swa- love u too( with a smile)

Sanskaar phone buzzes.
He breaks the hug and sees his phone and rolled his eyes.
Sans- my idiot sister. I guess i shud be in home by now. So bye see u later.
Saying this he kissed swaras forehead and waved swara and went away.
Swara smiled and waved till she saw sanskaar dissapear from her view.
Once he was gone.
Problem started.
Her smile faded. Her hand dropped. Eyes brimmed. And her legs gave away beneath her. She fell on her knees with a thud.
Tears seemed endless. Leaving trails on her cheek.
She closed her eyes. Her mind drifted to the memory lane of hers and sanskaars. Their first meeting, cute fights, apologies, and every moment she spent with sanskaar flashed before her eyes. Though she knew she cant get her love she still had a ray of hope that she will get her love. But now that piece of hope burned before her eyes. He was going to become someonelse’s forever.

Her mind was asking so many questions, why? Why didn’t he see my love for him.
Am i not good enough for him? Cant i keep him happy?
Why didnt he choose me to be his better half.

More over why god did u make him ask me to join them?
Why cant u join us? U know the countless prayers i’ve did to u asking to make us together, keep us happy, y didnt u listen to atleast one?

She couldnt control her emotions, tears were flowing.she got up.
She started to walk. She was walking but she had no idea where she was going. She had stopped crying, but her face was tear stained. She had no clue where she was going.

At that moment she wanted to die. But unfortunately she found herself standing infront of her own home. She was upset. She wiped her tears and face and plastered a fake smile on her face. She went in. The day was very hard and dull for swara.

The next day:
Swara talked to meher about sanskar. She found out that meher loves sanskaar too. She said it to sanskaar and they both were now a couple.
They both were crazy. But swara just smiled seeing them together.
Though she didnt get her love, her love was happy and thats all she needed. She was consoling her mind and heart saying this but those two strictly disagreed. she Always felt damn hurt and jealous and angry and everyother stuff. She couldnt bear seeing them together.

She tried to ignore sanskaar but failed coz sanskaar always was closed to her.

One day sanskaar confronted swara about it.
Sans- diva, why are u avoiding me huh?
Swa- what me? No!
She smiled.
Sans- dont! Its so fake.
He went close and cupped her face.
Sans- i can diffrentiate betwwen a fake smile and a real smile of urs swara. I understand u so well. Please say whats bothering u? Please.
Swa- sans—–sanskaar, i —— l–l–love —– u.
Hi guys! Am back sorry for late though. Love u all keep smiling 🙂 do comment about it. Dont bash me
And next will be


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Precap- sanskaar accuse swara and swara suicide.

Omg its nearing end. Only a little epis more. Keep reading and supporting. And smiling. Love ya all
keep smiling. 🙂 😉 <3

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    1. Ameera

      thank u so much s. a great hug to u for commenting. love ya. keep smiling. 😉

  1. Who is this meher??!!! Feeling soo sad for swara..!! 🙁 🙁 Is sanskar going to accuse her regarding his friends??!! Waiting for next part..!! It’s soooooo awesome..!! Loved it..!!

    1. Ameera

      u will get to know everything in the next epi. thank u so much. love you. keep smiling. 😉

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much soujanya. a great hug to u for commenting. love ya. keep smiling. 😉

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much rabia. a great hug to u for commenting. love ya. keep smiling. u have written an ff right? i guess i have read it and commented. 😉

      1. Rabia

        thankss for replying ameera and yaa i’m currently writing on SS and few shots story thankuuu for complementing 😉

    2. Ameera

      i think i havevread hum se hai ye zamana. awesome story it was. loved it so much but coupd only comment on first chap, coz when i read other the comment wasnt showing. i have read ur os too. awesome stories u write.

      1. Rabia

        hahaha thankuu but not more than u 😉

  2. nice… update nect part soon.. why sanskar accuse swara? and why she sucide…. who is meher? is he really loves her?

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much anu. a great hug to u for commenting. love ya. keep smiling. u will get to know everything in next chap. 🙂

  3. Sree_deeksha

    Yaar amu…. I’m reading after so many days … sanskar loves some one else….. oh my god that was a very big shock for me… poor swara…. pays nahi sanskar use saath kya karega ….. hoping for the best let’s see…. awsome going yaar amu … I cNt wait for the next one update soon…. a lot of hugs from my side…. keep smiling love u…..?????

    1. Ameera

      haha hi. after long time. u will get to know everything in next chap, love ya, more hugs from me. always keep smiling:)

  4. Sree_deeksha

    And yaa congratulations for completing 25 episodes so successfully…..

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much. keep smiling 😉 🙂

  5. Abirsha

    Awesome ameera…. Superb…. I know ur title is incomplete love story but want a happy ending and cant c swara or sanskar with any other….. K k but pls do continue soon…. Cant wait for next part….

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much. yes dear i will try to give a happy ending.
      i will continue, love ya, keep smiling 😉

  6. Niku

    Nyc chp. But no suicide dear….

    1. Ameera

      thank u so much niku. a great hug to u for commenting. love ya. keep smiling. u have to be patient, after swaras suicide interesting things will happen.;) 🙂

  7. Isabel

    Well, great and superb, waiting for next eagerly, idk what u hv planned but I feel bad for whatever’s gonna come, having a bad feeling 🙁 hope it’s not painful. And love ya princess,
    Keep smiling 🙂

    Um, amazing

    1. Ameera

      dont worry nothing will happen, love ya keep smiling.

  8. Amu……maar dalu kya? Swara suicide!!!
    No no no…
    Sanskaar ke bachhe
    Meri Swara ko accuse krega? Meher se pyar krega? Le thappad le thappad
    Yaar badi wali jadoo ki jhappi…
    Love u…
    Can’t wait for nxt update…?

    1. Ameera

      omg! chill girl, ;), waise i dont wanna die young. 😉 u must have patience, coming updates, everything will be clear.
      love ya so much, a greater and bigger hug to u.
      always keep smiling. 🙂

  9. Dharani


    1. Ameera

      thank u so much dharani. a great hug to u for commenting. love ya. keep smiling.

    2. Ameera

      thank u so much dharani. a great hug to u for commenting. love ya. keep smiling. 🙂

  10. Hey ameera I’m fyn dr… actually I had an eye infection so oly late now I’m pretty fine… Ugh… aug 15 is ur exam… study well and concentrate on exam also… and my nephew is in my profile pic… tnq fr compliment… coming to epi its awesome, I think sanskar already knw swara loves him, so he is doing same as what he did for kavitha… hope swara wont take any wrong decision and It might be someone dreams… waiting for next epi…keep smiling… 😀 😀

    1. n yeah this one is link of my ff
      sorry for not informing before, if u have tym thn read..!!

      1. Ameera

        awesome. dont worry i always have tym for ur ff. lol love ya keep smiling 🙂

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