Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-24 )

Hi guys. I am extremely sorry for being late. But have schools and classes. Hope u understand. Lets move on to the story.

” swara please, listen to me, i am sorry, it was just a joke na?i am really sorry,” sanskaar was pleading swara following swara.
( they r in beach)
Swara turns and glares at him.
Swa- kyu? Why shud i listen to to u, u wanted me to be embarrased infront of ur family right? aur why shud i forgive u, huh?
Sans- becoz we r best friends!
Swara doesnt say anything and walks on.
Suddenly she felt a strong pair of arm around her waist. She gasped. It pulled her closer. Her back hit against someting hard and warm and…..comfortable. She could feel the hot breath no her cheeks.
She knew who it was.
It was her sanskaar of course.
” sanskaar leave me” she said and struggled a bit.
And she felt the arms at her waist tighten more.
” i am sorrry diva! I really am, please forgive me na.” he whispered in swaras ear. swara turns and faces sanskaar.
Swa- i still hate u.
She said and hugged sanskaar tight. Sankaar smiled.
Sans-sorry diva.
swa- its ok! But dont u dare play pranks on me again.
Sans- yes maam. He said and hugged swara tight.
( note: swasan move freely with each other)

Swasan at home:
“Mom please just one night na! please, agree na, laksh is also coming tell mom will u, u idiot” sanskaar was saying laksh and ap.
” haan aunty oops ma, i will got with him na so no worries.” laksh said.
” but” before ap could complete a voice cut her.
” no ways, laksh wer r u going with this gorilla, i cant trust this hippo and send u, ur my jaan na? U dont go with this duffer!u stay with me Ok?” ragini said.
Sanskaar glared at ragini.
” haan of course baby, which idiot said i am going out?” laksh said and went towards ragini.
Sanskaar stared at laksh in shock.
” but just now u said,?” sanskaar was interrupted by laksh.
” hey mr who r u? I dont know u, i am sorry, chale ragu baby?”
Sanskaar’s jaw dropped. He stared at laksh in rage.
“good for nothing useless idiot dumbo.” he said and turned.
Ragini burst into laughter.
“see , ur not going.” ap said.
” fine, and a very big thank u to u all for showimg how much u hate me especially u mr.laksh raichand.”
Sanskaar said.
Laksh stared back innocently.
At that moment swara came there.
“hey do u all have any plans fot the night?”
” iiii had plans but mr.gorilla here spoilt it so none.” sanskaar said.
” yeah me and laksh are free too. Y?”
” no well i was thinking can we all go out some days u know camping.” swara said
“oh wow count us in.” ragini voulenteered.
“Swara, can i bring my——- friends with me?”
Swara stared at sanskaar.
” you r still in contact with them?”
She asked.
Sanskaar nodded innocently.
” will they———–”
Her voice trailed off.
” div— swara nothing will happen to u, me ragini and laksh are there right?
Sanskaar assured.
” then ok!” she said.
“guys what r u talking about?” laksh asked.
Swara panicked. But sanskaar was cool.
” well, can i know who u are? I dont know who u are and y r u in our house? Swara do u know this person?”
swaragini burst into laughter.
Laksh’s jaw dropped.
” Bhaiii!!???” he said
” bhai??? Who is ur bhai?” sanskaar said.
Laksh understood and grinned widely.
” bhaiiiiii!!!! You are my awesome wala bhai na, u r taking me with u na?” he asked like a kid.
Sanskaar nodded.
” as if u would leave me if i say no. Chalo lets start preparing and swara u can go home we will pick u on the way.”
Sanskaar said.
Ap smiled.
Swara left to her place.

At night:
Sanskaar picked swara and his friends and they reached their destination.
All built camp fires and tents.
( they were a little far from their homes)
They built a small campfire and everybody sat around it. They started singing and cracking jokes.
Then ragini gave an idea to play truth or dare. They bring a bottle and spun it.
First was laksh.
Laksh chose dare.
Moh- ur dare is dance with someone except ragini and swara.
Laksh stared at mohit for a while and pulled mohit and danced a very funny dance with him.
Everyone laughed holding their stomach.
They spun the bottle again and this time on ragini. She chose dare.
Arj- ur dare is kiss someone here except laksh and sanskaar.
Laksh got angry and was about to say something, but ragini interrupted him by saying ok.
Sanskaar glared at them. Ragini got up and went near swara and kissed swaras cheek.And stuck out her tounge at sanskaars friends.
Sanlak warned his friends not to do these stuff again.
They nodded.
Bottle spins and stops at sanskaar. He chose dare.
His dare was given by ragini.
Rag- kiss swara.
Swasan stared at ragini.
Rag- what? u both r friends na?
Sanskaar kiss swaras cheek.
Swara was never happier.
Next bottle spins and stops at swara. She chooses truth.
Rag- do u love someone and if yes who is that?
Swara gets shocked.
Swa- yes. My mom,dad and family.
Everyone gets surprised at her answer and all laughs.
They play for somemire time and it was late. Everyone was going to sleep.laksh went to the car to bring his phone. Sanskaar was alone in the tent. Ragini enters.
Sanskaar looks up and looks inquiringly at her.
Rag- i wanna talk to u.
Sans- haan bolo
Rag- do u love swara.
Sanskaar looked at ragini for a brief moment and answered.
Sans- yes!
(please read the below note)

Hey guys. I am back. This episode is specially for chandu/G.chandu. And guys please do read chandu’s ff.

Its really a wonderful ff. well more than that. more like amazing and fab.
And guys u know what? I am dissapointed. I keep thinking y am i getting less comments and i have concluded that as my plot is very boring amd i am an extremely horrible writer.
Guys if u think i am not then please comment.
If u think i am then please dont comment. I will permanantly quit writing. If ur only ur comments are not above 15 then i quit. Please do comment. Negative is also accepted.
And there r Only 4 or 5 more episodes. Thank u all for ur support. Sorry kavi, isabel, sree, nive and laddoo.
Keep smiling πŸ™‚

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