Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-23 )


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Swara held up a cd and asked what is this? Ragini smirked and said
Swara looked at ragini confused. “One sec “and said and went from there and brought her.laptop took the cd from swara.
“ see for urself ”
The movie started. Swara watched with interest. She was shocked to see the cast and other stuff. She gave a questioning look to ragini but ragini asked her to see it.
It starts with sanskaar sitting on the floor crying. He was crying like a kid.
” oh god shut up!!!”
Came an irritated voice. it was ragini.
sanskaar immediately put his finger on his lips.( swara thought he looked cute)
He looked like a kid.
“Look what happened?” ragini asked.
” i dint do it they did it!” he said and cried. Ragini shushed him and asked again.
” then, what happened?”
Sanskaar looked at ragini for a moment and ” i dint do it they did it!” and wailed again.
He kept on repeating the same thing again and again.
“SHUT UP!!!!!” And that shushed sanskaar. Sanskaar kept his finger on lips again.” Look here, i am going out and STAY HERE until i come, understood?” He nodded.
The moment ragini went out sanskaar also stepped out and went near ap.
“mom ……….” before He could complete ap interupted him.
” beta outside i have kept a car can u please bring that inside?”
Sanskaar gave a cute kid like smile”okiy” he said and went off.
After a few minutes sanskaar came back panting.
“mom………mom…….that car is……. So……. heavy….i cant carry it.”
” what do u mean? I myself carried that car.?”

” if u did carry it u.must super women……can u fly?”
” sanskaaar! What r u saying? Which car r u refering to?”
” the one papa used to drive! I also drive that car.”
ap glared at sanskaar,” I said u to carry the toy car brought for our neighbours son.”
“ooooooooh! Ok” he said while scratching the back of his head and while he was going, ragini came and
“bhai come with me na ma I will take bhai to room , he will come later.”
Saying this ragini dragged sanskaar away.
Then she locked the room and started scolding sanskaar. Sanskaar was listening solemnly like a kid, nodding if ragini says understood.
Suddenly he walks to the window and sees outside and see dp. And starts scolding dp.
Before he could actually go to dp ragini pulled him in the room and he started complaining about dp to ragini.
” what does the hitler think about him self? He can rule me sanskaar?………………………….(he kept on complaining) if he was not my dad i would have punched his face and knocked his teeth out. And sanskaar started a stupid dance and ragini burst into fits of laughter. When sanskaar was dancing he.fainted.
Swaragini burst in laughter seeing the movie and they were continuously laughing fir about 10 min.
Then.when they calmed down,” so this is how u blackmail him?”swara asked
” hmm yea!” Ragini said
” wat garuntee he have that u wont show it to ur parents.” Swara asked.
“hmmmmm.” Ragini thought for a moment. And was silent and ragini broke the silence and said in a soft voice.
” bohot pyaar karte hoo na usse.”
Swara thinks and smiles and nodds.
” haan.” She said unknowingly.
Swara realized what ragini said and looked at ragini in shock. Ragini also looked at swara shocked.
Rags- mera matlab hai ki mein bohot pyaar karte hoo na usse.
Swa- hmm haan.
Both said good night to each other and dozed off.

The next morning.
Swaragini was coming down the stair case( u all have seen mm staircase)
They were laughing and talking something and came down and took blessings from ap, dp.
swara was standing near ap while rag was staring at the food.
” oh god i am so hungry.!” she said and ap and swara laughed.
Swara caught sanskaar staring at her and gave him a questioning look.
He motioned swara to come and sit beside him. Swara shook her head and stood near ap . Sanskaar gave her a pleading look and swara melted by seeing it and motioned sanskaar.to wait. Ragini saw this and ” bhai today na i am goung to sit with u.”
and came beside sanskaar but sanskaar stopped her.
” why?” he asked and ap looked at him shocked.
“y Shudnt i sit
Sans- wo this chair is broken if u sit u will hurt urself.
Rags-(leaned close to sanskaar and whispered) if i sit i will get hurt, if swara sit?
Sanskaar gave her a glare.
Sans- now what u want?
Rags- i want to sit with u.
Sans- ok but if something happens dont blame me.
Rags- as i will get scared.
The moment ragini sat on the chair, the chair collasped under her.
Sanskaar went into fits of laughter. Ap and swara went to her and helped her up.
Swara glared at him.
And went close to him without anyones notice and
Swa- u thought to play it on me right? She asked in a dangerously soft voice
Sans-(to himself) oh no this prank was for swara, sanskaar u are gone.
Hi guys sorry. boring epi right? i know. sorry i couldnt post all this days and one more thing there are about only six episodes more and this will be over. Please comment and love u all keep smiling. And i have given the link of the my new ff please read that and comment in that too. Love u all keep smiling.

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