Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-22 )

Hi guys i am extremely sorry for the shprt update. So today i will give two updates. And wishing everyone a happy eid-ul-fitr.
And the name of my next ff is” TOGETHER FOREVER” thank u for the comments on the previous chapter.
Swaras pov:
They were looking shocked once i finished.
Swa- what feeling scared do u want ur mommy?
She said and laughed but not any of the four thought it was funny.
They stared at swara and shook their heads.
Swa- now dont u dare utter a single word to sanskaar about this. clear?
Arj- no who do u think u are? Huh? That was a public place but here?here no one will come to save u.
Moh- u got us beaten thatday and now u are gonna pay for it.
Swara just smiled looking at them and shook her head.
Swa- swara gadodia is my name. A girl who cant control herself when she is in rage and everyone who knows me fears my rage. A middle class girl who could keep a whole college in her finger tips( she said in a dangerous voice while looking at her finger tips.)
U all are no match for her.
The four of them were dumb.
Swa- u all dont know what i can do with u.
Haf- prove/show what u can do.
Swa- y thats an easy challenge and i can even make sanskaar hell angry on u all.
Vin- challenge u to do that.
She smirked at him.

Swa- challenge accepted.
By the way can we have a proper intro please?
All four without thinking for a moment came close to her and while arjun was shaking hands wid her the sane drama started.
Swara at once Looked at him in a teary eyed. He looked confused. She started screaming for help.
Swara- leave me! Please help! Leave me!
And obviously our hero who was nearby came.
Sans- swara, guys whar u doing?
Swa- sanskaar!
The four looked shocked and looked at one another.
Swara jerked off arjuns hand and ran towards sanskaar.
Swa- sanskaar help me these peolple, they…..they
And fainted in his arms.
Sans- swara…. Swara
He gave an angry glare to all if them and carried swara and went to his car. While going to the car swara somehow.looked behimd and smiled at the fours shocked and angry faces and winked at them. At hospital.
Sans-doctor she is she alright.
Doc- no noting to worry all because of some shock or stress. you can take her home now.
Sans- thank u.
in car:
Swa-pakka u wont be friends with them na.
Sans- pakka.
Swa- i am sorry ur day was ruined. All because of me.
Sans- shut up. The day isnt over and noting is because of u now,let me get a better person to accompany us.
Sans-hello ragu?
Rag- haaan
Sans-do u want to come to beach.
Rag- Of course.
Sans- then get ready. I will pick u in two min.
Rag- k
And i about an hour later they wereat the beach and the three of them were playing. Ragini saw swasans closeness and how comfortable they were with eachother.
Later ragini brought swara to her romm and they both were talkinh.( swara was staying at maheswari house that night)
They both were chatting and laughing. Swara saw a cd lying on the floor. What is this? She picked it up and showed ragini.
Rahini smiled at swara and said”BLACK MAIL”
Hi guys , dont miss my new ff and one more thing. I need comments of silent readers too because today is a festival day for muslims and i am sitting here and writing ff for u all so i need ur comment. Once again , wish u all a happy eid.
Love u all keep smiling.


  1. Iqra

    hey happy eid mubatak as i am to celebrating eid as i am muslim from pakistan and eidi geena maat bohalana or apni eidi next update mein zaroor batana ???? enjoy safe eid mubarak

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    ha ha ha… this swara is funny and bold… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Happy Eid Mubarak… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    EID MUBARAK dear Ameera….i love it i love it and love it..
    but please could you give links of your prev-next episode or your others ff ? i’ll luv to read them but somehow it will irritating me to search them, ty and soo soorrryyyyy

  4. Sree_deeksha


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    EID MUBARAK amu… arey ye swara toh dramebaaz Nikli yaar.. awsome one…B and what is your new ff…??? Waiting for the next one … and enjoy a lot and keep smiling.. lv u…

    • Ameera



      Hi and i am gonna call u sree, is that all right? I know swara is like that. And my neww f that i am going to start” Together forever” u have to read it. And love u loads too keep smiling.

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    Hey I already wished you but still, Eid Mubarak, and this chappy was total awesomeness, great, thanks for two updates.. Keep smiling πŸ™‚

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    Amu!❀ I’m so so soooo sorry I’m not able to comment?
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    Amu remember I wouldn’t be able to comment but I’ll always read your ff and wish the best for it??

    Hey are you on any other site? We can chat there (not a stalker?)

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