Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-20 )


Hi guys sorry coz I was late. Dint mean to be but was lil busy. So wanna ask u something but I will ask it at the end of the story and i NEED everyones opinion about it. Lets move on to the story. please bear typo errors. And thank u for the comments on previous chapter. Please do keep commenting.

Swasan was still standing in the garden and sanskaar was still holding swaras hand. Sanskaar was about to say something but was interrupruted by a voice.
“bhai? Bhai? BHAIIIIII? Uffo where is that gorilla now???” Came an irritated voice.( u all can very well guess who that is)
Sanskaar went behind ragini. And slowly whispered on her ear.
” do I look like a gorilla to u?”
Ragini jumped when she heard it. She gave a tight smile to him. He gave a tight smile too. And that was it. Ragini ran and sanskaar chased her.
“MAAAAAAAAAAA“ she yelled while running and ran and hid behind ap.
“ma his is coming to hit me” she said to ap.
” sanskaar! Cant u stay for a minute in least without fighting with her? Look i dont want any fight here in this reception. and if u fight with her one more time…. For two months no meeting your friends or going out with them, understand?” Ap said in a strict tone.
” but….but” sanskaar couldnt say any more becoz ap was giving him a dont-u-dare-argue-with-me look.
” fine ” sanskaar said with a sigh.
Ap went away.
” hey gorilla listen, ur friend called u here is ur phone. ”
Sanskaar gave her a glare and went off. Swara was talking to someone, sanskar was passing by her. Swara hoped that he would not notice her, and fortunately he didnt , he recieved a call from someone and he went off talking. Finally the reception was over , swara went to her home and it was late, swara was, lying on her bed thinking about sanskaar when her phone started to ring, she answered it.
Caller- still dint go to sleep diva?
Swa- nope.
Sans- i wo…..wo can u come to umm… I wanna meet u tomorrow.
Swa- ok tomorrow…….. Aquatica at 1 pm.
Sans- done, be punctual. Bye.
Swa- bye.

The next day:
Swara was waiting for sanskaar, but he still had not turned up. Swara was waiting impatiently for him but she remembered what he said the first day they met. He is not at all punctual.
I waited and waited.
2:30, 2:59.
At last he came. But he was not alone. He was coming along with a group of four? He was talking with them and laughing slapping high fives.
He looked at swara and smiled. He said something to them and almost at once everyone stared at her. No more laughs, no more smiles no more high fives, they were staring at her as if she was an alien from outer space.
Finally they came towrds her. Out if all of them only sanskaar was smiling.
Sans- hi di………
He stopped short and looked at his friends and,

Swaras pov:
Sans- hi.
That was all he said. I looked at them all one more time and they were still staring at me.
I gave all of them a deathly glare and that caused them one to look away.
Swa- bye! I said and walked out of that place. Sanskaar looked shocked. He went behind me. But i just kept on walking and finally sanskaar held me by my wrist. He made me turn towards him.
Sans-y r u not listening to me?
Swa- oh so u know me or did u remember me?
Sans- ok i am a little lat…
Seeing me he changed his phrase.
Sans- ok am very late,but i am sorry.
Swa- be puntual,
She mimicked him.
Sans- sorry
Swa- its ok but who r these.
Sans- who…. Oh these, these r my friends arjun, vinod,mohit ,hafeez .
Swa- nice name, have i seen u all somewhere?
All together- NO!
I thought hard.
Sans- di……. Swara lets go na, i have arranged a picnic.
Swa- no, i have seen these people somewhere. Haan, at the market! I remembered the incident.
I looked at sanskaar,
Swa- u are friends with these people?
Swa- wo…….
She thought for a brief moment and
Swa- nothing.
The four heaved a sigh of relief.
They all went to the picnic spot.
They all have fun and they get to know each other.
Sanskaars friends seem to be studying me and my every movement.
Swara seemed an like an innocent creature to them. And this time they decided to take advantage if it, and they also didnt fail to notice the close ness between swara and sanskaar.
Sans- hey guys i need to make an important call, be back as soon as i can.
Swa- but …..
Before she could finish he had gone, and swara was left with sanskaars friends.
She could feel their gaze on her but decided to ingnore it.
Swa-(monolouge) what the hell! Y are they staring at me? Looks like they forgot what happened at the market, hell if they did i shud remind them .
Sanskaars friend talked something between themselves and looked at swara.
Vin- hey.
Swara just smiled.
Arjun- can i ask u something?
Swara nodded.
Vinod- do u love sanskaar?
Swara was dumb she stared at them in shock.

Hi guys sorry i was late, i dint have time. How was the epi?
What do u think the market scene is?
What r sanskaars friends going to do to swara?
Keep reading to know more.
And i have written another ff and this one is almost over.
Do u want me to post that one now or after this ends?
Please leave ur comments and views and hope u like the epi,
Keep smiling .

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