Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-2 )


Hi guys!! I am back with the second part of the story. Thank you for your comments
I noticed some of you don’t like laksh being swara’s younger brother. Actually that was meant to be a five year old boy. I am going to change that name into “Amrith”. Please comment.
Hope u like it.
Ragini was standing there looking at swara and sanskaar. She was really hurt.
Swara’s pov:
“No ragini, it’s not like that, you are misunderstanding me.” I said teary eyed. She was teary eyed too. ”no, swara I am not misunderstanding anything, you loved him for a long time and u befriended me for this right??????????” she yelled. “No ragini” I said.
I started walking towards her when someone held my hand tight. I tried to break free but I couldn’t. It started to pain
It was sanskaar.
He walked towards ragini still holding swara’s hand. He started arguing with ragini. Ragini also started yelling at him. Swara was feeling very guilty. Swara knew she was the sole reason for all of this. Tears ran continuously down her check. Swara tried to break free again but failed. In the end sanskaar couldn’t bear what ragini was saying and slapped ragini. Swara froze.
Swara’s pov:
I was utterly shocked when he slapped ragini. His own sister. “Swara?? “Ragini said.
I stared at her helpless as sanskaar still held my hand tight. It was paining a lot but not as much as it hurt seeing ragini in tears. She started walking near me. Sanskaar stopped her by placing his other hand between us. Ragini slapped it away and held me by my shoulders.
“Answer me swara, did u become friends with me for this?” she asked. I shook my head. “Swara don’t lie.” She said. She shook my shoulder and kept on repeating “Swara” she was screaming. I suddenly woke up with a jump. I was all sweaty. I looked around to find myself in my own bed. I was sleeping on my hand. And I saw my mom standing near me. “Is everything all right?” she asked.
I just nodded and got dressed quickly and went off to college. Once I enter the college I was shocked to see the scenario.
When swara enters the college she was shocked to find everyone hugging each other. Most of the boys were waiting for someone. Once swara entered now every boys were eyeing on swara. They all started walking towards swara. She tried to remember the date that day but then suddenly she was dragged away by ragini who was saying something non-stop. She stopped ragini and asked what was going on.
Swara’s pov:
I asked ragini what was going on. She quickly embraced me and said that today was hug day. I groaned.
I quickly started walking towards class hoping it to be empty but my bad luck, the instant I stepped in a group of boys surrounded us. All of them demanded a hug from us. I looked at ragini and she looked at me. This is why I hate valentine week.
We just choose our friend who was standing between them. We gave quick hugs to him and took our places. The boring lectures continued. At the end of the day I and ragini were walking out. “You didn’t listen to me right” ragini said. “What?” I asked. “What I was saying to you before” she said. “No, because I was confused by all what was happening around.” I said. “I was saying that me and sanskaar had a bet, if I win he had to do whatever I say, if he win I have to whatever he say, if we refuse we have to be a slave of the winner for a whole month. ” she said. I smiled at her. “Swaraaaa?” she said. “Yes” I said.
“You like him na?” she asked. “Who?” I asked suspiciously. “Sanskaar. She said. “Yes, why?” I eyed her suspiciously. “No, I just asked.” She said smiling. “Ok.” I said. We were walking. We heard a horn sound. I guessed right it was sanskaar. “But he always yell right why this time horn?” I wondered. “Look he is not getting out of the car because he lost, he don’t want to even say my name.” ragini said and giggled. She went towards the car.
Swara saw ragini asking sanskaar to get out of the car. When he got out she said something to him and he was shocked and he shook his head continuously. Swara stood there staring at them. Then ragini said something else then he stopped for a moment and looked at swara. He sighed and started walking towards her.
Swara’s pov:
Oh no!! This is not happening. It was just like in the dream the way he is walking towar4s me. Oh no!! What do I do now? I wanted to go away but my feet refused to obey me. I stood there still not knowing what to do. He walked right up to me and stood still for something and turned back to ragini. Ragini was standing there with a smile when sanskaar turned she made an angry face. He turned to me again. I stood there forgetting to breathe when he spoke to me. One word. “Sorry. “He murmured. Before I could ask why he pulled me into a hug. I stood there shell shocked.
To be continued…..
Hope you liked it please comment and feel free to criticize.

Credit to: Ameera

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    1. Thank you. Glad you like it. I will post the next episode asap.

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    1. Thank you sree.

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