Swasan: my incomplete love story( chap-19)

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Then suddenly ragini ran to laksh and hugged him. Everyone smiled. Laksh hugged back.
” well ragini i know u love me but ur embarassing me in front of everyone” laksh whispered in raginis ear.
Ragini immediately broke the hug looking embarrased. She looked at everyone who was smiling at her and hid behind laksh.
Swa- hi ragu! Ragini went near swara and they both started chattering.
Sanskaar came near them.
Sans-hey miss monkey mom is calling u.He said with a grin.
Rag-u said me a monkey hoo, too bad coz u urself are a fat cow.
Sanskaar hit ragini playfully on her head.
Sans-go to mom.
Rag-it hurts!
Sans-no it didnt and pushed ragini away!
Rag- maaaaa!
Ragini went to her mom, leaving swara and sanskaar alone.
Swa- aunty dint call her right?
Sanskaar was grinning.
Sans- nope, well am glad to have got that chatterbox out of the way.
Swa- hey dint u dare talk like that about my bestie.
Sanskaar shrugged and they both engaged in talking.
Suddenly the lights dimmed.
“Ladies and gentlemen i thank u all for coming in my sisters reception but dont u think its a little dull?So y dont we bright it up with some dance?What do u say?”ragini said in mike.
Everybody agreed.
And it started
Ragini danced on deewani mastani and laksh stood there mesmerized.
Laksh and sanskaar danced on manma emotion jaage.
Goriya re choriya re
Goriya re choriya re
Tera jalwa dekha toh dil huaa Milkha
Badi tez bhaage re..
Both jumped off stage and took their respective partners hand. And went back on stage. Swasan and raglak were on stage.
Manma emotion jaage re
Manma emotion jaage
Manma emotion jaage re
Manma emotion jaage
The both couple started dancing
Dil jagah se hil gaya re
Dil jagah se hil gaya re
Tukdo mein nikla re dil ka chilka
Tune phenka khaa ke re
Manma emotion jaage re
Manma emotion jaage
Manma emotion jaage re
Manma emotion jaage
Dil ki phansi hai naiyaa majdhaar mein
Sun le vistaar mein
Ho lut gaya pyaar mein
Ye toh bata de mere jazbaat kaItna kam rate kyun hai tere bazaar mein
Karke waada, kyun na aayi
Karke waada, kyun na aayi
Huaa dil ka jagrata
Halka-phulka sa dhokha kha ke
Manma emotion jaage re
Manma emotion jaage
Manma emotion jaage re
Manma emotion jaage.
They danced and everbody kept cheering. Finally they ended with flourish.( i seriously dont know what that mean.)
Ragini took the mike again.
Rag-Now what about more couple dances?
Now we need couples. The couple will be selected by the spot light. Whoever it falls on must come here and dance, no refusings ok! Now lets choose the first couple.
The spot light fell on dp.
Rag- well papa get ready to dance and lets see who is papas partner.
The spot light went and landed on ap.
Rag- come on.
Ap and dp danced on tum hi ho.
Rag- wow! A round of applause please. Thank u. Now lets choose our next pair.
The spot light fell on laksh.
And his partner was swaranya.
They both danced but not too romantic nope not at all romantic. Laksh was continuously staring at ragini. Still ragini fumed seeing this.
Swara saw them dancing and thought of something and jumped on stage. Snatched the mike from ragini.
Swa- LAKSH! What kind of behaviour is this? U r gonna get married ur engagement is over and u are dancing with someone else while ur fiance here is fuming in jealousy? Very bad. So do u wanna dance with ragini?lakshs face brightened up and he nearly dropped swaranya in excitement.
Swara pushed ragini near him and they had a romantic dance on sanam re.
Swara got down from stage.
Once their dance ended ragini took the mike again.
Now lets see who is our final couple.
The spotlight falls on sanskaar.
Swa- oh god please i only shud be his partner please.
And fortunately it fell on swara.
Swara felt like dancing in happiness and that was just what she was about to do.
Rag- well wow the final couple is my bhai and bha……my buddie swara.Please come on stage.
Ragini got off the stage.swasan came on stage they started dancing on premika. ( they dance like varun dhawan and kriti sanon)

Honthon pe naam hai thehra tera
Neendon pe rehta hai pehra tera
Jab se bani re bani tu meri
Premika aa aa… Premika aa aa..Premika aa aa.. Premika..
Sooraj nikalta hai tere liye
Chanda mein dikhta hai chehra tera
Jab se bani re bani tu meri
Premika aa aa… Premika aa aa
Premika aa aa.. Premika aa aa
Premika aa aa.. Premika aa aa

Suddenly the music stops. The crowd looks on. Swasan look at each other and began to move away they went in opposite directions.
But they stopped and turned. Swara walks up to him and put her hand around his neck.
Main teri premika
Sanskaar smiles. They dance again.
Premika aa aa… Premika aa aa
Premika aa aa
Sooraj nikalta hai tere liye
Chanda mein dikhta hai chehra tera
Haan bani re bani main teri
Premika aa aa… Premika aa aa..Premika aa aa.. Premika aa aa…
Premika aa aa.. Premika aa aa..
Main teri premika!
They ended the dance. They both stared at each other and they heard sound of claps. They turned and smiled and got off stage.
Ragini came back.
Rag-wow that was an awesome performance. A huge round of applause.
Now lets move on to the reception. Every one wished uttara and rajat.
Rag- now guys we saw 3 no 4 couple dances and now uttara will decide which one was the best.
Uttara thought for a moment.
Utt- i think sanskaar bhai’s one was awesome.
Rag- and the winner is sanskaar and oops sorry my amazing bhai and my bestie. YAAY!!!
Swasan just smiled.
Sans- swara challo i need to show something.
Swa- what? But now?
Sans- y? If u cant come leave it i will take swaranya.
Swa- ok ok i will come, lets go.
Sans- close your eyes no cheating ok!
Swa- wer r we going?
San- u come. (after a little distance) now open ur eyes.
Swasan was standing in a beautifully decorated place.
Swa- wow! Yeh sab?
Sans- dont worry i dint do it the designers did.
Swara gave him a “seriously” look
Sanskaar grinned.
Swa- wow its awesome but? Y?
Sans- y matlab? Its my sis wedding and we are still at the hall.
Swa- u are so stupid.
Sans- i know right. So how is the deco?
Swa- nice by the wayi wanna ask something? What did u do to…. Kavitha?
Sans- y?
Swara just said nothing.
Sans- she is suffering.
Swa- what do u mean?
Sans-She is in hospital.
Swa- matlab u killed her?
Sans- still reading novels?
Sanskaar asked exasperated.
Swara nodded innocently.
Sans-one day i am gonna burn all those books.
Swara pouts at him.
Swa- then tell me na what happened?
Sanskaar sighed.
Sans-Well the day we broke up she was continuosly following me. I pretended to be really close to you. She became depressed. She came to me one day and started talking rubbish about her and her so called love. So i got angry i slapped her and scolded her and that idiot suicided and now shes in hospital.
Swara was dumb. She could not utter a word.
Sans- i really hate betrayal and i already said i will punish them. So…..
Swara was shocked unless he was very serious or angry he never called her swara. He always called her diva.
Sans- swara will u also betray me? Will u bring the topic in this relation. Do….do u love me?
Swara was,silent how could she lie?shud she say the truth. If she said will the consequences be like what happened to kavita? Will sanskaar hate her?
Sans- swara y r u dumb say na do u love me?
Swara looked up at sanskaar, he was serious.
Swa-sanskaar …..
Hi guys extremely sorry for late update coz relations came so I was busy now I was free so. And one more thing this ff is going to end within 10-12 episodes.dont get angry coz as I said I have a new ff and will start it once this is over.
And sree_deeksha in case u dint get my message.
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And always keep smiling. Please dont bash me. Love u all.

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