swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 18)

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Swaras pov:

He was smiling at me. I felt wierd.
Swa- oi! Y r u smiling at me?
I asked questioningly. He gave a low chuckle.
I almost yelled. I was so in a bad temper.
Sans- well i never thought my bestie would be so stupid, u know like unbelieveably stupid.
I stuck my tongue out at him.
Sans- well diva isnt so smart after all.
Swa- i am smart , thats y i always top in my exams.
Sans- diva dosent copy?
He asked teasingly and that was it for me. I started hitting him on the chest.
Swa- y u idiot, donkey, how dare u even, do u know how many nights i have sacrificed my beauty sleep just to study huh? And u monkey saying so easily that i copied.(as if..right isabel?)
Sans- ouch! Ow…stop, ouch, ok, ouch, u dint copy, ow, calm,aaaaa,down.
Seeing her not calming down he quickly pulled her in a tight hug.
I was quite surprised. I immediately stopped hitting him. I froze. God know how much comfortable it is in his arms anf how much i love to be in it.
i struggled in his arms trying to get away but he hugged me tight and firm. finally i gave up and hugged him with a pout.
He broke the hug after sometime I looked at him still pouting. He looked at me and smiled.
Sans- u look cute when u pout.
I immediately stopped pouting and turned my head away from him. I could feel heat rising to my cheeks.

Well? Anyone would blush if they got a compliment from their loved ones.
He came closer and with a quick twist and tug i was in his arms.
Sans- well its not raginis wedding, its my sister uttaras wedding, swaranyas elder sis. You know her right?
Swa- yeah how could i forget?
I remembered the incident. I looked at him.

Sans-oh yes. Bring laksh too.
Swa-WHAT??? y shud i bring him along? That monkey, he always make fun of me.
Laksh my cozin one day elder to me. Yes brother to me by a day. I never usually liked him and there is never peace when we r there. He is not as handsome as my sanskaar.
Sans- dont pretend like u dont know, u have to bring him.
Swa- what? Y shud i…. Oh ok ill bring him.
Sans- bye see u later.
Swa- bye.
He said and dropped me and went off. I smiled after him.
At night:
6:00 pm oh how long do i have to wait?
Now time for that donkey, shud call him. I smiled. Even though i hate him now i know how to make him come at my door step. I just have to use my secret weapon.
I dialled his number and called him.

Lak- hey moti dont u have any work huh? Disturbing me?
Swa- oi duffer listen to me first.
Lak- make it quick, u dont know how busy i am i have meetings conferences, dont waste my time.
Swa- as if, i dont know how can u lie while lying on the bed all day. Well anyways i want u to accompany me to a reception.hall.
Lak- i’d do it if i was crazy but apparently i am not so forget about it, how could u ecen think i would accompany u?
Time to use my secret weapon i thought.
Swa- if u dont wanna come dont come anyways i have to go because my bestie ragini called me so have to go na? tu tension mat le, mein apne aap chale jaunge. Ok bye.
Lak- wait one min.
I smirked i kmew my secret weapon was working.
Lak- ragini? Did u say raginis sister wedding?
Swa- yah but u dont worry i will go by myself alone.
Lak- arre swara how will u go alone? What if something happens to u, i am ur brother na i will come with u that way u will be safe ok? Dont go without me ok? U know na u r my responsibility.
Swa- ooooookkkkk where was that a minute ago?
Lak- soooooorrrrrrryyyyy. Bye.
At 7:15
Lak- r u ready moti sorry swara?
Swa- haan haan y r u shouting? Its only 7:15?
Lak- havent u ever heard the word puntual?
Swa- if u say like this i wont take nd go u.

Lak- ok ok sorry, lets go?
Swa- wait 10 mins then lets go
Lak- y? He whined.
Swa- i need to get ready.
Lak- u are already ready.
Swa- just shutup and get out else i wont take u der.
Lak- ok.
At 7:25
Swa- no
Lak- NOW?
Swa- no.
Swa- no no no.

At 7:30
Swa- challo i am ready.
Lak- lets go.

At car:
Lak- i dont know y u take long to dress?
Swa- dont dare to ask a girl that!
Lak- how am I looking?
Swa- u look…
Lak-fabulous right? I know.
Swa- I was going to say u look ugly anyways can u drive slow?
Lak- no!
Swa- I know u want to see ragini but if an accident occur because of u, u may never see her again.
Laksh kept silent. He slowed down.He knew she was right. He may never see her again. Well whats wrong in getting excited to see your loved one? He thought.
Yes ragini and laksh are truly madly crazy deeply in love with each other for a year and a half . swasan knew it and always teased them, before and now.

And about the rest of the members they were planning on their marraige.
Swa- dont worry next will be yours.
Lakah slightly blushed.
Lak- swaraaaaa!
Swa- i said the truth!
Lak- anyways here we are. Lets go.
i and laksh went in. We both saw our respective partners. Both were looking so damn hot. There is no other words to describe how they look.
They were talking to their friends. Sanskaar saw me and smiled. Ragini saw laksh and her smile vanished and she stared at him looking very happy and shocked and smiled again.
And then…..

Hi guys sorry got a little late and thank u all for waiting and the next epi.will be swasan dance and the first part of promo. Hope u all like this epi and please do comment. Whate ever I wrote got deleted and I had to write again and I had to spend so much time on it. Hope u all understand and comment. Love u all. Keep commenting and smiling.

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