swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 17)

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Swaras pov:
I was running to get there. He followed behind me smiling. I went there and sat on the table. He sat infront of me. I ordered 3 types of ice creans. He looked at me surprised.
Yes he had brought me to a icecream shop, well? Who doesnt like ice cream.
Sans- hey swara i dont want any of the flavours u ordered i want something else.
He said. I looked at him.
Swa- oi! Who said anything about giving it to u? It was for me!
Sans- do u mean u r going to eat 3?
I nodded.
Swa- buy for youself if u want.!
He smiled and ordered it. Ice creans came and was set before me. Yum! It looks good. I was looking at it. As i was about to eat it i got a call. It was from ragini. We talked for sometime and then
I went back. I saw sanskaar silently eating his ice cream. I went to him.
Swa- did u take a spoon out of my ice cream?

I asked he shook his head innocently. I sat down still looking at him. He couldnt hold it any more, he was grinning.
I knew it. He did take a spoon. I made a face at him. He made a face at me. I forcefully took 2 spoons out of his ice cream and we both played with the ice cream and we paid and went out. It was a little long wat from car as there was no parking slot.
Sans- race u to the car first!
He yelled and we both started running like crazy people. I nearly bumped into an old man. I mummered a quick sorry. I saw him a little way ahead of me. He was laughing his head off and turned and winked at me and ran fast again. I too ran trying to keep up with him but no good, he ran really fast. I ran up with him and slowly the car came into view.
I ran fast and fortunately i was the first to reach the car. He stopped for a few seconds and came running but i was already at the car.
We both were panting. We spotted a bench nearby and sat on it. He sat first and i sat and rested my jead on his chest. We stayed there for a minute or two and got up to go for a short walk.
We were walking along.
Swa- u purposely stopped right, to make me win? I asked.
Sans- nope.
He said innocently pretending to look surprised.
Swa- dont! U look so fake . i said making a face at him
Sanskaar sighed. He looked at me with a ” so what” expression. I kept silent. We were walking along when that sobbing girl came into my mind.

Swa- who was that sobbing girl? And y was she crying?
I asked sanskaar. He stopped was seemed to be lost in thoughts ao i started waving my hand infront of his face. He was startled. He looked at me.
Swa- i asked u something.
I asked raising a brow at him. I looked at him.

Swa- say na who was that?
Sans- my girlfriend. Ooops sorry ex- girlfriend.
He said and clenched his fists which i didnt notice. He had a girlfriend? And never told me? I thought about all of this and looked at sanskaar for proper explaination.
I know, what more did i want after hearing this but u cant create your own story by know only little.
Sans- well! She is sorry was my friend like u but she is a perfect idiot and she…..she made a complete fool of herself.
Swa- what did she do?

I asked out of curiosity. And whaen i heard the explaination he gave i wished i had never asked this.
Sans- her name is kavitha, she was also met by accident not by text but in face to face. We met and she wanted to be friends with me just like u. I agreed and we became good friends…
Swa- just like us?
I asked. To my surprise he shook his head.
Sans- no diva, we r best friends but she was not. We were close not like us but a little like us.
We were going along good, and i wanted to introduce her to u but that day she came up to me and proposed me. I was hell angry i started yelling at her. She started her sobbing and then u came and u know the rest.
I nodded solemnly. I was feeling dull today.
Sans- look swara, she betrayed me and she will get punished not much but a little and i hate people who mix friendship with love. How stupid they are. I always take revenge on them,not too big but small.
I just seemed to stand there like a frozen statue. A thousand and one questions runnimg in my mind. What will he do when he gets to know about me? Will he hate me?
But my thoughts were interrupted by him.

Sans- anyways leave it i forgot to tell u something. My sisters wedding is today at the ” grand reception hall”( sorry for the stupid name) at 8:00 pm today, will u come?
Swa-WHATTT!!! Ragini?Ragini is getting married amd she never told me?
I looked at sanskaars face to find him smiling on me.
BUT WHY?????

To be continued…..
Hi guys how was the epi sorry for mistakes coz right now its very late and i am damn sleepy. Hope u liked this and please leave ur comments. Love u all. Keep smiling.

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