swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 16)

Hi guys i am back! U miss me? Anyways i wanna ask something and the reply is needed. Are u all liking my ff? And if u do can u all please comment because i wanna know who r reading my ff. Even silent readers u know it dosent take a long time to comment right. U all shud comment and one more thing my updates will be irregular and short from today coz of some personal issue, hope u undertsand.
Swaras pov:
He saw me and smiled at me. And started to come towards me. That girl followed him crying and begging something but he ignored her.
He came towards me and smiled.
Sans- hi swara!
Me- hi umm….who is this? I asked pointing at the girl who was still sobbing.
He glared at her and turned to me.
Sans- i dont know…. Lets go.
He said facing towards her and pulling me away from her. Once we were in the car he was really driving fast. I wanted to calm him down. Swa-sanskaar! Calm down.
He looked no glared at me, but said nothing. I guess he is still angry.
Swa- sanskaar take a deep breath and calm yourself. U r driving too fast.
I said and he closed his eyes for a second and opened them and he took a deep breath. It sure did help him because he looked calm.
Swa- now say me who is she.!
Once i said this he gripped the wheel real tight.
Sans- i said u na? I dont know!
Swa- u r really bad at lying so dont even try to! Say me who is this mysterious girl who makes u angry when u talk about her.!
Once i asked he suddenly applied the brake and he looked at me.
Sans- get out!
He almost yelled looking down. I was shocked.
Swa- sanskaar i am sorry i didnt really mean to anger u.
Sans- i said get out!
Swa- but how can u leave a girl alone in the middle of the road?
I asked a little dramatically. He looked at me shocked.
Sans- what!! Y would i leave u alone in the middle of the road?
Swa- thats what ur going to do know i know u dont need to act, i take back all what i said. I know u still wont drop me home, my bad luck i dint bring my purse today else i wont stay a minute with u.
I stopped to see the reaction i caused on him hoping he would drop me home but to my utter disbelief he was leaning against the window smiling at me his arms crossed over his chest.
Sans- r u done or do u have something else to say?
I shook my head.
Sans- then i can start speaking?
He asked, i nodded.
Sans- u duffer y would i leave u at the middle of a road huh?I brought u here because of something else but u! U r unbelievable. Y do u always think i am going to kill u and other weird stuff?
Swa- y did u bring me here?
I asked innocently.He smiled at me and pointed at something behind me.I turned and looked through the window at what he was pointing.
I was shocked and surprised. I smiled and looked at him. He stared back and i leaned over to him and hugged him and i literally was shaking him until he stopped me and i was smiling like an idiot.
Sans- shall we go?
He asked. I nodded immedisately and pulled him out of the car and we went there.
Actually i was running! Eager to get there.
To be continued….
Hey guys how was the episode? Please comment sorry if its too short. I really dont know the length i wrote so hope u understand. And one more thing guys go read isabels os. ” silent love ” it is a really beautiful and cute os. Hope u all read it. sorry for errors. Love u all.

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