swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 15)

Hi guys!! How r u all. Please don’t bash me after reading this epi. Am I dragging the story? Hope u all like it. Please comment.
Swara pov:
“Will u become mine forever?” he asked. I nodded. He started removing my sari when
SPLASH!!!! I woke up with a jerk.( ha-ha I would give anything to see your faces after knowing it was a dream, except for Isabel, she already guessed it.) I woke up and saw Amrith holding a jug and giggling at me.
“Why u little…” I said and started chasing him all over the house and caught him and started tickling him. After some time I left him panting.
“Swara, y are u behind him?” mom asked.
“He ruined my dream.” I complained with a pout.

“Didi, I was in that dream Na? Shall I say u the dream which u saw?” He asked.
“Acha say, let’s see.”
“You dreamt about a very handsome boy right?” he asked. That made me blush slightly.
“I was that boy right and u were kidnapped and I saved u from bad guy’s right?” he asked showing a superhero pose.
“No, u were getting beaten up by people for staeling and I was laughing at u” I said.
“Not fair.” He pouted and stuck his tongue out.
I got a call and was shocked to see the caller id. Sanskaar? He never calls me, but y is he calling?
I went to my room and answered the call.
Sans- hi diva, had a good sleep?
Swa- yeah if it was not for Amrith.
Sans- who is Amrith?
Swa- my li…boyfriend, any problem?
Sans- WHATTTT??? U have a boyfriend?
Swa- haan, jealous?
Sans- why would I be?
Swa- do u smell something burning?

Sans- stop it diva.
Swa- hey Amrith is my little brother.
Sans- oh.
Swa- yeah, he ruined my dream. She bit her tongue. Now he would ask what dream, you are an idiot swara, I scolded myself.
Sans- u dreamt about me Na?
Sans- so u actually dreamt about me?……….. Was I handsome?
Swa- u r an idiot.
Sans- ok leave it, can u come today to the park? Wanna introduce someone to u.
Swa- whom?
Sans- u come then I will introduce.

Swa- ok. Bye.
Sans- bye.
I quickly got ready and reached the park and saw sanskaar. He was talking to someone. I went a little forward and was shocked. It was a girl. Moreover, they were close.

Hi guys! How was the epi? Boring right? Please leave your comments about the epi and am I dragging the story? Please let me know in your comments. And sorry for the short epi. And who is this girl? His girlfriend, lover? What do u think leave it in your comments

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  1. Shit yr….

    1. Ameera

      I AM SORRY radhika, but this is the actual plot.

  2. That Was indeed awesome.
    But plz do update soon.. can’t wait so long yaar..
    Juz love this one.. hope to see u soon.. 🙂

    1. Ameera

      ok! glad to know your interested in my ff, thank you keep reading and smiling.

  3. thamiazh magan

    confused.. may be his gf….

    1. Ameera

      sorry to make u confused, good guess, keep reading to know more. thank you, keep smiling

    1. Ameera

      thank you shan, keep reading and smiling

    1. Ameera

      thank you anu, keep reading and smiling

  4. Soujanya

    Awesome…. Is that sanskar girlfriend….

    1. Ameera

      thank you sojanya, good guess, keep reading and smiling.

  5. Isabel

    Oh, thank god, that was a dream, i was mp freaking out thinking the last chap, but this was nice, loved it and obviously its a girl Sanskar loves, girlfriend or lover, idk, but he surely loves that girl, i really am not ready to read the next parts but still, u have to upload, try and upload regularly.. Luv u loads

    1. Ameera

      ikr! oi! am i not uploading regularly??? it practically takes me hours to write one epi.
      lets see if ur guess is right or wrong! i will reveal in next chap!l love u more, keep smiling

  6. Isabel

    Nice, superb!! plz update soon Hoping to read more

    1. Ameera

      i know! and will try to update.

    1. Ameera

      thank you s keep reading and smiling.

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