swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 14)


Hey guys, I can’t express how happy I am. I got comments 35. I was smiling like an idiot and jumping in joy… but most of them are mine LOL any ways sorry didu and Isabel for giving heart attacks. Don’t worry hope u will forgive me after reading this episode Thank you guys ad keep commenting regularly. And Isabel get ready to smile like crazy. And this epi is also for hope who asked a romantic epi. And Isabel, the story has a small change.
Sanskaar’s pov:
I was hugging her for some time and left. She looked at me surprised.
“Come on” I said dragging her to the Car. I drove really fast and reached a deserted place. I got out of the car and signed swara to come out of the car. But to my utter shock she shook her head.
“Diva, come out.” I said.
“No I know what your plan is” she said. She was looking pale.
“Diva, come on na! Come out, what happened?” I asked questioningly.
She suddenly burst in to tears.
“I don’t wanna die. I am too beautiful to die and too young to die.” She said
That alerted me. I opened the car and sat on the seat. She moved back a little.
“Diva, what r u saying? What happened? Explain!” I said.
She looked up and sobbed. Omg! She was cute.
“I know u want to kill me and throw me here, in a deserted place, where no one would find me. Please don’t kill me!” she wailed like a baby.
At the moment I was really annoyed by her reply and frustrated by her wailings
“DIVA JUST SHUT UP!” I yelled.
And thank god she shut up immediately looking at me scared. I realized what I did.
“sorry.” I paused for a moment.
“Do u read a lot of novels?” I asked.
She nodded like a kid.
“U know what u shud stop reading novels, u have read so many stupid novels they have affected your brain.” I said.
She pouted. She looked damn cute.
“OK, give me one good reason y I shud kill u.” I asked frowning.
“Because, because, .um…I don’t know” she said innocently.
I smiled “Omg! Who knew diva wold be stupid and childish.” I said teasingly.
“That’s so mean!” she yelled before she started hitting me on my chest. She was continuously hitting him.
“Diva, ouch, stop it diva, diva” I held her hands and wrapped my arms around her in a hug. That immediately stooped her beating.
I took a look at her angry cute face and smiled. She stared at me for some time and smiled back.
“Challo, come with me”, I said taking her with me. Close your eyes. She closed them without hesitating.
I lead her a way in which she walked holding my hand. We walked for some time and we stopped.
“Open your eyes now diva.” He said. She slowly opened her eyes and the view was amazing she was standing on a cliff. She could see the whole city from there. She smiled.
Swara’s pov:
“Now close your eyes and spread your arms wide.” I heard a whisper. I did it and oh my god, I can’t express how I felt when the breeze touches my face, I love nature I could feel peace around me. I turned and hugged sanskaar.
“I am very happy today, all because of u!” I said. He just smiled. We made our way down the cliff and he dropped me home.
“Bye diva!” he said waving at me.
“Bye.” I yelled at him and ran to my home.
I laid my bed for me to sleep, I was tossing and turning. I couldn’t sleep. Whenever I closed my eyes his smiling face popped in front of my eyes.
I was laying there when someone closed my mouth. I got up shocked, due to the darkness of the room I couldn’t see who it was. I started hitting the person when the lamp got on.
“Diva its me.” sanskaar said with an annoyed look.
“This is the way u enter girl’s room?” I asked.
“Probably not “he said chuckling.
“Come with me.” he said.
“Where?” I asked.
“And take a sari with u” he said.
“Where r we going?” I asked.
He did not reply and went to the window. I kept on asking the same question again and again. He sighed and came close to me and kept a finger on my lips and kissed my cheek.
“You ask too many questions diva, but you’ll get your answers soon.” He said. I nodded.
We both sneaked out and went in a car. He stopped at an unknown place. I opened my mouth to say something but he said something first.
“Look diva, if u start the murdering topic again I am really going to kill u.” he said.
That immediately shut my mouth. He showed me a room and asked me to change in to a sari I gave him a confused look but changed anyway. I came out. It was totally dark.
“Sanskaar?” I called out.
No answer. I was getting little scared when suddenly, the whole place lit up revealing a handsome sanskaar in formals.
I went near him.
“I was scared.” I complained.
“Don’t worry diva, I am here Na?” he said.
I looked at him, it was clearly visible that he wanted to say something.
“Sanskaar? U wanna say something?” I asked.
“Hana…. wo …diva wo kya hai ki………..” he was looking restless.
“Sanskaar?” I asked.
Suddenly h fell no his knees and looked up to me.
“Diva, I love u.” he said.
My happiness were unlimited. I was extremely happy. He held my hand.
“Diva don’t say no please.” He pleaded. Right now I was the happiest person in the world. I went on my knees and
“I love u too.” I said. He looked up at me. I could see love in his eyes, love for me. We stood up and he hugged me, we hugged each other tight.
He kissed my cheek. I blushed slightly and smiled at him. He kissed my forehead, I blushed redder. Then the tip of my nose. I blushed hard. He was leaning to kiss my lips, but I pushed him and ran. But he held my hand and pulled me to him. He touched my bare waist. I closed my eyes. He caressed my cheek. I smiled.
He kissed my neck and ran his finger from my shoulder to wrist. That sent shivers to my body. He smiled. He came close to my lips again. I was shy and I turned. He came near me. I could feel the hot breath fanning on my nape. He kissed my neck.
He gently tugged the dori. It removed. He kissed my bare back. I closed my eyes, enjoying all this. He ran his finger on my back, I shivered. He put his hand on my bare belly and pulled me closer to him. He turned me. And held me close to him.
I was so close that our lips were inches apart. He cupped my face and kissed my lips passionately and I reciprocated. There could never be a happier moment in my life, I thought.
Hey guys not rotten tomatoes or slippers please, I never described romantic stuff so please need your comments. Negative also accepted. First time describing like this. Feeling nervous. Sorry for the boring and very long epi. Hope hope hope u all like it. Will post next very soon. Please comment. Feeling hell nervous.

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  1. awesowe yaar

    1. Ameera

      thank you keep reading and smiling.

    1. Ameera

      thanky you, keep smiling.

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    Awesome…. Update soon

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      i will. thank you, keep smiling.

  3. Isabel

    Nice, good and unexpected.. I am not smiling like crazy but i am hell shocked, i don’t know what is actually happening in this story, i am too stressed now, i hate to be stressed so i hate u.. 🙁

    1. Ameera

      oi! what did i do , u duffer? when u read the next episode u will understand. till then i dont mind u being stressed. call me.. love u. loads of hugs to .

  4. Usvathul

    Oops.. Its really awesome.. But I was expecting some more cute moments btwn swasan.. Like u know their growing frndship n some fun.. N then after smtime confession like this..
    But its all gud..
    Awsomr from day 1..
    Don’t stop this ff anytime soon n pleas keep posting as soon as possible.. 🙂

    1. Ameera

      i am sorry, umm i say u read next epi, ameera always have a plan LOL and i wrot the confession part for a reason. and dont worry dear , this story is full of twists. will get to know in next chappy. and there will be a growing friendship, and loads of cute moments. till then love u. keep smiling.

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    soo sweet

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    Gud one. But i how suddenly sanskar fall in love wid Swara……

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      sorry niku, cant reveal the plot, u wll get to know eventually in the next chappy, till then keep reading and smiling

  9. Abirsha

    Awesome….. But i have a little doubt whether sanky s cheating swara??

    1. Ameera

      thank you shan, and nope he is idiot but a gud person, when u read next chapter, u will undertand the reason. keep smiling and reading.

    1. Ameera

      thank you s.. keep smiling

  10. OMG…awsm episode ameera…but its making me to thg deeply…bcoz i felt is it any kind of bet of sanskaar…fishyy thohaii..jaldii reveal kardoo..coz i can’t see my shona in a broken state….plzz amyy

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