swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 12)

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Swara pov:
I woke up early next day with a smile. I wanted to send a text but something stopped me. Let him start the conversation, my mind said. I waited and waited and waited for hours and it was after noon and I was still staring at the mobile screen. Maybe I was just wasting my time.
I should have started the conversation. I took my phone and sent a hi. I thought he would take a long time to reply and tossed the phone beside me and took a book to read. I dint even start the first page but my phone buzzed. I hurriedly took my phone and checked the msg.
Sans- hey u remember me now?
Swa- and u remember me now?
Sans-sorry was busy.
Swa- leave it. What’s up?
Sans-light, ceiling, fan
Swa- seriously?
Sans- u can check for Ur self.
Swa-I know
Sans- so buddy? Friends?
Swa- friends.
I smiled.
And we spent a peaceful and happy hour texting and having small fights. Oh god I love him so much and this is increasing my love for him. God know how much I love him. I love him so madly that I can’t even be angry with him for a minute.
Sanskaar pov:
I was waiting for her msges from the morning but yeah! Got it anyways. I don’t know why but I always smile when I see her messages. Yeah we chat with each other for hours but still have a lot to talk the next time we chat. So that now we are friends, I shared so much with her.
A girl.yeah I don’t like much girls because they always misunderstand boy girl friendship. And much more they disrespect love. Yeah I believe in true love. And I am waiting for my miss.perfect.
Who is this? I wonder who this is I am about to know. She is fun and nice. I wish to meet her.
Swa- so?
Sans- I have to ask something.
Sans- u shouldn’t refuse.
Swa-ok what?
Sans- who r u? Name please.
Swara pov:
HE ASKED MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!! I was trying not to panic. What shod I do? I don’t want this friendship to break. I am going to avoid this question. I thought. Then I realized. I can’t be like this forever. At some point I wold have to say my name right?
So why can’t it be now? Ok swara. This is easy. U just have to type your name.
Swa- but if I say my name will u end or friendship?
Sans- NOWAY!!!
Swa- really?
Sans-yeah but please say your name.
Ok swara this is it. It is now or never. I took a deep breath and typed my name and sent it, hoping to get an immediate reply and hoping he would keep his promise.
Swa- swara.
I sent it. I finally sent it. But the phone dint buzz. I knew it. I shouldn’t have sent it. I regretted sending that msg.
That night:
I was sitting at the table and eating my food with the rest of the family. I heard my phone buzz and immediately checked it. Nothing but my imagination. This is the 5th time. I sighed and took a look at my mom who glared at me. I immediately put away the phone and continued eating.
Food hardly went down my throat. I wanted to chat with him again but still no reply. I dragged myself to my bed and kept on staring at the phone screen. And I kept on regretting saying my name. I knew this would happen.
I cursed my fate and re-read our conversations. A smile automatically appeared in my face and sometime a little laugh but all this went away when I reached the end of our conversation. I don’t know when I dozed off but I did with the phone still in my hand.
The next morning:
Swara was lying on the bed not wanting to get up. Her mom tried to wake her up from 10:00 am but dint succeed. Now it was 11:00am, swara took her phone and stared the screen and suddenly something captured her eyes. She saw it closely and woke up in delight.
Swara’s pov:
I took my phone and something caught my eyes. Yes! Yes! YES! It was a message from sanskaar. She couldn’t stop smiling. Suddenly she thought if he decides to break our friendship? If…if he stop chatting or seeing me ever again? These thought made me shudder. I went near the god’s idol and prayed.
“Oh god, please make this a good message. If u do that I will do a puja for u. please god.” I prayed. While I was praying mom was passing.
“Arre wah! Now what made my daughter remember the god?” she teased.
“Maaaa! I said and went to my room. I slowly unlocked the phone and slowly read the message.
I got hell shocked. OH MY GOD!!
Sans- swara,……………………………………………………….
So guys? Guess what sanskaar said which made swara shocked? Please let me know what u think in the comments. Will be waiting! Till then, take care.


  1. sakthy

    hey ameera ur ff is really amazing you know what these things are happened in my life. when am reading this ff its like reading my
    story. thank you so much for remainding those days and eagerly waiting for next episode plz update soon…

  2. Isabel


    |Registered Member

    Thanks for updating, oh how I wish i could go back to the past and never come again, i miss those beautiful happy moments.. Nice and really made m shiver ans smile like a mad man.. update next asap, pls

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