swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 11)

I still was wondering what to do when I thought I should give it a try. I decided to text him. I typed a hi and placed my finger on the send button.
“Should I send it?” I thought to my self
“May be yes? May be not” I thought. Aaaargh! Why is it so hard? Ok I am not sending it. I decided and clicked the send instead of exit. (Don’t ask how she can send it. She just sent it.)
OH MY GOD! What’ve I done? OH no! Wait its night he may not see it. Yes swara he may not see it calm down. I said myself.
Just as I said these words my phone buzzed. I almost jumped and with shaky hands I took my phone and unlocked it. Oh god please make it good msg. And saw the message.
Sans- umm hi… do I know u?
Swa-no I am sorry, it was a mistake.

Sans- no worries everyone makes mistakes.
Swa-thank you for understanding.
Sans-anyways shud ask u something.
Swa-yeah sure
Sans-r u busy at the moment or free.
Swa- y
Sans-could u spare some time for me?
He actually, I mean actually asked me to spare sometime for him. What is he thinking? I would spare everything for him.
Sanskaar pov:

I was not at all sleepy. Actually I was bored. I wanted to do something but dint know what to do. Just while I was wondering what to-do I heard my phone buzz. It was an unknown number. I asked her if she was free because I wanted to do something and I got to chat with an unknown person.
Swa- yea but y
Sans-actually I was bored that’s y
Swa- oh
Sans-so u a female right?
Swa- how do u know
Sans- boys never say sorry my mistake stuff and all.
Swa- really?
Sans- yea.
Swa-wats your name?
Sans- sanskaar.
Swa- nice name.

Swa- no I am not interested me saying my name to strangers.
Sans- oh really?
Swa- yea. So Mr Sanskaar ….
We started talking about random things. She turned out to be funny and cool. But nice. We both chat a lot that night. I had never been this open to any girls becoz they think its love etc…I usually hate those type of people but … But she is different. Even she is open.
They chat till 2:00 am and dozed off. But before they di swara saved his number as “my love”
But sanskaar named as
“My ….”

So guys guess what sanky saved? Guess guess? Don’t think much he saved as “my bestie.” That’s it. I Knew what u were thinking. (Winks)So guys how was the episode? Please don’t forget to say it in your comments! Love you all.

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  1. its awesome ameera

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      thank you shan.glad u like it.

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      thank you niku gllad u like it.

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  3. Amazing update asap…..

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  4. Nice part but short, do u mind to make it a bit longer, pls?

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      will try dear. anyways i purposely made it short my bestie knowing she will read.
      thank you keep reading.

  5. Good, nice, great, and simply beautiful.. Why do u have to make it purposly short knowing I’ll read, wats wrong if I read, huh?? :-/

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