swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 10)


Hi guys! I am back. This is for Isabel. She asked me to write one more today. Hope u all like it. Keep commenting and keep supporting. I will try to post regularly. Well the previous episodes were sanskaar’s pov from beginning. Now I will give swara and sanskaar’s pov and now the story continues.
************************************************************************************* Sanskaar’s pov:
I hugged her and opened my eyes still hugging her and got shocked, swara was standing in front of me. If swara was standing in front of me then who am I hugging? I backed away and saw swara.
Swara’s pov:
I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Did he really love me? No swara stop dreaming. I wanted to get away from him but failed because I felt so comfortable in his hug. I wanted to stay like this forever. But then I saw ragini. Staring at us. Looking shocked. She said one word “swara?” she said.
And looked confused. And suddenly sanskaar left the hug and backed away from me, taking a good look of me and ran his hand through his hair feeling embarrassed. I stood there teary eyed. He looked behind me, me and ragini. Ragini looked at him.
Wait did he see behind me? I looked behind me and saw a girl standing with her arms crossed across her chest with a furious expression on her face.
Suddenly ragini bust in to fits of laughter. She kept on laughing but sanskaar stood there embarrassed.
Ragini came near me while the other girl went near sanskaar.
“Swara I am sorry wo kya hai ki she’s swaranya, my cousin. We call her swara in short.”
Sanskaar’s pov:
Swara (swaranya) came towards me.
“That was meant for me right.” She said.
“Umm yes.” I said.
“They y hug another girl?” she asked
“WO galti se……..”I dint wont to speak further about this.
“Wont u ask sorry?” she said.
“Sorry, please forgive me it was all a misunderstanding, please forgive me both of u.” I said holding my ears looking at both the swara’s.
I looked at them with a puppy face. They immediately melted and smiled, while swaranya came and started beating me, and I pulled her in to a hug and we hugged each other tightly.
Swara’s pov:
I smiled at their bond. But I felt bad as they were so close. Ragini took me inside. While they went out. I and ragini were studying while I wanted to ask something.
“Ragini what happened between swaranya and sanskaar?” I asked. She looked at me and smiled and said a very silly story. It was like sanskaar and swaranyas boyfriend Amar was close friends. They went out for partying when they returned they both were drunk. And Amar had said swaranya sanskaar forced him to drink, while it was the other way around. And it became a fight. (Sorry for this stupid story.)
We both laughed. Days passed and we both had exams. We did it very well.
On the last day, ragini and I was walking but sanskaar dint come, plus ragini missed her phone at home.
“Swara can I get your phone to call Bhai?” she asked.
“Sure, here take it.” I said and gave it to her. But sanskaar came at that time and called ragini and they went away. I looked at the phone and found a number. It was sanskaars number!
To be continued………
Hi guys. Ameera again. Good news for u all. From this swasan track is gonna start. And be sure to read it because it will be happy. I think I will end this ff in about 30-40 epi? I don’t know, but I wanna ask something. I know its short but
Shoud I give
A) Short updates but every day
B) Long updates but irregular.
Need your suggestion. Love u all,please keep supportin. :P

Credit to: Ameera

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    Plus I want you to gv long updates regularly, coz I know u can do it, I have faith in u, so try and post longer ones regularly.. Love u loads.. 🙂

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