Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap-1 )

Hi guys this is my first ff hope u like it. I am a silent reader but I just thought of writing this so please leave your comments below.
This story is based on swara’s point of view.
In this story sanskaar is the elder brother of ragini and ragini is the best friend of swara.
Swara and ragini belong to a middle class family and they both go to the same college. Swara loves sanskaar and she always used to see him when he came to pick ragini. Swara love sanskaar before she met ragini, but she didn’t become friends just to get to know more about sanskaar, she liked ragini. And both are best friend
Ragini knew swara likes sanskaar but doesn’t knows she loves him.
The story starts with a gorgeous girl laughing and talking with another girl in the college. She is our swara, the most gorgeous girl on campus, nearly all boy had flirt with her and proposed her but she rejected everyone. She is the college diva. She is full of fun but at the same time concentrates on her studies and the other girl is ragini a studious and funny girl she is also very beautiful . They are usually the college toppers. They come out and start walking towards their home as it is on the same route. They were talking to each other.
Suddenly they heard someone calling ragini.
Both looked up as they perfectly knew who it was.
Swara’s pov:
We looked up and there I saw him. Standing from a distant calling ragini. A smile automatically crept up my face when I saw him.
He was wearing a black fit t-shirt with jeans and a sleeve less black jacket. He was looking hot. I was continuously staring at him.
I love him so much but he just didn’t notice me. He never came near to me. He never looked at me or smiled at me. These thoughts always made me sad. He signaled ragini to come. Ragini said a goodbye and left.
I just stared after him and stood there for some time and walked home.
Once I reached home, I rang the bell. The instant the door opened someone pounced on me. I stumbled but had
My balance so I did not fall. A little figure was holding me by my waist. My little brother laksh. This was his daily routine.
“What have you bought for me???” he asked.
“I have this” I said showing him some chocolates. He jumped in joy as I gave him and ran off to eat it. I smiled and went inside to have lunch. I finished eating and went to my room and started reading a novel. I was reading a very interesting part, just when I was interrupted by laksh again. This time chocolate smeared all over his face. He asked me to play with him. I sighed and went off to play with him.
At night:
After I had my dinner, I dozed off to sleep.
The next day when I and ragini was walking home after college when I saw sanskaar waiting impatiently for some one. I assumed it was ragini. As soon as sanskaar saw us he started walking towards us. (This was the first time) he asked ragini to sit in the car and wait for him. Ragini went away.
He looked at me and took a deep breath and knelt before me. I was shell-shocked. “swara, I have loved you since he moment we met, I know I am not good in these proposing, so I will simply ask you, he took a ring out of his pocket and said will you marry me swara?? Will you accept me as your better half??” he said. I couldn’t breathe anymore, I was teary eyed, “I had always loved you, even before I was friends with ragini”, he smiled and stood up and put the ring and hugged me and I hugged him back… “SWARA???” someone said behind me. I backed away from sanskaar and saw ragini standing behind me looking teary eyed.” You betrayed me swara??? You were friends with me for this????” she asked.
To be continued…..
Hope you liked it feel free to criticize and leave your comment below.

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    1. thank you

  1. Amazing girl.
    Good start.
    Waiting for more.

    1. thank you needhi glad you like it.

  2. I am really sry if this cmnt hurts anyone esply swalak fans..but Laksh calling Swara didi made me rofl…… I lyked swalak too but when Varun came into d picture..my pov changed coz i love him from d day i saw him as Kabir in humse hai liife…and d firstever”swasan” scene in dat hospital..when Sanskar lifts Swara up (rag’s drama..and raglak first wedding..epi) I became confident dat SWASAN is gonna rule…

    Well..a dfrnt plot..continue..

    1. actually i thought of putting laksh as the 5 year old brother of swara but if you dont like it i will change the name. thank you for openly saying your views.

  3. nice….. please continue soon…..

    1. thank you anu glad you like it. next part will be uploaded soon.

  4. Nice..

    1. glad you like it nishu

  5. Oh its lovely, good, simple and nice..
    Nice work.. So u r writing more..
    Upload nxt asap.

    1. i am not going to thank you!!!! anyways i wanted your comment here so thanks.

    2. love u

  6. Nice..
    Please continue, I want to read more

    1. thank you helsy i am really glad you like it. next part will be uploded soon.

  7. Nice yaar.plz continue

    1. thank you so mch sree

  8. i agree with hope….seriously laksh calling swara di????other than that its awesome

    1. i am so sorry about that i will change the name. actually laksh was meant to be the 5 year old brother of swara. anyways thanks for openly expressing your views.

  9. Very very nice liked it …..but that’s not good yaar that lucky calls swara as swara didi….

    1. i am sorry about that i will make sure i change the name. glad you liked it anu

  10. Amazing

    1. thank you shagun glad you like it.

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