Swasan-My Imperfect Husband – episode 2 the life changers day


i was sleeping peacefully untill i heard screams of dadi and dida who staretd their usual rantings again in the early morning,but io can hear my name in the middle very curious i went down and saw whole baddi was out and even raglak and sanskar were here.dadi was accusing me for being characterless because i choosed rock music over classical.she was going on ranting about my character and god knows what all.iwas quite chubby to my age so she staterd shouting that im being pregnant with some ones child like my mom.for my heavens sake im still virgin at my first kiss,hell with her man.when i was going to interuppt my mom shouted in top of her voice stating that i dont need to give a character certificate to some cheap dogs.to that she called her samaj people and started throwing our things out of ur home.we tried our best to stop them.

rags was pleading that lady to stop all the nonsense.suddenly a man from samaj dragged me in the middle and started touching me every where no one was comimg to rescue me.they tied my maa and dida with ropes who were stugglinga lot.i wa strying to get out of his grip but i was unsuceessful.

openly he was coming to touch my br*asts and all of sudden there was a pull from my back where i landed in some one hard chest .when i looked up it was sanskar.but why each and every ones mouth is poen in shock,that what i rememberd when he pulled me he put some thing into my head.i touched my forehead to look what he put.to my utter shockthere were red powder thats what i noticed that he put sindoor at my foreline and grinning like an idiot.the whole baadi was silent that only sanskar was asual enjoying the sorrundings by scarching his head.my mom untied all the rpoes and came towards me and started to rub the sindoor untill ther was a great pull in her hairsthat she was down to her feets.sanskar become hyper and started pulling her hairs screaming that im his wifey chudail.and im only his chudail.sanskar pulled my hand and stated dragging towards the door.but i was still in y pjs that what got in to my brainthat im MARRIED TO SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.

precap-conversation between sanskar and swara and sanskar shouting she is only my chudail untill swara injected sleeping pills.

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  1. Update soon.eagerly waiting

  2. Abirsha

    Awesome…… I think sanskar is acting as mad

  3. Nice …plz upload nxt part

  4. Chudail wify great

  5. Arshaanya

    Wow getting intrstng…loved it
    Bt y d hell laksh didn’t cme for her help hez her bst frn rite??

  6. awesome…!!loved it…!!

  7. mou(swasan lover)


  8. Mica

    what is chudail ?
    hmm.. sometime society more crazy and mad than mad person….they more needed to send to mental asylum, this Dadi, this society, this Samraj….gooosshhh

  9. Nice

  10. Abdul Hafiz(Uma)

    V.nice dear… Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  11. Nice dear….

  12. Marvelous

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