Swasan-My Imperfect Husband – episode 1 The first meet


just now I completed my vocal training sessions with my band members.I’m returning to my home humming my fav tune and riding my cycle. the roads are empty due to the Ind vs pak cricket match.suddenly a car came across me and I lost my balance and fell down and hurt badly.I was cursing who the f**k is that idiot who doesn’t even know road sense.that’s when I noticed that ragini my bestie came from the car and helped me.and here comes the great laksh maheshwari with a puppy dog expression of sorry.I thought of lashing him out but he is my bestie who returned form London now.we are the three musketeers.let me remind u that they both r in relationship from past 7yrs.it started quite as puppy love but now they are in verge of getting married.but what caught my ateention was same one holding onto rags duppatta tightly and not letting on go.I raised myself slowly to see who is that and to my utter shock he was standing there in such condition.why is he behaving weirdly. what happens to him.after 2 yrs I’m seeing him.let me tell u he is sanskar maheshwari.

the tall handsome and also cute business man who achieved many things at quite young age.he is my dida fav more than me.he is quite comfortable with my mom and they discusses each and everything.but when it comes to me I become self conscious and nervous seeing him.but now he is flashing a cute dimple smile towards me to which I felt heat rising to my cheeks.oh f**k I’m blushing.while I was in my thoughts sanskar suddenly started shouting chudail pointing towards me.oh the nerve of that guy a*sh*le.it become difficult to control him .so raglak bid bye to me and walked towards the car.what catches my attention is he slyly smile towards me and started his chudial Purana again.that’s when I noticed he is hiding some thing.he is not what he is and what we r thinking.I thought to tell lucky tmrw.but I don’t know that my life is gonna change drastically tmrw.

precap:sanky dragging shomi by hairs and swara standing numb with sindoor in her hairline.

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