Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 9


Swara and Sanskar entered the Maheshwari Mansion.
Sujata stood there with the arti ki thali. She did the arti and then told swara to do the resr of the rituals. Swaea went on to push the kalash and place her foot on the plate of alta(red colour present on the plate in bengali). She entered the house. Swasan were made to sit and then the game of finding the ring in a vessel full of milk started. Both started searching and their hands brushed. Sanskar quickly caught hold of her hand. Swara widened her eyes and looked towards Sanskar, Sanskar replied with a wink and a slight smirk. Swara tried to free her hand so she pinched his hand. He winced in pain and looked at her Swara sweetly smiled at him. Suddenly.
Swara: Mil gai, mil gai….
Sujata: Kya?

Swara: Angoothi….
Sujata: iska matlab mera beta joru ka ghulam ban ke rahega zindagi bhar. Waise acha hi hain…
Sanskar: Mom, bahu ke aati hi uske side?
Ram: Bhai is baat pe to main teri ma se hi sehmat hu. Joru ka ghulam banke rehne main faayda hain.
Sanskar: Dad aap bhi? Koi faayda nahi hain aplogo se baat karke.
Swara giggled seeing Sanskar’s situation.
Sanskar(in his mind) : Room mein chaliye fir batatu hu… Par karu bhi to kya iske peeche puri tarah se pagal hu….
Laksh: Sanskar are you listening? Are you alive? Oye,

Bhabhi ko tu zindagi bhar dekh sakta hain par uske pehle ye angoothi to pehna de use.
Sanskar: Laksh, chup kar.
Sanskar took swara’s hand in his and made her wear the ring. Swara smiled shyly.
Suddenly sanskar stood up.
Sanskar(yawning): Mom I am tired, can I go to sleep? Swara let’s go!
Swara widened her eyes and her cheeks turned red.
Laksh: abbe besharam, aaj teri pehli raat hain thoda to sharm kar tu sone ki baat kar raha hain?
Ragini: Laksh? What was that? Sanskar wait for 5minutes.
Sanskar: okay.
Sujata: Swara kal tumhari muh dikhai hain. After that you can go to your office ok? The rasoi ritual will be during dinner ok?
Swara: Yes mom, thank you.
Sujata: You call me mom and then you say a thank you why?
Swara: Okay mom, i love you?
Sujata: That’s like my daughter.

Ragini and Laksh called swara and sanskar.
Sanskar picked up swara in his arms and went towards his room. Swara looked up to him lovingly. While others stood shocked to see sanskar being so romantic they have always seen the rough sanskar not the romantic sanskar.
Sanskar took swara inside their room and slowly placed her on the bed. Swara had a shy smile on her face and she looked down and played with her dupatta out of nervousness.
Sanskar bent down and slowly made her look towards him with his fingers placed on her chin.
Sanskar: Swara, before we start a new life I want you to know one thing.
Swara: Hmm.

Sanskar: For me you are the most important woman in my life after my mom and I love you Swara. But before taking a step forward in our relation I want your permission.
Swara: Sanskar, I love you too. I vouch to be always there by your side whenever you need me and to love you the way you love me. I am already yours you don’t have to ask my permission.
Sanskar and Swara smiled at each other and slowly hugged each other. Sanskar slowly placed his lips on hers and made her lie down on the bed pulled the duvet over them and switched off the lights. They consummated their marriage.
Next morning.
Swara woke up to find her husband sleeping peacefully embracing her and his face dug in the crook between her shoulder and her neck. She slowly kissed his forehead and tried moving out of the duvet but sanskar’s embrace tightened around her waist.
Swara: Sanskar, good morning, wake up it’s time to go down. We have to go to office and I have my Muh dikhai before that.

Sanskar(in a sleepy tone): Swara 5minutes please.
Swara: it’s 7:30 already Sanskar.
Sanskar: Okay, you get ready then I will get ready.
Swara went into the washroom and got ready in a lehenga choli and went downstairs.
Sujata: come swara sit, the ladies will be coming in a while. After a few minutes the ladies came. Swara was made to sit in the centre. Sanskar was descending down the stairs when Sujata called him
Sujata: Sanskar hurry up.
Sanskar came down and sat beside swara. The muh dikhai rasam got over and Sanskar and Swara had their breakfast along with laksh and ragini. Swara soon changed into her office clothes she had a different glow today on her face but as she couldn’t reveal she was married until the charity event she thought of hiding her sindoor and mangalsutra.
Swara: It’s so tough when you have to avoid the media.
Sanskar: it’s okay. Only two weeks. Then you can go around freely with these.
Swara: Yeah.
Swara, Ragini Laksh and Sanksar left for their offices. Sanskar was going to drop Swara and Ragini and he and laksh would then go to karma. Sanskar reached mauve.

Swara was about to get down when sanskar stopped her
Sanskar: swara wait.
Swara: yeah Sanskar.
Sanskar: I’ll pick you up today. Text me the time ok?
Swara: Yes. Bye sanskar.
Sanskar: Bye.
They left.
Swara: Ragini I am joining office after a leave of 4days what am I supposed to tell them.
Ragini: I told the staff you were not well, because if they get to know the truth now then it will be spread on the media and then it might hamper the charity function.
Swara: Thank god Ragini. I love you.

Ragini: Swara, You are my sister before being my best friend so its my duty to see to your welfare.
Swara: uh huh!!! We have a meeting with Karma today regarding the charity function. Sanskar told me.
Ragini: Yes. The final decision is to be made today we have to start with the work tomorrow itself.
Swara entered mauve and all the staff stood up and wished her.
Jenny came and asked her about her health.
Jenny: How are you ma’am?
Swara: I am fine Jenny. Get me the file regarding the charity function and call the staff in the conference room I and Ragini will be there we need to make the final changes before our meeting with Mr. Maheshwari.

Jenny: okay ma’am.
At Karma:
Sanskar entered his office.
Everyone started wishing him for his married life. Sanskar gave a big smile.
Sanskar: Thank you everyone.
Laksh: Today we have a meeting with Mauve. So guys buck up. The charity function is in two weeks.
Everyone got back to work.

Precap: Laksh teases Sanskar. The meeting.

Credit to: Tista

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