Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 7

The day of the engagement had arrived. Swara and Sanskar were thoroughly overjoyed.
The malhotra mansion was in a rush, preparations were at their top notch. Swara was in her room. She called Sanskar.
Sanskar: Hello.
Swara: Hi. I called.. Umm…
Sanskar: Ha bolo.
Swara: Wo I sent your Sherwani,agar tum ekbar check karloge to… Aur I specially designed your sherwani and dono dad’s ki suit and ma aur mom ki saree… Hope unhe pasand aayega. Please tum ekbar apna sherwani check karlo.
Sanskar: Calm down shona…I have seen the sherwani it’s awesome… Aur rahi baat mom aur dad ki to unhe bahut pasand aaya hain and they are really excited to wear them too.
Swara: Thank God…. I was so tensed ki agar pasand na aaya to?
Sanskar: Ms.Swara Malhotra oops sorry soon to be Mrs. Swara Maheshwari remember that you are india’s leading fashion designer people die to wear the clothes you design.
Swara: Wo to doosro ki baat hain par family ko pasand aana zyada important hain.
Sanskar: This is what I love about you…
Swara blushed over the phone.
Sanskar: Are you blushing Swara?
Swara: No.. Ghar pe toofan machi hain. Mom and Dad have gone crazy.
Sanskar: you are their only daughter they will be in a rush na…
Swara: Yeah. I am going to leave them in a few days.
Sanskar: You can come and meet them anyday anytime.
Swara: I am nervous Sanskar.
Sanskar: You trust me right?
Swara: more than myself.
Sanskar: Then just wait for me to take you on the roller coaster ride?!
Swara: what?
Sanskar: Shaadi. Its our wedding after 7 days.
Swara: Yes. Accha got to go. Shaam ko milte hain.
Sanskar: I miss you.
Swara: Me too. Abhi chalo ready ho jau. Zyada time nahi bacha hain.
Sanskar: Today you will be marked mine.
Swara blushed and smiled.
Soon it was time for the engagement. The maheshwari’s had arrived. Sanskar was sitting on the podium.
When Swara started descending the stairs. Sanskar was awestruck to see her, she smiled and Sanskar felt like drowning himself on those kohl lined brown orbs and that sweet sugary smile which can steal a millions heart in a single glimpse. This girl belonged to him and only him and no one can ever take her away from himself. Swara reached the podium. They were about to start the ring ceremony when some voices came: Stop.
There stood Ragini Swara’s best friend and Laksh and Uttara Sanskar’s cousin.
Swara and Sanskar: Hey….
Ragini, Laksh and Uttara: Surprise.
Swara: Ragini you know them?
Ragini: Yeah. Same college,same course. Uttara is his sister…
Laksh: When we got to know that bhai is getting married to Ragini’s best friend we thought of giving you a surprise, hum shaadi pe aane wale the par kya kare aana hi pada jaldi.
Sanskar: I missed you all so much.
Swara: I missed you a lot Ragini.
Ragini: Abse you won’t miss me. I’ll be here with you always.
Laksh: Aur hum bhi. Now engagement karle?
Swara: Yes.
They exchanged rings and etched each others name on their hearts.

Precap: Sanskar’s marriage news gets leaked. Marriage and the other functions.

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