Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 6


That night. At swara’s place. Swara was flipping on her bed unable to sleep and lost in the thoughts of sanskar and his confession well not exactly a confession but still…
Swara(to herself): I miss him so much. I didnt know I could come close to a person in just three days? Well why can’t I he’s my husband to be then? I wish he could be with me now….
On the other side someone had entered the Malhotra penthouse compound and was trying to climb the pipe to get inside the house. Suddenly the window to Swara’s room opened she got up in a hurry and went near the window to check.
Sanskar came up and Swara saw him and tried to shriek when sanskar stopped her by placing his palm over her mouth she widened her eyes.
Sanskar: ssh Swara it’s me?
Swara: um um (she pointed her fingers to his palm)
Sanskar removed his hands.
Sanskar: Sorry, if you would have shouted mom and dad would have been awakened. By the way can I come in? I am literally hanging.
Swara: Yeah yeah come in.
Sanskar entered and looked at Swara.
Sanskar: You are looking so cute Swara.
Swara blushed hearing this…
Swara: Sanskar…
Sanskar: umm… (started blushing).
Suddenly Sanskar slipped and fell on the bed with Swara under him.
They had an eyelock and they remained staring at each other. Swara’s lips parted and Sanskar suddenly felt the urge to kiss her. He leaned forward and his lips met hers. Swara slowly closed her eyes and started feeling his lips against hers. She slowly gave in and started kissing him back with equal force. Swara started playing with Sanskar’s hair and Sanskar’s hand slid under her t-shirt tightly holding her waist and caressing her back. Swara started moaning his name. They were totally lost in the kiss. They started rolling on the bed and suddenly Swara’s hand hit the diary kept on her bed and it fell down. Hearing the noise Sanskar and Swara pulled themselves back and realised what they were doing and their position. They quickly got up and composed themselves. Sanskar’s hair had turned all messy and Swara had become dishevelled. They could not meet each other’s eyes out of awkwardness and shyness. They were facing each other’s back.
Both of them at the same time: Sorry I got carried away. No it’s okay.
Swara started giggling and Sanskar chuckled.
Sanskar: I know it sounds crazy but i’ve never felt like this before Swara I have never done this for any girl, climbing pipes at night and all. You are special.
Swara: Sanskar… Thank you for making me feel special. I didn’t expect you here. I was missing you.
Sanskar: Really? I thought only I was missing you. You made my day Swara.
He turned and kissed swara on her forehead.
Swara: Sanskar….
Sanskar: ssh Swara…
Both of them hugged each other. They didn’t need words to express their feelings to each other their actions were enough.

Precap: Engagement.

This was a romantic dose for everyone hope you like it.

Credit to: Tista

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  1. Vaikha

    It was awesome as usual.. How romantic.. I simply enjoyed their love track.. U nailed it dear…

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  4. Thanks a lot guys.

  5. Amazing..

  6. Nice dear

  7. aww….so romantic. Loved d ep so much. I’m falling for swasan ep by ep.

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