Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 5


The next day Swara reached her office. As soon as she entered her cabin she saw Jennifer walking to and fro with a tensed face.
Swara: Jenny what’s the matter? Why are you looking so tensed?
Jenny: actually ma’am we have a meeting today the deal is very important it’s related to a charity function and if we don’t present good designs we can lose the contract for this major charity event. I am nervous.

Swara: We have always been organizing charity events and we have never lost any deal we are the best in town don’t worry.
Jenny: This time it’s being held by Karma and Mr. Maheshwari will personally see to this deal and the event. I have heard he is a man of discipline regarding his work and he hates mistakes. I don’t know…

Swara: It’s with Karma? Don’t worry the deal will be ours.
Swara gave a slight smirk. Jenny was upset and Swara was confidant.
Swara: Jenny stop worrying and make the presentation. When’s the meeting? I will handle it personally only you will accompany me to the conference room ok?
Jenny: Yes ma’am. 11am sharp.
At 10:55 Sanskar arrived at Mauve. All decked up in his navy blue business suit. He entered Mauve. As soon as the staff saw him they started gawking him even Jennifer stared at him
Swara: Jenny lead the way. I’ll be there.

Jenny: Hello Sir, Good morning and welcome to Mauve I am Jennifer, Swara Ma’am’s P. A. Please come.
Sanskar: Good Morning and nice to meet you. As soon as Sanskar entered the room. Swara turned towards him. Sanskar’s eyes twinkled and Swara smiled at him.

Sanskar(in his mind): When I heard it’s Mauve we are going to work with my happiness knew no measures atlast I am going to work with her. But I should keep my emotions in check.
She is looking hot today in those formals. How can a person be hot and cute at the same time, everytime I see her my breath gets hitched I forget everything around me for me it’s only her.
Sanskar: Good Morning Ms. Malhotra.
Swara: Swara, call me Swara and good morning please have a seat Sans.. Mr. Maheshwari(He is looking so amazing he should wear blue more often. Ahh swara concentrate we are not on a date it’s a business meeting)
Sanskar: I am Sanskar for you. Gave a heartwarming smile to her.
Jenny entered.

Jenny: Sir what would you like to have? Tea or Coffee?
Swara: Black coffee with 1 teaspoon sugar.
Sanskar looked at her amazed and coughed. Swara realised what she said and her cheeks turned red.
Jenny was shocked when she heard Swara she looked at her questioningly.
Jenny: Okay then.
The Peon arrived with the coffee.
While the presentation started and Swara herself took over the meeting.
After the meeting

Sanskar: Good. We’ll finalise the date timings place and the decorations accordingly. So the deals final.
Swara took his leave and walked towards her cabin. After sometime Jenny entered.
Jenny: Swara, Mr. Maheshwari wants to talk to you.
Swara: Send him in.
Jenny was surprised again as Swara never allowed anyone to enter her cabin not even her clients she preferred meeting them in the lounge or the conference room. She walked away silently as Sanskar entered her cabin.
Sanskar: What was that Swara?
Swara: Wo galti se. Sorry.
Sanskar: its okay I was happy you know my choices so well but didn’t expect you to say it in front of others your P. A. seemed quite shocked.
Swara: Yes. She got another shock also. Just now.

Sanskar: What?
Swara: I let my client that is you enter my cabin because I don’t let anyone other than Jenny inside my cabin not even my other staff members. She might be thinking I have gone all nuts.
Sanskar: Okay. That’s like astonishing. (His heart danced). Well Swara I wanted to confess something.

Swara looked at him: Say.
Sanskar: I like you… No I don’t know how to say it to you its just been 3days I know but I don’t know why… My heart dances when I see you I stop breathing when you smile…I don’t know what this feeling is called but.. I think I am falling for you. I just had to say it… I don’t want to hurt your feelings…
He looked at her expectantly.
Swara’s eyes started brimming up with tears.

Sanskar felt sad seeing her in tears: Sorry Swara I’m really Sorry I didnt mean to hurt you.
Swara sniffed a bit and then spoke up: I like you too…
Sanskar: its okay..you don’t need to reciprocate anything… Uh What? What did you say? Really?
Swara smiles and nodded her head.

Sanskar got up went towards her chairs held her hands made her stand up and hugged her she hugged him back and then he slowly kissed her forehead she smiled and felt shy and she put her head down.
Sanskar: ssh… It’s okay… You don’t have to feel shy… You are my fiance. You have full right on me…
Swara: wo this was so sudden I mean… Wo…
Sanskar: Its okay I understand. Okay now I have to leave otherwise your P.A. will surely faint seeing me inside for such a long time…. Bye.
Swara: Bye Sanskar.
Sanskar wore his Ray bans and left Swara’s cabin all smiling and on the other side Swara kept on blushing and thinking about her childishness….
Jenny came in
Jenny: Swara… swara…

Swara: Yeah. Say?
Jenny: What did he say? Something about the deal?
Swara: No I mean he said that the designs were nice and that he was grateful that we became ready to host the charity event in such a short period of time.
Jenny: That’s great….
The day passed smoothly for Swara and Sanskar.. They were lost in each other totally and were now totally aware of the feelings and emotions brewing in between them… They were excited for their engagement which was coming up in 3days.

Precap: The Engagement and Romance before the Engagement.

Credit to: Tista

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