Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 4

Swara and Sanskar enter the restaurant and take their seats.
Sanskar: Swara, I hope you like continental?
Swara: Its my favourite actually. I love Carbonara with chicken.
Sanskar: You are a non vegetarian?
Swara: my ma is a bengali so I sometimes do eat non veg but only when I am out.
Sanskar: Thank god I got someone who can accompany me on this. I love fish. Specially the Ilish maach. It’s so tasty
Swara: Really? Even I love ilish. I’ll cook for you someday?
Sanskar: That would be great. Now let’s order?
Swara: You do the honours.
Sanskar: waiter!
Waiter: Yes sir
Sanskar: I chicken carbonara for ma’am. I’ll take the bolognaise.
Waiter: Something to drink sir?
Swara: Yes. White wine please. Chardonnay?
Sanskar: Do you keep Chardonnay?
Waiter: Yes sir
Sanskar: Great make that 2 then.
Waiter: Okay sir. Give us 15minutes please.
Sanskar: Chardonnay eh?
Swara: Yeah. That’s my favourite.
Sanskar: Good. Even I like it.
Swara and Sanskar were chit chatting about their likes and dislikes and giggling on the weird fantasies they have.
Sanskar: Really swara craving for rosogollas in the middle of the night?
Swara: Yeah. Rosogollas. I mean who denies rosogollas. I saw you gobbling up 2 within seconds the other day.
Sanskar: You noticed? Well yeah I love rosogollas. Hey I also saw the twinkle in your eyes when you saw the lyangcha and golab jam the other day.
Swara: I am a foodie….I love eating anything and everything under the sun.
Sanskar: Really? You don’t look like one?
Swara: Yeah. Thanks to my genes I never get fat.
Sanskar started laughing.
Suddenly swara heard two girls talking who were sitting behind her on the table just at the back.
Girl 1: He’s so hot na?
Girl 2: Yeah. Wait a minute I have seen him somewhere?
Girl 1: He’s The Sanskar Maheshwari. I mean he’s even more hotter than he appeared on the cover page of that magazine. Look at him. He has got some killer looks
Swara started fuming listening to all of this.
Swara(in her mind): Look at them checking out my fiance. If I had a chance ma kasam aankhein noch leti main un dono ki. How can they even look at him when I his fiance is sitting right here with him. Don’t they have eyes? Only I can see him he belongs to me afterall. Oh ho Swara do din mein itna pagalpan. Ho kya gaya hain tujhe? Kahi pyaar to nahi karne lagi hain? Love that too in 2days this is crazy main bhi na. It’s okay he is my fiance na isliye itni possessive ho rahi hu.
Swara was lost in her own thoughts. When the food arrived and her trance broke.
Sanskar: Swara where were you lost?
Swara: Bahut saari ladkiyo ka dil tootne wala hain by god.
Sanskar: What?
Swara: Yeah. Saari ladkiye tumpe marti hain.
Sanskar: Then to you must be careful kahi koi mujhe udake leke na jae?
Swara’s face fell after listening to this. Sanskar noticed it
Sanskar: I was joking Swara. Once I commit I never break my words.
Swara smiled listening to this and thought : chahe jo bhi ho he is mine and will always be mine.
Unknowingly both of them had started falling in love though sanskar had started realising it but swara was still confused.
They started having their lunch and after sometime the girls got up and were moving past their table when their eyes fell on Swara. Swara shot daggers at them by her looks whereas the girls identified her as Swara the owner of Mauve and stood dumbfounded whereas Swara gave a slight smirk. The girls left in a hurry.
Swara and Sanskar finished their lunch and Sanskar dropped her to her office and drove back to Karma.

Precap: The next day. A deal between Karma and Mauve.

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