Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 26


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Here I continue with the story.
Uttara comes running to Swara and Sanskar’s room.
Uttara: Bhabhi… Bhabhi….
Swara: calm down uttara… Come in.
Sanskar: Doll I didnt know you took part in a marathon?
Uttara: what? bhai?

Swara: Sanskar.
Sanskar:Fine. Nanad-Bhabhi talks.
Uttara- Wo… I heard there is a party tomorrow? I want to go bhabhi.
Swara: Sure baccha you will.
Sanskar: What? Shona. No.
Swara: Sanskar let her enjoy and moreover we will be there and she won’t need a couple entry. You will be her partner ok?
Sanskar: Okay. Wait. What? Who’ll be yours?
Swara: You. Obviously.
Sanskar: eh? Dono ka?
Swara: she will be with us don’t worry.

Uttara: Bhabhi thanks I love you…
Sanskar: Oh hello she’s your bhabhi because I am here. So thank your bhai for his choice.
Swara: Oh really? If I would have rejected you then?
Sanskar: kiya to nahi.
Swara: Hmpf!!!
Uttara: Bhai bhabhi stop. I love you both ok?
Swara: I love you too.
Sanskar: Good night Doll.
Uttara happily went to her room.
Swara and Sanskar retired to their bed.

Next day. At office.
Swara: Jenny. The designs!
Jenny: Ma’am a few are left. We need a day more.
Swara: I want it by tomorrow 9am sharp. Ok?
Ragini: You’ll get it. Now stop worrying.
Swara: I am not worries about the designs. Actually I got a message yesterday.
Swara narrates the matter.
Ragini: Red nose. Even I have heard it back in college.

Swara: I couldn’t place the person who called me that exactly.
Ragini: Swara… That guy who proposed you and you rejected remember? He called you red nose.
Swara: Yeah. But his name and his looks? I mean why would someone hamper my dignity and self respect just for a rejection. Am I forgetting something.
Ragini: We’ll think about it later. Don’t stress yourself. What about the party?
Swara: I am excited.

Ragini: me too.
At Karma:
Sanskar: Rohan. I want to talk to those new girls. Alisha and Amrita. Tell them bring their files with them.
Rohan calls them.
Amrita: Yesterday we didn’t get a chance but looks like sir called us in for something…. Lets get ready.
Alisha: Yeah.
They touched up and looked into the mirror and moved onto Sanskar’s cabin. Sanskar was on a call with Uttara.
Uttara: Bhai. Bhabhi is not picking up my call.
Sanskar: Shona must be working and her phone must be in her cabin. Its okay. What do you want?
Uttara: Wo I need dress for tonight and I love bhabhi’s designs so could you just.
Sanskar: yes doll. Anything for you I will tell shona to get one. Ok?
While he was speaking they entered the cabin. Sanskar had his back towards the door so he could not see the girls coming in.
Uttara: Thanks bhai. Love you.
Sanskar: Anything for you doll. I’ll tell Swara ok?

Uttara: Yep. Chalo bye.
Sanskar: bye doll. He hung up the phone and turned his chair to find the girls standing.
Sanskar: you are supposed to knock the door while coming in. Now sit I don’t want this to be repeated.
Alisha and Amrita got embarassed.
Sanskar: Now. Sit and show me the files.
They sat down and opened their files.
Sanskar checked them and told them to leave.
After coming out.
Alisha: He is so arrogant.
Amrita: He didn’t even look at us.
Alisha: Leave. We have to work otherwise we won’t get our salaries also.
Amrita: He was so sweet yesterday and today.
Alisha: He had his wife yesterday with him.

Amrita: Uggh.
After a while everyone left for home.
Swara: Uttara I brought your dress.
Uttara: Thank you.
Everyone got ready for the party.
Swara wore a white lace crop top and a red knee length skirt with red heels.
Sanskar wore a white shirt and red tie and trousers while uttara wore a knee length navy blue dress and Ragini wore a LBD while Laksh was in his usual shirt and trousers.
They all arrived at the party venue.
It was a farmhouse and as they went in.
Guards: Sir, its a couple entry. So you need to write your name.
Sanskar wrote their names.
Swara: Uttara’s entry will be single I have spoken to Mr. Khanna.
Guard: Yes ma’am please go in.

As they went in.
Uttara clutched onto Swara.
Swara: Doll kya hua?
Uttara: I have never been to these parties I mean bhai and his associates.
Swara: Doll its a youngsters party and don’t worry we are here and go make friends and enjoy ok? Stay near to wherever we are ok?
Uttara: Yes bhabhi.
Sanskar: Doll come here.
Uttara went to Sanskar, he held her by her waist.
Sanskar: Okay Doll? I am your date.
Uttara: love you bhai.
She kissed him on the cheeks.
Sanskar smiled and Swara giggled.
Uttara: Bhai what about bhabhi?
Sanskar: I double date.
Swara: Yes.sister and wife what a combination.
Sanskar: who’s going to know. I have two girls with me. Lucky man.
Swara: Yeah sure. In your dreams.

Uttara: Dare you cheat on my bhabhi. I will kill you for sure.
Sanskar: baapre. My sister teaming up with my wife dangerous.
Swara got a call from Sujata.
Swara: Sanskar take Doll inside and don’t leave her hand she’ll feel scared I’ll come in a while,mum’s calling ok.
Sanskar: Okay.
As they went inside.
Romi: Sanskar. Hey, here.
Sanskar: Hi Romi. How are you?
Romi: I am great. So where’s your date?
Sanskar pointed towards Uttara.
Sanskar: Here she is my Doll, my sister Uttara.
Uttara: Hi Romi.
Romi: Hi uttara. But Sanskar I thought you’ll bring your wife I heard you got married where is she.
Uttara: Bhabhi will come.
Romi: Great come in then.
They went inside to find disco lights streaming round and music was on people where dancing eating and drinking. Sanskar saw some of his old friends while Uttara saw her classmate there.
Uttara: Bhai my friends are also here i’ll go meet them ok?
Sanskar: Okay Doll go.
Sanskar then walked upto his friends.
Sanskar: Hello guys. Kind of a reunion.
Roshan: Yeah. How are you?
Sanskar: I am fine. So?
Roshan: Meet my girlfriend Rashmi.
All the other friends introduced themselves and their girl friends or fiance.
Shaurya: So? Where’s your partner I mean girl friend?
Saurabh: Even I want to meet your partner.

Sanskar Was about to say something.
Voice: I am his partner.
Sanskar turned to find a smiling Swara.
She walked upto him.
Roshan: Hello. Ms. Malhotra. You both are dating? You didn’t even inform us brother.
Sanskar: No wo…
The girls started talking to Swara.
Rashmi: Swara, I mean I really love your designs could you just please someday design a dress for me. Like pretty please.
Swara: Sure come to mauve anyday.
Sanskar: Guys guys listen, Swara is not my girlfriend.
Shaurya: oh. So friends? I thought ki…
Swara: No no… I am not his friend even… I am his wife! Don’t give him a heart attack my calling him my friend. He’ll simply die out of shock. Since Sanskar could not introduce me properly. Here I go. Hi I am Swara Maheshwari.
Sanskar: phew thank god you told them… Well let me introduce them to you.
Sanskar introduced her to everyone the girls introduced themselves.

Soon the boys started talking while the girls headed towards a table to sit and chat.
Latika: So, swara we all know you as a designer and i’m like really glad we could meet you in person.
Ragini came from behind.
Ragini: Sorry girl’s hope I am not disturbing. Can i sit?
Rashmi: sure, you are ragini right?
Ragini: yep.
Swara: My best friend and my support at mauve.
Latika: Nice to Meet you.

Ragini: Nice to meet you too.
They began chatting while the waiter served them food.

Precap: Swara scared.

This was a very stupid episode but I had to write it. Sorry for this. Hope.you like it.

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