Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 25


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I finally updated chapter 14 of my other ff. Please give it a read. I have my university exams next month so I will be bit slow in updating episodes.
Here I go:
Swara and Sanskaar left the office. As soon as Swara sat inside the car her phone beeped.
Swara: Its a message from an unknown number.
Sanskar: open let’s see.
The message read: confused? Heard you are back. Ah. Yes…. So you wanted to know who I am right? Well I am…. Not lavanya. Take care your well wisher and yes miss red nose beware I am back to avenge. Tada. Let’s see whether you remember me or not. Bye till then.
Swara sat numb.
Sanskar: Ms.red nose? Swara its a clue. Can you remember anything?
Swara: I I can’t recollect but I do remember someone calling me by this name back in school and college.
Sanskar: Okay… Calm Down now.. Let’s think about it a bit later ok?
Sanskaar started driving the car.
They reached home.
Sujata: Sanskaar there’s an invitation for the youngsters.
Sanskar: Um what?
Sujata: Here’s the card. The delivery boy was a bit frantic I found him weird though.
Sanskar: mom i’ll see to it. Did Laksh and Ragini return? Where is Uttara?
Sujata: In their rooms beta.
Sanskar and Swara went to their room. Sanskar opened the envelope.
Sanskar: Oh it’s a party by Mr. Khanna’s son so only the youngsters are invited.
Swara: When is it?
Sanskar: Tomorrow and its a couple entry. Great. So we are going.
Sanskar: Laksh and Ragini will go… What about Uttara?
Swara: Let’s ask if she has a date you know…
Sanskar: Doll has a boyfriend? She never told me I mean I want to meet that guy.
Swara: Hello, mr. big brother…. I stated a “date” not a proposal for marriage.
Sanskar: I know I sound ridiculous but….
Swara: You are the big brother so its quite common but hey give her the freedom to choose her own partner whether for a party or for her whole life.
Sanskar: hmm true.
Precap: Office and Party. Double trouble.

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