Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 24

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After a day’s rest they had to return to work the next day.
Swara and Sanskar left for thei offices respectively with ragini and laksh. On their way.
Laksh: Bhai we have a new receptionist and you also need to take the interviews today for the post.
Sanskar: I remember Laksh. Any updates?
Laksh: Lavanya is in Mumbai now moreover she has been in mumbai for 2months and did not even come to calcutta. We are yet to check the phone records. It might be that she has appointed someone to do it.
Sanskar: If its not lavanya then? who can it be?
Laksh: We’ll enquire about it and if its not her then who else might have problems with bhabhi?
Sanskar someone from school or college?
Laksh: Someone holding a grudge for bhabhi since her college days? I will run a check.
Sanskar: yes now that i’m back i’ll handle it myself.
They reached their office.
At Karma.
Rohan: Sir, the candidates have come.
Sanskar: send them in the conference room after 15minutes.
At Mauve:
Swara: Ragini, shit.. Sanskar’s file is with me. I need to give him. I’ll just come.
Ragini: Okay but be careful. Don’t hurry.
Meanwhile at Karma.
Two girls who were the candidates were talking among themselves.
Alisha: Amrita I really need the job..
Amrita:Dont worry there are two posts. I’ll go for one. You for the other. There is always an easy way out for girls you know.
She slightly winked.
(Note: This is not to degrade a woman’s dignity. It’s for the story.)
Alisha: you mean to say…lure him.
Amrita: Yeah.
Alisha: Umm…
Amrita: come on he is young he is hot what else?
Alisha: Let’s see… But..
Amrita: Don’t think too much.
Swara reached Karma and entered it.
Receptionist: excuse me?(seeing the file in Swara’s hand she mistook her to be a candidate)
Swara: Yes.
Receptionist: Whom do you want to meet?
Swara: Sanskar.
Receptionist: Sir is busy you can’t meet him. You have to wait for your turn for the interview.
Swara: I am not here for the interview.
Receptionist: Do you have an appointment ma’am?
Swara: Excuse me, why would I need an appointment to meet him?
Receptionist: Ma’am we can’t let you go in without an appointment.
Swara was about to say something when Rohan came.
Rohan: Rita, send the candidates in.
Receptionist: Okay sir, sir ma’am wants to meet sanskar sir but she does not have an appointment so I didn’t let her in.
Rohan turned to see Swara.
Rohan: Ma’am? Rita what have you done? You stopped Swara ma’am from meeting Sanskar Sir.
Rita: Sir?
Rohan: you could have been in great trouble. She is Swara ma’am Sanskar Sir’s wife say sorry to her now.
Rita: sorry ma’am i’m new and I didn’t know..
Swara: It’s okay. Don’t worry.
Rita: Thank you ma’am.
Rohan: Bhabhi come in.
Swara: Where is he?
Rohan: Conference room. Wo interview ke liye.
Swara: Okay i’ll go and meet him.
Rohan: Sure.
Conference room:
Swara knocked the door. Sanskar was busy in his file so he didn’t look up to see who knocked.
Sanskar: come in have a seat.
Swara: Yes sir.
Sanskar: your resume please.
Swara: Handed the file.
Sanskar opened the file and
Sanskar: uh? What?
He looked up to find a smiling swara.
Sanskar: Swara? Oh god….
Swara: You were so busy so….
Sanskar: Shona… Please sit here I am going to take the interview you can ask too…you know. Thanks for the file.
Swara: Sure.
Swara went and sat beside Sanskar.
The first one to enter was Alisha.
She went inside.
Sanskar: Sit.
Hello Sir, Hello ma’am
Swara: Hello good morning.
Alisha looked at Sanskar nervously trying to flaunt herself.
Swara felt uneasy with her behaviour and she noticed what she was trying to do. Swara got angry and jealous.
Swara: Sanskar wait.
Sanskar: Shona, what happened?
Swara: Hold on. Alisha come with me.
She took her outside to an empty cabin.
Swara: Button up your shirt. If you want a job achieve it on the basis of merits not by these tricks got it? I didn’t want to embarass you in front of Sanskar so I brought you here and I am giving you a second chance so don’t waste it. If I say a no you won’t get a job here.
Alisha: Sorry ma’am… Actually I desperately need a job… Ma’am can i say something.
Swara: Yes.
Alisha: I love your work. But you in Karma?
Swara: you’ll get to know. Now go to the room.
They went inside.
Swara: Sanskar continue.
Sanskar asked a few questions and Alisha left.
Swara: Hmm.
Sanskar: Shall we call the next.
Swara: yeah.
Before amrita could enter.
Alisha: Amrita, The Swara Malhotra is inside…and don’t goof up… Button up your shirt this won’t work.
Amrita: Why?
Alisha: Swara ma’am was furious!
Amrita: What is she doing here in Karma?
Alisha: I don’t know but Sanskar seems to listen to everything she says.. So don’t.
Amrita: interesting. Rohan sir…
Rohan: yes ms.amrita?
Amrita: I heard Swara Malhotra is inside? Is she going to take our interview?
Rohan: even if she doesn’t, you ought to impress her because if she says a no. Its a no.
Amrita: But why sir? I mean Karma and Mauve?
Rohan: oh… She is not Swara Malhotra…she is Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari so…
Amrita gasped. Alisha was totally embarassed.
Amrita: I thought he was single.
Alisha: Now I know why she…
Amrita: What?
Alisha: She undersood what I was trying to do… And…
Amrita: Shit… I I….
Amrita was called in.
She gave her interview and came out.
After everyone was done.
Sanskar: So? Choose.
Swara: The two girls… Alisha and Amrita.
Sanskar: Girls? You aren’t jealous.
Swara: Uh?
Sanskar: I saw you angry when Alisha…
Swara: So what am I supposed to do? Tolerate that nonsense?
Sanskar: Calm down shona… Why did you choose them then?
Swara: she was truthful. So… But you have to maintain distance.
Sanskar: you know me… My whole focus is on you..
Swara: I know… I am just cautious girls nowadays…..
Sanskar pecked her cheeks now go announce.
Swara went outside to the waiting area.
Swara: Alisha and Amrita congratulations you are selected.
They jumped in joy.
Alisha and Amrita: Thank you ma’am and Sorry.
Swara: It’s okay. I hope you remember what I said.
Laksh from behind.
Swara: yes Laksh….
Laksh:When did you come?
Swara:Long back
Laksh: Oh. You were with bhai….
Swara: Yeah.
Laksh: okay…and whose selected
Swara pointed to the two girls.
Swara: Here they are Alisha and Amrita.
Laksh: Hello, I am Laksh Maheshwari. I bet you don’t know her right? So this is Swara Maheshwari, Sanskar’s wife.
Alisha and Amrita: Sir we know, rohan sir informed us…
Swara: Oh rohan..
Sanskar came out in his usual stride.
Sanskar: Congratulations Ms.Alisha and Ms. Amrita,you can join from tomorrow.
Alisha and Amrita: Thank you sir.
Sanskar: Laksh I am going out with Shona, just see to everything.
Laksh: sure bhai. I’ll call Ragini over and get back home in an hour.
Sanskar held Swara by her waist possessively and walked out.
Laksh called Ragini up and went from there.
Alisha: Thank god…. I thought I would lose the job.
Amrita: Does not matter we got it na… And moreover she isn’t going to come here everyday right? Did Sanskar sir say anything?
Alisha: No.
Amrita: Then it hardly matters. You know for money…
Alisha: We can do anything and everything. Even if he has a wife…
Amrita: we have to be his favourites.
They laughed.
Precap: Another revelation.

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