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Her I go. Thanks to everyone who commented.
On their way to the Thames River Cruise. Sanskar got a call.
Sanskar: Hey Laksh.
Laksh: Bhai. Got a bit of info.
Sanskar: Yep go on.
Laksh: There is a possibility of the person being some Lavanya Desai, she was a designer back in Mauve around 5months back and she has criminal records of hampering with Swara’s design in an event which took place 5months back. It may be her because she was imprisoned so you know…
Sanskar: Get more information. Where is she right now and every small detail. I want to know each and every detail.
Laksh: Yes bhai. She is being tracked. I’ll send her picture you show it to bhabhi ask her if she recognises her.
Sanskar: i’ll do that after we return to the hotel.
Laksh: sure bhai. Bye.
Swara: what detail?
Sanskar: I’ll tell you later shona… Now its time for the cruise,come.
Swara: Yeah let’s go.
They went on board and sat on the chair.

Swara: It’s so beautiful. I remember the poem Upon Westminster’s Bridge. This is so perfect. Thank you.
Sanskar: As long as you are happy princess I am haply too and you are more beautiful.
Saying this he pulled her closer by the waist and moved towards her,their lips an inch apart. Swara started breathing heavily.
Swara: Sanskar… We are in public.
Sanskar: It’s London Shona… Not Kolkata.
Swara: But….
Sanskar slowly pecked her lips.
Sanskar: Now for a picture please.
Swara: What are you going to do with these?
Sanskar: Well you know.. Social media…
Swara: aha! So finally you accept that you also like social media…
Sanskar: Not always but who would not like to flaunt a wife like you… Moreover let others be jealous, i’ve you.
Swara: Really? I love you…
Sanskar: I need the reward too… You know…
Swara: I’ll think.
They both laughed. Sanskar posted his and swara’s photo on twitter.

After a day of fun frolic and romance…. They returned to the hotel.
In the room:
Sanskar: Shona sit… I have something important to ask..
Swara: Yeah.
Sanskar: you know Lavanya..
Swara: Desai. My college friend as well as an associate designer. She was held for plagiarism by my legal team.
Sanskar: We have a doubt on her though the search is still on.
Swara: I don’t know. I didnt have any grudge…our company policy prohibits plagiarism and she was caught and I can’t go against my legal team so she had to be in jail.
Sanskar: Okay stop worrying…come on… I am still waiting.
Swara: For?
Sanskar: You know what!!
Swara: I don’t.
Shw quickly got up and rushed to the washroom leaving a smirking Sanskar behind.
After she came out she directly went to her side of the bed and lied down. Sanskar acted as if he didn’t care.
Swara(in mind): strange. He didn’t even say anything is he angry?.
Sanskar got ready and lied down on his side.

After a while.
Swara: Sanskar…
Sanskar(smiling): Hmm.
Swara: Are you angry?
Sanskar: no. Good night.
Swara: Hm. Good night.
After a sometime.
Swara moved towards Sanskar. Sanskar was trying hard to control his smile. Swara went towards him and hugged him from the back. Sanskar didn’t respond. She then kissed at the back of his neck. Sanskar was enjoying it.
Swara: Babu… Sorry… I know you are hurt…
Sanskar: Hm.
Swara: Look at me..
Swara: Okay.

She got up from her side and walked towards his side and slowly tucked herself inside the duvet on his side. Her front facing his front. She slowly picked up his arms and kept one around her waist and she leaned on the other while she kept her face between the crook of his neck.
Sanskar smiled unnoticed by swara. Swara then started drawing invisible circles on his chest and slowly kissed his neck.
Sanskar: what are you doing?
Swara: Mujhe tumje hug kiye bina neend nahi aati.
Swara: maaf kardo na!!
Sanskar was melting seeing her innocence and her infant like attitude.
Sanskar: Okay . But on one condition.
Swara: what…. Umm ok.
Sanskar: reward.
Swara: Haww…. That means you were joking all this while.you know I can’t sleep without you…huh
Sanskar: Okay fine I won’t touch you.
Saying this he remoed his arm from her waist.
Swara: No no…. Please…
Sanskar: Aha!!…. Okay now get ready for the punishment..
Swara: Haww..
Sanskar. Slowly kissed swara and they made love.
The trip went smooth without any disturbance and Sanskar informed Laksh about Lavanya the things which Swara said. Now it was time for them to return to Kolkata. After landing in Kolkata. As soon as they stepped out of the airport the paparazzi surrounded them.
Sanskar and Swara who were hell tired after the journey literally had to run for cover from the media. Finally they reached their car and drove back home. As they entered Sujata and others greeted them. While Uttara said
Uttara: Your pictures ok twitter were a hit… The media came here to literally interview us as if we went for the honeymoon….
Sanskar: uttara meri ma… Can we rest…
Uttara: Yeah… Sure… I’ll bring coffee while you both go and change.

Precap: Swara jealous?

Credit to: Tista

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