Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 21

As soon as they entered the airport swara got a call from an unknown number.
Swara: sanskar, call unknown number se.
Sanskar: Give me the phone i’ll talk.
Swara: Okay.
She gives him the phone and he picks it up.
Sanskar: Hello.
Caller: Oh. So it’s you Mr. Maheshwari, apki wife call uthane main darr rahi hain? Well darrni bhi chahiye.
Sanskar: How dare you? Who are you?
Caller: Your wife’s well wisher. You’ll get to know soon.

Sanskar: what do you want?
Caller: Nothing much. I just want your wife ruined.
Sanskar: You can’t even touch my wife let alone thinking of ruining her in your dreams.
Caller: We’ll see to that. Happy journey. Hope you have a wonderful time.
The caller cut the call.
Sanskar immediately texted laksh about this and told him to collext more info. By this time Swara came and gave a pat on his back.
Swara: Sanskar, who was that?

Sanskar: Nothing jaan. Let’s go get the boarding passes.
Swara: okay…
Sanskar collected the boarding passes and headed towards the lounge after doing the security check in.
Sanskar: Swara do you have any special place to visit? We can add it in our itinerary you know.
Swara: Umm… The river cruise and the london eye.
Sanskar: Aha… Okay… Done.

They boarded the flight for Dubai.
After landing in Dubai.
Sanskar: Swara wake up..
Swara: We reached Dubai? Oh gosh… I need to call mom.
Sanskar: Let’s just go through the check in then do whatever you want to we have 3hours.
Swara: Yeah.
They did all the necessary stuff and walked into the lounge.
Swara: I’ll just come from the washroom.
Sanskar: okay shona come fast.
Swara headed towards the washroom.
Sanskar was going through a magazine when he heard a voice.
Voice: Hey Sanskar..

Sanskar looked up.
Voice: Hey…. Hi how are you buddy!!
Sanskar: I’m great Rajat. How about you?
Rajat: I’m great. Where are you heading?
Rajat: oh. I’m going to Paris for a shoot. So going on a business trip?
But before sanskar could answer.

Rajat: Wow… Beautiful…
Sanskar: What?
Rajat: That girl.. She’s so beautiful and cute.
Sanskar turned to see the girl and saw Swara walking towards him.
Sanskar was a bit jealous but didn’t show instead.
Sanskar: She is married, you won’t get a chance.
Rajat: How do you know she is married?
Sanskar: you’ll get to know in a while. He said this with a smirk plastered on his face.
Swara came towards Sanskar oblivious of Rajat.
Swara: I have informed mom.
Sanskar: Okay, now sit.
Rajat was confused. But as soon as she turned.
Rajat: Hey you are Swara right? Swara Malhotra the designer? Nice to meet you.
Swara: um hello.
Sanskar: Swara he’s my friend Rajat Dobriyal.

Swara: Hello Mr. Dobriyal, I’m Swara, Swara Maheshwari.
Rajat shaking hands.
Sanskar: She’s my wife.
Rajat with a sad smile: Hello Swara Bhabhi.
Swara smiled back at him.
Swara sat down beside Sanskar and he gently pulled Swara closer to him from her waist.
Swara gave a shy smile.

Swara: You need something?
Sanskar: No. Calm down and sit. You were sleepy na so sleep.
Swara: what will your friend think?
Sanskar: Nothing you are my wife Swara.
Swara laid her head down on his shoulder clutched onto his t-shirt and his left arm and slept..
While Sanskar spoke to Rajat.
Rajat: Sorry bhai..
Sanskar: it’s okay…
Rajat: So when did you get married?
Sanskar: Around a month back.
Rajat: Great, congratulations. So ghoomne ja rahe ho!
Sanskar: yep we have been very busy with our schedules so thought of taking a break.
Rajat: Good.
Soon their flight was announced and Sanskar woke swara up.
They boarded the flight.
Swara after a while: Uggh this is so irritating.

She said and sat down with a pissed off and pout face.
Sanskar: Shona what’s wrong?
Swara: I am not your shona.
Sanskar: What did I do?
Swara: You didn’t do anything but you still you have done a lot many things.
Sanskar: Hey hey… I am confused once you say I didn’t do next you say I did…. Uh?
Swara: Wo airhostesses tumhe aise kyun ghurti hain? Pichle flight main bhi. Sir sir karke tumhare aage piche ghum rahi thi…
Sanskar: oh! To yeh baat hain meri Shona ko jalan ho rahi hain…
Swara: Jao mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni.
Sanskar: maine kya kiya? Wo mere piche hain oar mein to sirf tumhara hu na shona… Please mujhse baat nahi karogi?
Swara: okay fine… Maaf kar dia..

Sanskar: I love you..
Swara: Han. Han aur lagao maska…
Sanskar slowly pecked her cheeks.

Precap: London and more information.


  1. shashi

    lovely! actually i have a small request because of my busy shedule i can’t read your ff regulerly. i don’t want to miss my favourite ff so please add the link of previous onewhen you upload new one as its very difficult to find.

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