Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 20


Thanks a lot guys for commenting and liking the story. hope I am able to keep you entertained by this story. Vyshu requested for some romantic scenes so here I go.
After the packing got completed.
Swara: Done… All set for the trip Shona.(she exclaimed while giving a satisfied look and gave a pat on her back). It’s such a tough job to pack Sanskar’s bag he’s so particular oh god!
Sanskar: Talking about me?
Swara(absentmindedly): Yeah! Thinking about how complicated it can be to pack Mr. Maheshwari’s bag. Such a pain.
Sanskar: Packing my bags are a pain? But I thought It’s easy since i’m not a mess like the other guys.
Swara(startled):Sanskar when did you come?
Sanskar: When you were complaining about packing my bags.
Swara: Shit! you heard everything?
Sanskar: Yes,now tell me how is it a pain to pack my bags….
He held onto swara’s waist and pulled her closer and went near her ears and whispered into them and started dropping kisses on her shoulder and her nape..
swara went numb and moaned Sanskar’s name.
Swara: Sans…Sanskar…please…please leave me…someone will come….
Sanskar: Shona….
Swara pushed him away and said.
Swars: Get ready we have a flight to catch…..
Sanskar: okay chalo ready hone jaate hain.
swara widened her eyes.
Sanskar: what? you are my wife….so you know we can save time…
Swara: Keep dreaming Mr.Maheshwari.
saying this she runs into the washroom leaving a sighing Sanskar behind.
Sanskar(to himself): Yeh bhi na….!
Both of them bid goodbye to everyone and left for the airport.
In car:
Sanskar: so excited?
Swara: yeah totally!! But I hope everything goes fine…..
Sanskar: don’t worry everything will be sorted no one will even dare to harm you.
Swara: it’s not about me Sanskar, it’s about you and your safety.. the last message it was about you…
Sanskar: Don’t worry shona….. it’s time for you to enjoy and take a break from work…. you havent even taken a leave in a while.
Swara: Yeah… i’ll get time with you…
Sanskar: That means you do want to spend time with me! why don’t you tell me?
Swara: No.. I didn’t mean that….it’s just…wo…
Sanskar: aha! you are fumbling…. admit it Mrs.Maheshwari you do miss me… right?
Swara: Na-ah!!
Sanskar: Really? so that means if I stay away from you, you won’t miss me?
Swara: Wo-oh when did I say that? what do you mean by “staying away from me?” Where will you go? You don’t love me anymore na? You got someone else?
she was about to cry..
Sanskar: shona…. so many questions? don’t cry… I can’t see you crying please!! I was joking…. I won’t ever leave you. never ever.
Swara: Promise?
Sanskar took her hand in his and slowly kissed her knuckles
Sanskar: Never ever my princess!
Swara: I love you.
Sanskar: someone said she won’t miss me but now I think I am hallucinating that she loves me!
Swara hit him playfully on his arm.
Sanskar: ouch! I was joking swara…
Swara: Dramebaaz.
Sanskar: okay! I love you too… ab to smile karo?
Swara: hmm…
Sanskar: please….
Swara gave a shy smile… sanskar kissed on her cheeks. she turned crimson…
Swara: Kya kar rahe ho sanskar. kaka hain!
Sanskar: You are my legally wedded wife.. so even kaka won’t have a problem in me kissing you.
Swara: yeah for sure!.
They reached the airport.

Precap: Swara gets a call.

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