Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 2


Sorry Guys for the typing error in my title in previous episode. Its impeccable instead if impecabble. Very sorry for the mistake. Let’s continue,but before that I have a strong liking towards Milton’s Paradise Lost so I prefer calling the good and the humble as Gabriel, a person with inner turmoil as Lucifer and the vicious as Satan. So just bear with me. I am writing two ff’s so it’s better I introduce myself properly now. I am Tista, I hail from Calcutta and am a bengali. Thanks to all the people who have taken out time from their busy schedule to go through my fan fictions. My heartfelt thanks to each and everyone. Sorry a very long distraction before the ff.
At the Malhotra’s-
Shekhar: Shona, come down beta.
Sujata to Ram: She is so beautiful.
Swara: Namaste. (she went towards ram and sujata and took their blessings)
Sujata was impressed.
Sharmishtha: She is our shona, I mean Swara.
Sujata: This is our son Sanskar.
Sujata: Sanskar? (looked at him with pleading eyes)
Sanskar: Hello Swara nice to meet you again.
Swara: Hi Sanskar.(she gave a smile)
Sanskar’s heart skipped a beat.
Sujata: You know her?
Sanskar: Yes, we met yesterday at the party.
Shekhar: That’s great.
Ram: I think the kids should talk among themselves and decide.
Sharmishtha: Shona, show Sanskar around.
Swara: Yes Ma. Come Sanskar.
After Swara and Sanskar leave.
Sujata: I think they will say yes.
Sharmishtha: Even I think so.
Sujata: If they agree we will do their engagement as soon as possible.
Ram: Sujata, have patience.
Sujata: Iklauta beta hain hamara… Kyun rakhu dheeraj?
Ram gives her a side look and sighs seeing the over excited Sujata
On the other hand Swara took Sanskar to the terrace.
Sanskar: This is so beautiful.
Swara: This is my favourite place, the place where I delve my mind when I am tired or upset or when I need to think things through this place has always given me the peace of mind I needed.
Sanskar: We have more similarities than I thought to be. I have this garden,my own garden where I find peace and solace.
Swara: So you like gardening?
Sanskar: Yes. I love to plant Roses.
Swara: Roses are my favourite, specially the yellow roses. So friends?
Sanskar: Yeah. Friends. I didn’t know that my parents were coming to see you here.
Swara: Me too. I didn’t see your photo.
Sanskar: Why?
Swara: I believe my parents will take the best decision for me. But I have still have a question?
Sanskar: Go on.
Swara: I love designing,if I say yes today suppose I do will this alliance take away my freedom and my career?
Sanskar: No. I don’t believe in the theory of “Women belong to the kitchen”. I’ve always wanted a self dependent and career optimistic partner for myself because I believe in compatibility which comes when the two partners understand everything about each other and don’t count the flaws. I have always wanted a Love marriage but never got a girl who matched my temperament.
Swara who was hearing all this looked towards him in admiration.
Swara: We think alike Sanskar. So what is your decision?
Sanskar: Well for me it’s a yes. Now the decision rests on you!
Swara: You wanted a love marriage right?
Sanskar: I can take it slow. We might eventually fall for each other. If not atleast we are compatible enough to live our life as friends. We can’t predict the future right?
Swara: I agree. So we can go down now?
Sanskar: Your decision?
Swara: Well… Let’s go down you’ll get to know soon.
She turned around and smiled.
They went downstairs where their parents were looking at them expectantly.
Sujata: so?
Sanskar looked towards Swara waiting for her reply.
Swara: It’s a yes from me she looked towards Sanskar who gave a heartwarming smile her cheeks went red and her heart did a somersault while her eyeleashes fluttered Sanskar went numb seeing her eyes,while his heart did a happy dance. He turned towards everyone and said: Its a yes from me too.
Their parents rejoiced. The two families hugged each other while Sharmishtha ran inside the kitchen to get sweets.
The muh mitha kijia moment had finally arrived in their lives.
While the families were rejoicing our soon to be engaged couple stole glances towards each other and felt their heart beats increasing when they say the other smiling. Swara noticed all the nuances made by Sanskar while his mom tried to feed him the Soan-Papdi and the Rosogolla.
While Sanskar saw how Swara jumped seeing the Lyangcha and the Mishti doi.
The day ended on a happy note with the announcement that Sujata would inform the date of the engagement the next day.
swara went to Sanskar before he left for his home.
Swara: So Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: um. Sanskar for my would be wife!
Swara: Phone no.? We can meet up. We need to know each other a bit more before our engagement right?
Sanskar: Yes. Sure.
They exchanged numbers with that the Maheshwari’s took their leave.
After they left. Swara went to her room.
Shekhar: I am so happy for my shona.
Sharmishtha: Me too Shekhar, Sanskar is the best she could have as a life partner.
Precap: Sanskar and Swara’s meet.

Credit to: Tista

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