Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 19


Next morning.
Swara was still asleep. So sanskar went to the study where rohan laksh and the investigator were already present.
Sanskar: Hello, Ankush.
Ankush: Hello mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: so let’s check the footage first?
Ankush: yes.
The footage was played. At first near the backstage they could see someone wearing a burkha and also in front of the room.
Sanskar: The person in the burkha is behind all this.
Ankush: Yes sir. Moreover we have two options. It could be that the person in the burkha is the actual culprit or maybe he or she is working for someone. But first I need to find out whether it’s a woman or a man.
Sanskar: Do whatever you want to I want the person in front of me within a week.
Ankush: Okay sir.
Laksh: you will report to me ok?
Sanskar: I want regular updates from rohan and you.
Laksh: sure bhai
Sanskar and Ankush greeted each other and left. By this time swara woke up and when she could not find sanskar on his side she woke up with a start and was about to sanskar’s name when he entered. Swara ran and hugged him.
Swara: Where were you? I got so scared? Don’t leave me alone and go please.
Sanskar: shona… I have a surprise.
Swara: surprise? What?
Sanskar: yeh lo chocolate.
Swara: Yeh tha surprise?
Sanskar: Nahi. Yeh he surprise.
He handed the tickets to her.
Swara: London? Really?
Sanskar: Yes.
Swara: I’ll start packing.
Sanskar: Pehle breakfast to Karlo meri jaan.
Swara: oh yes.
Swara was super excited but it didn’t last for long. As she was having breakfast her phone beeped. She checked and the phone fell from her hands. She clutched onto sanskar’s hand and started crying.
Sanskar: shona… Shona….
Swara: Wo message. Wo kal wala….
Sanskar: Swara calm down i am there. Let me see.
The message read: your saviour your husband. Ah!! What a sight it will be to watch you helpless during your destruction alas! You won’t have your husband by your side. Well hope your saviour is fine? Your well wisher.
Swara: Don’t leave me Sanskar please.
Sanskar: I won’t shona…
Sujata: Swara come with us you need to pack your stuff.
Swara complied and went with shomi and sujata. In the room.
Sujata and shomi: let’s pack my daughter and son are going for their honeymoon. I am so excited. We want to ve grandparents soon.
Swara shyed away.
Swara: Mom packing…
Shomi: haan haan…. Packing.
Both shomi and sujata started packing.
Sujata: was going to put a pink shirt inside.
Swara: No mom… Sanskar does not wear pink.
Sujata: okay… Then?
Swara: mom blue yellow black aur red me jo hain wo rakh dijiye.
Sujata: thik hain… Anything else.
Swara: No mom baki sab I have kept. He has everything he needs except uska shaving kit aur uska favourite perfume. Ah! Done.
Sujata: I didn’t know my son’s preferences have changed this much. Baapre. Swara thank god you are here…
Swara: mom…
Sujata: okay okay…. Haha… Shomi chalo we need to go.
Shomi: yeah!!

Precap: Flight and London trip.mystery person revealed? Not so fast.. XD.

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