Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 18


At the canteen:
Staff: Yes Sir, Hello ma’am. What do we have to do?
Swara: lunch.
Staff:uh? Ma’am we’ll do it later.
Sanskar: all of you will have lunch with us. Now sit.
Staff: Okay sir.
The canteen staff started serving them.
All the staff membere were glad.
Staff 1: sir thank you. .
Sansksar: Thank Swara, it was her idea.
Staff 1: Ma’am thank you. It is a pleasure for us.
Sanskar to swara: Seems like my staff loves you more than me.
Swara: Jealous much?
Sanskar: Nope. I love you the most. By the way the charity function is tomorrow. So let’s get going ok?
Swara: Yeah.
Sanskar and Swara and Ragini,Laksh reach the venue where the models were practicing and they finalised the dresses, checked the decorations and food stalls. They went satisfied waiting for the big day to come.

At home:
Swara: Mom, Dad, Sanskar, Lucky Ragu. Here are your dresses for tomorrow’s function.
Sanskar: Ma and baba?
Swara: I have given it to them already.
After giving the dresses. They went up to their room.
Sanskar: Shona, this is so good. I love you.
Swara: you like?
Sanskar: No. i love it.
Swara hugged him..
The next day.
The whole day all the four of them were busy with the preparations. After everything got ready Swara and Sanskar entered their room where they had to change.
Flashback: Before they entered someone was seen entering the room and leaving it after a few minutes.
Swara: Sanskar i’ll go change ok? You greet the guests on the stage.
Sanskar: okay shona come fast you need to be there at the backstage.
Swara: yep. You and Laksh start the greeting me and ragini will reach in no time.
She quickly gave a peck on his cheeks while she buttoned his shirt.
Sanskar: I love you and come fast.
Swara went inside and changed into her gown. It was a blue backless shimmery gown. She adorned it with high heels and a pair of dangling earrings. Ragini wore a similar gown in black. While Laksh and Sanskar wore Chinese cut shirts with balloon pants A rajasthani styled jacket and loafers.
While they got ready Sanskar and Laksh finished with their greeting.
Ragini and Swara reached there and started the show.
Sanskar: all set girls?
Swara: yes

Ragini to the girls: Go.
The models started walking down the ramp. Swara and Ragini were excited.
Ragini: At last.
Swara: yeah. The wait is over.
Someone was watching them from the background.
Myterious person: Even my wait will be over in a few minutes Swara Malhotra. The person smirked.
In the audience:
Sujata to sharmishtha: shomi see…. Swara and raginu have done a splendid job.
Shomi: Yes I am really proud of them.
Ram and Shekhar: Look at these ladies shedding tears even in this moment of happiness.
Sujata: You guys won’t understand my bahu is doing her first show after marriage and these tears are out of joy not sorrow.
Shomi: yes. I agree with Sujata.
Ram: arey sujata I was joking.
Shekhar: mishti I am sorry.
Shomi and Sujata: We’ll think about your apology later. Let us concentrate.

Swara: We need to go on stage after the walk is over ok?
Ragini: Yes. Please don’t goof up over there Laksh.
Laksh: Why would I goof up?
Ragini: Because you are clumsy.
Laksh: I am clumsy? Really?
Ragini: yes who else is Laksh Maheshwari over here?
They start fighting.

Swara: guys stop it….
Sanskar: seriously guys you guys are ought to get married but still fighting like kids.
Ragini: Jiju… He started.
Laksh: No she
Sanskar and Swara gave a death glare to them and immediately they shut their mouth. After a few moments all the four burst out laughing.
Soon it was time for them to go on stage.
Announcement: Now it’s time for the designers and the sponsors . So please welcome Ms Ragini Agarwal, Mr Sanskar Maheshwari, Mr. Laksh Maheshwari and Ms.Swara Malhotra.
Swara went up to the person announcing and made some changes .
Announcement: sorry for the inconvenience Its Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar smiled at swara. Swara smiled back to him. They went onto the stage.
The mysterious person: Now it’s time you lose your respect in front of everyone.even your husband won’t be able to save you..
As soon as they entered on the stage… Swara stopped walking after she nearly reached the centre stage. She stood there frozen not moving. Sanskar and Ragini looked at her.
Sanskar: Shona what happened move.
Swara: I can’t….
Sanskar signalled ragini and laksh to move forward whereas Swara stood still at the centre of the stage
Sanskar: why can’t you
Swara: My back.
Sanskar leaned and saw Swara’s dress opening(wardrobe malfunction)
Sanskar: swara you trust me so walk I am there.
Swara: okay.

Swara started walking whereas Sanskar placed his hand on her waist and clutched on to her dress tightly so that it does not fall.
Sanskar: it’s alright. They went up to the front and then swara turned sanskar covered her up from the back and held on to her waist. After they reached the backstage.
Sanskar immediately took off his jacket and made swara wear it and took her away before anyone could talk to them.
As soon as the reached their room. Swara started crying. sanskar made her sit on the bed. Swara cried holding onto Sanskar who was standing in front of her and caressing her hair.
Sanskar: Sshhh swara dont cry… I am here. Nothing happened.
Swara: My dress how could it be… It was alright. How could I have a wardrobe malfunction when I myself have made this dress. She continued crying.
Sanskar: sshh swara…. Shona… I am here… Don’t cry shona… Please…
Swara: I don’t know what would have happened if you would not have been there on the ramp with me. I would have just…
Sanskar: no. Shhh nothing would have happened to you…you would have thought a way out.
Someone knocked at the door.
Swara was crying continously.
Sanskar:who’s there.
Ragini: its me and Laksh.
Sanskar: Come in.
As they entered they saw swara crying bitterly.
Ragini: Swara what happened why are you crying? Why did you stop walking.
Sanskar: Her dress tore from the back.. She couldn’t move.
Ragini: That’s impossible how can the dress tear?
Sanskar: By mistake..
Ragini: No it can’t. Someone is behind this. This was done purposefully.
Sanskar: we’ll talk about this later. Laksh and you go home with mom dad ma and baba. I’ll take care of her and see to some stuff and take her back home.
Laksh: Okay bhai
They left.

Swara: Sanskar…I don’t know how it happened trust me its not my fault I made sure the dress was sturdy.
Sanskar: I know you shona. Take rest and change your dress. I’ll just come.
Swara nodded her head. He went out.
Swara closed the door and went to yhe washroom to change her clothes. She went in and switched the shower on and started reminiscing the events that took place and started crying. She clutched on to her dress and suddenly she noticed something. She immediately bathed changed into a chiffon salwar and came out. She was going out of the room when she noticed a chit on the dressing table. It read: So… How was the feeling? Today you were saved because you had your husband with you but what about next time? Will he always be there? I am here to ruin you and you will be ruined. Take care. Your well wisher.
Swara stood there shocked reading the chit and she ran outside shouting sanskar’s name.
Swara: Sanskar, Sanskar…
Sanskar who was wrapping things up turned to look at swara who was all teary eyed and scared to death.
Sanskar Went up to her…
Sanskar: shona what happened I told you to stay in the room.
Swara: wo wo…dress, chit…
She started crying and hugged sanskar tightly.
Sanskar caressed her hair.
Sanskar: Sshhh… Shona…
The paparazzi who were nearby saw the scene and came rushing towards them.
Reporter: Sir, sir, what happened why is ma’am crying?
Reporter: Ma’am please give us some updates about why you stopped walking on the stage. Did something go wrong. Why did you cry ma’am please?
Sanskar who got furious listening to the questions. Turned around and held Swara who stood behind him now all scared and frightened.
Sanskar: Who the hell gave you the permission to enter here. Leave us alone. If you have had enough then leave it’s our personal matter and we don’t want to talk. She is not in a condition to answer and you all are here to make it the headlines of tomorrow’s newspaper. Shame on you. Leave I said.
Reporter: But sir, we just wanted to confirm whether the news we got was correct or not? We heard that ma’am had a wardrobe malfunction.
Sanskar became more furious.
Sanskar: leave. Security show them the way out.
To the reporter: The next time I see you all around my wife you are ought to lose your job. Be careful. If this shit comes in the paper I’ll not think twice before taking legal action.
Sanskar turned took swara away from there to their room.
Sanskar: Swara are you alright? Why did you come running?
Swara who was shivering handed sanskar the chit.
Sanskar stood there still.
Sanskar: Do you know anyone who can do this?
Swara nodded her head in negative.
Swara: My… Wardrobe malfunction… was done purposely…
Sanskar: ?
Swara showed him the dress where a slit had been made in such a way that the dress would open up from the back portion as soon as the person would start walking the slit would loosen the thread.
Swara: Sanskar…
Sanskar: Don’t worry. I’ll make sure no one comes near you. No one dares to harm my wife. The person will pay.
Swara hugged him. Sanskar kissed her hair.
Sanskar: Let’s go home everyone’s waiting.
Sanskar and swara reached home.
Uttara: Bhai!

Everyone turned to look at them. Sanskar signalled them to sit. While sanskar took a sleeping swara in his arms and walked to their room. He laid her on the bed covered her with the duvet kissed her forehead and went down.
As soon as he reached.
Sujata: Chore what happened?
Sanskar: She had a wardrobe malfunction so she could not move on the stage for a while.
Turning to ragini.
Sanskar: You were right Ragini, someone did this purposefully.
Ragini: I told you.
Laksh: Do you have any proof regarding the person who did it? We can contact the police then.
Sanskar: No we don’t know who can do this..but swara got this
He showed the chit and then the dress which had been cut.
Sharmishtha: Is she alright now?
Sanskar: I made her sleep. She is okay and ragini she won’t go to office for a few days ok? She’ll be there with me and Laksh: hire a private investigator tomorrow. I want to meet the person asap. I need to clear this mess. I can’t bear anyone hurting Swara.
Ram and Shekhar: Beta, we are here.
Sanskar:No I don’t want anyone to worry just that I want to clear this up as fast as I can. For that I need to take her away from here for a few days. Laksh do one thing i’ll meet the investigator tomorrow and I and Swara will leave for London tomorrow. She will be free of the tension. You both can handle the work right?
Laksh and Ragini: Yup don’t worry. The visa and tickets will be done by tomorrow.
Sanskar: Great. Ma baba I want you to stay here for a couple of days until we return ok?
Shomi: okay.
Sanskar: Good night then.
He went to his room and started wondering about the event. He immediately called up rohan and told him to arrange the cctv footage of the event,backstage and as well as of the passages and corridors leading to the rooms.
Rohan: Okay sir, you’ll get it in an hour. Sir the tickets are ready. Your visa is under process.
Sanskar: good.

Precap: Investigation starts.

So a long update as I promised. Will update the next part soon. Hope you like it.

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