Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 17

In meeting.
Swara: Hello Mr.Mehta.
Mehta: Hello Ms. Malhotra.
Swara: Mrs.Maheshwari, Mr. Mehta.
Mehta: Oh. Congratulations…
Swara: thank you Mr. Mehta, so let’s talk about the deal?
Mehta: yes. This show is about summer fashion teamed with ethnic. So you need to present 10. Then there will be an auction. The one who bids the highest for the specific design gets to sign this deal with that company. Are you interested?
Swara: i’ll let you know. Give me a day?
Mehta: Yeah sure… Mail me once you decide.
Swara: Sure. It was nice meeting you.
mehta: my pleasure.
After the meeting got over.
Swara: Jenny. I think we should do the show.
Jenny: ma’am I also think so. Do I forward an email?
Swara: No. I’ll tell my final decision tomorrow then we’ll see to it ok?
Jenny: sure ma’am!
Swara: Laksh will be coming over for lunch so ask him if he needs anything.
Jenny: okay ma’am. What will you have?
Swara: No no. I’ll be at Karma.
Jenny: Oh.
Swara then left for Karma.
As sson as she entered the whole staff stood up and wished her.
Swara: Chill guys. No need to stand up. Sit…
She straightaway went to Sanskar’s cabin.
swara: Hey Sanskar.
Sanskar turned and gave a goofy smile.
Sanskar: hey.
Swara: What’s wrong? Kya gadbad kar di?
Sanskar: No no gadbad nahi. Confused hu main.
Swara: About what?
Sanskar: I ordered food and here it is.
Swara was astonished seeing the table.
Swara: Do you think I eat like a dinosaur?
Sanskar: No. I got confused with ghe dishes so I ordered all
Swara: oh god. I am 1 and the food is for nearly 30 people. Do one thing call the staff members for a lunch. Tell them to come to the canteen.
Sanskar: okay boss.
He calls Rohan gives him instructions.
Precap: Fun.
Sorry for short updates I have my 1st year university exams in a month so busy with preps. But I will make the 18th episode longer.

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