Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 16


After the garden scene:
Sanskar: Finally…
Swara: What?
Sanskar: I got a chance to pull their legs. Everytime they are behind our backs today it was my day… Yey!!!
Swara: oh god. You are a kid Sanskar…Rejoicing over getting a chance to tease them? Hae is ka main kya karu bhagwan?
Sanskar: Why are you bothering the one above… If you really want to do something… Umm Kiss me!
Swara: Shameless. You start anywhere and everywhere.oh mr.husband go to sleep you need to go to office tomorrow!!
Sanskar: yaar! kiss manga tha par daant mil gayii… Swara listen…. One kiss…. Shona…
Swara: No… No… No…. Now go change and straight to bed….
Sanskar: Okay..
They go off to sleep.
The next day at Swara’s office.
Jenny: Ma’am the charity event tender has come could you please check? So that we can forward it to Karma?
Swara: Yeah sure.
Swara checked the consignment.
Swara:All’s fine forward it to Sanskar.
Jenny: Okay…and ma’am the models?
Swara: I’ll talk to Sanskar about it. You send the consignment and check on the arrangements and decorations.
Jenny: ma’am everything is booked and the preparations have started.
Swara: Great.
Swara then goes to her cabin and calls Sanskar.
Sanskar:Hello…ha say.
Swara: i’ve sent the consignment ok? Oh yes.. We need to decide about the models and also check on the event site.
Sanskar: Models umm… Rohan can arrange the models. As far as the site is concerned Laksh has seen to it personally so it’s going smooth. Ragini knows about the models so let Laksh and Ragini handle it.
Swara: Yeah! They’ll get some time for themselves too.
Sanskar: They will get time… But what about us?
Swara: They have just expressed their feelings they need time together.
Sanskar: Even we have expressed our love recently.
Swara: We are married Sanskar.
Sanskar: Yeah… That’s what we have the legal license also too romance you know?
Swara: baapre…. Mr.Maheshwari…nobody can imaginethat the “Mr. Perfect Maheshwari” can even behave like a “boy totally and madly in love”
Sanskar: Mrs. Maheshwari this side of me is not up for public it’s specially and exclusively for you.
Swara: Aww Sanskar. I love you so so much.
Sanskar: I love you too shona…
Swara: accha I have a meeting got to go meet you in the afternoon for lunch I am coming over.
Sanskar: I’ll order Chinese from your favourite Bar-B-Q ok?
Swara: That’s like my Hubby. Bye.
Sanskar: Bye baccha…
Precap: Lunch and much more.

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