Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 14 and 15


Guys I had posted my episode yesterday but it got deleted so I am punching two episodes together. This will be an extra long one. Thanks a lot guys for your appreciation.
Well let’s continue then
After the announcement the whole croud broke into loud applauds and appraisals. The media surrounded the couple of the moment.
Reporter: When did you meet first?
Swara: Three weeks back. At Mr. Khanna’s place.
Reporter: So its a love marriage?
Sanskar: Um not exactly its love and arranged to be honest.
Reporter: Sir, everyone would love to know your story. Could you please tell us.
Swara: our parents had fixed our match and we were not aware about it. When he visited my house the next day that’s when we got to know that our parents have chosen us for each other.
Sanskar: Then we started talking and meeting and eventually fell in love….
Reporter: Sir any special reason for making ma’am the owner of 51% shares of Karma.
Sanskar: She is my wife, so what’s mine is hers and I wanted her to be the majority in Karma.
Reporter: Sir, some words for your wife?
Sanskar: I am a man of very few words and she knows that. As far she is concerned I am lucky to get her as my wife and proud to call her mine.
Reporter: Ma’am a few words for Mr. Maheshwari.
Swara: Okay that’s pretty easy, nothing much just a simple I love you.
Reporter: Thank you Sir and thank you ma’am.
The party continued. All the staff members congratulated them.
As they reached home. Their business associates started calling in and congratulated them. After the calls
Sanskar: I am so tired Shona. Letting the media know is so tough. Look at us totally messed uo and dishevelled due to a dozen phonecalls.
Swara: Go and change Sanskar. I am too sleepy to even talk now.
They change and lie down on the bed and slept while embracing each other.
The next morning they woke up late and went down for breakfast.
Sanskar: Laksh you seem so tensed what’s the matter?
Laksh: Wo wo…
Swara: mom where’s ragini?
Sujata: She is coming.
Laksh: Actually….
Sanskar: what?
Sujata: Arey… He is mervous.
Sanskar: Why?
Uttara: Arey bhai, Laksh bhai has fallen in love…
Swara: What? with whom?
Uttara: Ragini…
Swara: Thank god. I got scared. Thats great.
Sanskar: Huh?
Swara: Arey, Ragini loves him too.
Laksh: Really Swara? she told you?
Swara: Umm yeah…
Laksh: Then i’ll propose her today only.
Sanskar: Yes. Aj main aur swara bahar ja rahe hain. Mom and uttara bhi bahar ja rahe hain so pura ghar khali hain mauke ka fayda utha…
Ragini: Kaunsa mauka? kiska fayda?
Laksh: Nothing ragini…business ki baat kar rahe the haina bhai?
Sanskar: haha… Business…. Deal…swara lets go we need to get ready.
Swara: Yeah…
Sujata: Even I have to go Uttara come on today you have to wear ethnic as I told you show me what you are wearing.
Uttara: mom…I know take a chill pill.
Ragini: Arey…
Uttara: Have your breakfast Ragini… We have to go somewhere… Ok?
Ragini: Okay…
Laksh: Ragini i’ll accompany you don’t worry…
Sujata coughs… : uh yeah he’ll give you company beta….
Ragini: Okay…
Swara and Sanskar went up to their room.
Swara: Where are we going?
Sanskar: Umm date pe? Like a day out. Shopping lunch then movie fir dinner and back.
Swara: wow sanskar… I love you. She gave a quicks peck on his cheeks.
Sanskar: If you give me such rewards for a day out i’ll take you out everyday shona…
Swara: But sir you have a business to handle and I have to finish a hell lot of my designs so…
Sanskar: Wife comes first.
Swara: Wife’s order comes first too then… So.. go change.
Sanskar: Why don’t we just save time and change together?
Before swara could reply him, he picked her up in his arms took their clothes and went inside the washroom.
Swara was hitting him continuously.
Swara: Sanskar put me down…. You have become so shameless.
Sanskar: anything for my wife chaahe us wajah se besharam hi kyun na banna padhe…
Swara widened her eyes.
Swara: So you won’t listen right?
Sanskar: Na-uh… Not today atleast.
Swara: Uggh. You’re so stubborn.
Sanskar: You’re so cute swara… and even more cuter when you get angry and your little nose becomes as red as a tomato.
Swara: Haww…..
Sanskar: Shush. He pecked her lips and she shut her mouth and then Sanskar slowly made her wear her casuals and he also changed his clothes.
Sanskar: You look like a baby in shorts and a t-shirt just like those school going girls.
Swara: You look hot. You should wear black more often.
Sanskar: Okay shona, so shall we?
They went out and sat in the car.
Sanskar: So which mall?
Swara: Quest? The one in Park Circus.
Sanskar: Okay. Then lunch?
Swara: Umm. Serafina?
Sanskar: Yep okay. I was thinking of watching Udta Punjab what say?
Swara: Yeah… I so wanted to watch this movie…
Sanskar: Okay then off we go….
They drove to Quest and went inside.
Swara: Pehle we’ll shop for mom uttara and ragini ok?
Sanskar: As you wish…
Swara: First lets check sarees for maa and mom.
They went to satya Paul and chose some sarees.
Then they went over to Michael Kors,Wills lifestyle and Swarovski and bought stuff for Ragini and Uttara and also for herself.Then to went to armani, canali and bought for Laksh, for their fathers and for Sanskar too.
Sanskar: So shopping done but I have request.
Swara: What? Um. I want to wear suits designed by you and some sherwanis too.
Swara: Its in the making I’ve designed around 15 for you don’t worry.
Then they bought some essentials and moved towards Serafina for lunch.
After having lunch they were moving towards the movie plex when one of Sanskar’s business associates came forward. He was around the same age as Sanskar and they were once classmates in school life.
Raj Arora: Hey. Sanskar hello.
Sanskar: Hello Raj, when did you return from London? How are you buddy?
Raj: Just going on… How are you?
Sanskar: I am all fine.
Raj: By the way you and movies? You never enjoyed outings much right?
Sanskar: Yeah, but things change right?
Raj: Yes…
Swara who had gone to the washroom came towards Sanskar.
Swara: Sanskar did you buy the tickets?
Sanskar: Yeah shona. I did.
Raj: You didn’t say you are here with your girlfriend?
Swara: Girlfriend who?
Sanskar: Shona, meet Raj my school buddy.
Swara: Hi Raj, I am swara.
Raj: Hello… Hey you are swara malhotra right the designer?
Swara: Umm yes… I am.
Raj: I love your designs. I would love to wear your designs.
Swara: Sure come over to our house then someday.
Raj: Malhotra house? Could you give me the address?
Swara: why the malhotra house? I am talking about Sanskar’s home.
Raj: you’re his girlfriend right?
Sanskar: Oh nono… She is my wife Swara Maheshwari. You thought she is my girlfriend?
Raj : Oh I am so sorry. I thought…
Swara: It’s okay…
Raj: So which movie?
Sanskar: Udta Punjab.
Raj: me too.
Swara: you came here alone?
Raj: Umm no my friends have come here too. Sanskar knows them Rahul and Aditya.
Sanskar: Oh Rahul and Aditya. Yeah I remember them.
Just then Rahul and Aditya walked towards Raj. Sanskar and Swara’s back was facing them.
Rahul: Hey Raj whom are you talking to?
Raj: Look who’s here…
Sanskar turned.
Aditya: Arey Sanskar hello..
Rahul: Hi Sanskar.
They came and stood beside Raj.
Sanskar: Hello.
Rahul and Aditya looked towards Swara. Swara felt uncomfortable under their gaze and she grabbed Sanskar’s arm. He understood her uneasiness so he circled his hands around Swara’s waist and pulled her close.
Rahul: Long time Sanskar.How are you?
Sanskar: I am fine.
Aditya: Who is she?
He stated pointing towards Swara.
Sanskar: my wife, Swara Maheshwari.
Aditya and Rahul: Hello.
They forwarded their hands for a handshake. Swara did a namaste.
Aditya: Namaste.
Sanskar: Okay so we’ll take your leave.
They moved away from their site.
Swara: I didn’t feel right.
Sanskar: I know shona. It’s okay… You don’t have to worry when I am there with you.
Swara gave a smile. They entered the movie hall and took their seats. As the movie started Swara cuddled up against Sanskar on the couch they were sitting on and started eating the popcorn. Sanskar smiled seeing her antics and he held her shoulders and made her head to lie down on his shoulder. They silently watched the movie.
After the movie got over.
Sanskar: you liked?
Swara: It was awesome. I just loved the movie. I was thinking of sending Ragini and Laksh for a day out too… You know…
Sanskar: Yeah. But right now… Lets go have dinner. So kaha chale?
Swara: Umm. What do you want to have?
Sanskar: Well. Chili’s?
Swara: Great. Chalo….third floor.
They had a hearty dinner and then moved back home.
When they reached they saw the lights off.
Swara: Arey why are the lights switched off?
Sanskar: Wait let me call mom.
Hello mom are you back? Actually the lights are off and the gate is closed.
Sujata: No. We did not reach yet. Call Laksh or Ragini they should be inside.
Sanskar: Okay mom.
Swara: i’ll call wait.
Swara called Ragini but she didn’t pick up. Then she called Laksh..his went unreachable.
Sanskar: Ye dono kar kya rahe hain andar?
Swara: Ohho…
Suddenly they heard giggling sounds and they walked towards the garden from where the sounds were coming. As they reached the garden they saw Ragini and Laksh hugging each other.
Swara: Oops wrong timing.
Sanskar: Ssh….lets see… What they are upto.
Swara: you are so shameless Sanskar.
Sanskar: Oho. They take full advantage of our situation and tease us and make us feel embarrassed why would I leave a chance if I am getting one so easily.
Swara: Hey bhagwan…
When Ragini and Laksh were about to kiss each other.
Sanskar(shouted): hold on hold on… We don’t want to see your love in public. You have your bedrooms to romance. Don’t do such things anywhere and everywhere warna hum jaise baccho pe bura asar padhega.
Swara: Sanskar you are too much.
Laksh: Kya bhai? Accha khasa romance chal raha tha sara bigaad diya.
Ragini: Laksh shut up… They saw us doing that and you are arguing…. Uggh.
Swara: can we go in?
Ragini: Swara let’s go… These brother’s will never learn to behave.
Swara: I so understand you Ragini.
Sanskar: Haww Shona..
Swara: Aww Sanskar you look so cute.
She gave a peck on his cheeks and ran inside with ragini. While Sanskar caressed his cheek and Laksh chuckled seeing Sanskar.
Laksh: Bhai? Now can we go inside? Or are you thinking of spending the night here in the garden?
Sanskar: no… Lets go..
Precap: Office and Romance.

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