Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 13

After a while they left for their respective offices.
At Mauve:
Swara and Ragini: Guys listen up… Today all of you have been invited at a party by Mr. Maheshwari so please reach the ITC Sonar sharp at 6. Today it’s a half day for all of you. Dress code is formals.
Staff: wow. Party and that too by Mr.Maheshwari….
All the girls went in their dreamland and the others were all excited.
After the announcement.
Ragini: Swara, Sujata aunty asked you to go to Karma and give Sanskar lunch its packed with your lunch box she forgot to pack it separate.
Swara: Okay i’ll leave in a while. You manage here.
At Karma:
Laksh: Guys today there is an important party held by Sanskar at ITC at 6pm be there. Wear formals. Today you’ll have a half day and yes all the staff of Mauve will also come.
Staff: Why? Mauve? Is it related to the charity function? Maybe…
Sanskar: Hope everything goes fine today.
Laksh: Don’t worry bhai. By the way Bhabhi is coming here with lunch so enjoy.
After a while swara entered Karma.
As she went in all the staff members stood up and wished her.
Staff: Good afternoon Ms. Malhotra.
Swara: Good afternoon. She smiled back.
Rohan came their running
Rohan: Bha…ma’am?
Swara: Rohan. Where is Sanskar? In a meeting?
Sanskar: I’m here shona.
Swara looked at him smilingly.
Sanskar: Come inside.
They had lunch together. Rohan Laksh and Sanskar then got back to work whereas Swara remained seated on the couch in Sanskar’s cabin and started drawing her designs. After sometime she was tired and dozed off.
Sanskar was on a phonecall so he didn’t notice swara dozing off. When he finished his call and turned to look at her he stood there mesmerised. Swara looked like baby when she slept. He went forward and kissed her on the forehead and slowly opened her heels and mads her lie down on the couch and looked at her lovingly. Then he went and sat down on his chair and resumed his work. Laksh came running in
Laksh: Bhai…I wanted to talk to you regarding…
Sanskar: Ssh.. Laksh… She is sleeping. I don’t want to wake her up…
Laksh: Aww bhai… You love her a lot don’t you?
Sanskar: More than myself Laksh and he smiled.
Suddenly swara in sleep…
Swara: Sanskar….
Sanskar went towards her and slowly caressed her hair…
Swara: Water…
Sanskar made her drink water and she slowly went into deep slumber by holding his hands…. He slowly removed his hand just then swara frowned… He noticed that and smiled and caressed her hair, her brows smoothened and she went back to sleep. After an hour it was time to leave…
Sanskar slowly woke up Swara she got up with a start..
Swara: I am so sorry Sanskar I dozed off. I don’t know when…. Oh shit…
Sanskar: shona… It’s okay… And.. You look so cute when you sleep.
Swara blushed hearing this.
They reached Maheshwari house and were getting ready.
Swara got ready wearing a black gown. Whereas Sanskar wore a black and white tuxedo.
Sanskar: You look gorgeous Swara..
Swara blushed and hugged Sanskar.
swara: You look handsome as always Jaan.
Sanskar cupped her face and kissed her forehead. They left for the venue.
At the party: Guests were coming and Ragini and Laksh were welcoming them. Just then Sanskar and Swara arrived. The media rushed towards them.
Reporter: Mr.Maheshwari you threw a party at such a short notice can we know why?
Sanskar: You’ll get to know everything.
Reporter: Sir, has your wife come?
Sanskar: yes you’ll meet her today.
Reporter: Why did you invite Mauve? Any special reason?
Sanskar: Later. Keep some patience. Now please…
The media left. Then sanskar went and opened the doors for Swara and she came out. Laksh and Ragini came and hugged them. They went inside.
Soon the Reporters surrounded Swara.
Reporter: Ms. Malhotra, could you please give us some information regarding the party?
Swara: Later on guys. You’ll get to know in a while.
Swara moved on with Ragini..
Swara went forward and met a few people and told Jenny to come with her.
Swara: Jenny you need to be with me today ok?
Jenny: Okay ma’am but what’s the matter ma’am?
Before swara could continue Sanskar had gone up on stage.
Sanskar: Ladies and gentlemen I welcome all of you here to my party. Hope you all are enjoying. So everyone is very eager to know the reason for this party. Basically I have a number of reasons. First, I want you all to meet my wife.
Second, A major business deal is to be signed between Mauve and Karma. Third, it’s a kind of reception to my wedding.
So do you guys want to meet my wife?
Everyone shouted yes.
A few: Mauve and Karma in a deal? That’s why Ms.Malhotra had come to our office today.
Sanskar went down and approached swara and forwarded his hand towards her. She kept her hands in his and walked towards the stage.
Sanskar: Today Mauve and Karma will sign a partnership deal and also Swara will have 51% shares in Karma.
Everyone gasped.
Sanskar: Oh and yes. Please stop calling her Ms. Malhotra it hurts here(pointing towards his heart). Meet my wife. Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swara smiled towards everyone.
Everyone was left in a trance….
Precap: Party, Romance and office work.

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