Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 12

Swara started walking towards her room as she entered she did not find sanskar so she went to the washroom to change.
She came out and found the lights to be off.

Swara: I kept the lights off then?
Sanskar: I switched it off.. Shona..
Swara: where are you Sanskar?
Sanskar then lit a candle and called walked towards her.
Swara admired Sanskar under the dim light of the candle and blushed. Sanskar was all lost in her and then he took her by her hand and made her sit on the couch.
Swara: What are you doing?
Sanskar: one small gift.
He slowly took out a chocolate and gave it to her.
She smiled like a baby and pecked his cheeks and said.
Swara: Thank you sanskar this is the best gift ever. …
Sanskar: I have another gift for you.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: I want to be partners with you in mauve and you will take up 51% shares of karma.
Swara: But what was the need?
Sanskar: you are my better half so…
Swara: aww sanskar I love you.
Sanskar: I love you too shona.
He hugged her and kissed her forehead.

Sanskar: Tomorrow there is a party and I thought of introducing you as my wife to everyone.
Swara: I don’t mind now that our marriage is done we can inform the media.
Sanskar: So be ready tomorrow ok? 6pm sharp and give the invitation to your staff also.
Swara: Okay,
Sanskar then slowly picked her up in his arms and placed her on the bed. He slowly covered themselves with the duvet and made love to each other.
Next day in the morning, swara woke up in his embrace all cuddled up against him, she was in his shirt and she slowly drifted into slumber… After sometime there was a knock on the door, Sanskar woke up listening to it and saw swara cuddled up into him. She slowly placed her head on the pillow and covered her with the duvet and walked to open the door. He was just wearing his vest and tracks. As soon as he opened the door he heard a shriek and was shocked to find ragini standing and laksh in a totally mischievous mood. Hearing her shriek Swara woke up.
Swara(Sleepy voice): Sanskar, kaun chillaya?
Ragini: Main chillayi.

Swara then woke up with a start and was about to remove the duvet when she realised she was just wearing his shirt and nothing underneath.
Ragini: Swara… What’s this? You are still sleeping.
Swara: No no… I am coming tum jao.
Ragini: No. I need to talk come out or else I will come in.
Swara: No ragini wait. Please i’ll come…
Laksh started laughing hysterically while Sanskar stood there embarassed at their situation. Ragini was all confused
Ragini: Swara… Why can’t you come out?
Laksh: Bhai… Ahem… I’ll meet you later… He went away smirking while sanskar gave him a death glare…
Ragini pushed sanskar away and entered the room. To find swara’s clothes on the ground and the bed all messy…
Ragini: Swara what’s this? Why is your room so messy? Your clothes on the ground? As soon as she realised what she was saying she went all red and ran away while swara and Sanskar were all embarassed.
Swara: Um Sanskar… I’ll go get ready.
She quickly covered herself with the duvet and ran to the washroom while sanskar kept on smiling seeing her antics.
They both went down after getting ready and as soon as they turned they saw Laksh Ragini and Uttara smiling at them. Sanskar looked at them and shot death glares while swara turned all red remembering the morning incident.

Precap: Party and much more.

Guys you all wanted the media and everyone to know about their marriage so instead of dragging it till the charity function I decided for this minor change. Hope you’ll like it and thanks to everyone for appreciating my work. Your words mean a lot.

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