Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 11

At 5pm Sanskar comes outside Mauve and calls Swara.
Swara: Haan.Hello.
Sanskar: Come down. I am waiting.
Swara: I’ll reach in 5.
Swara comes down along with Ragini and they reach the Maheshwari mansion.
Sujata: Swara thank god you came early. I forgot to tell you that you have to prepare the meal for the pandits also.
Swara: its’s okay mom. I’ll change and start the rasoi ritual.
Swara and Sanskar go up to their room.
Swara: Waise… I’ve never seen you so angry before.
Sanskar: Because I don’t get angry so easily. I mean I do have a have a very strict appearance but I am not the hyper kind of guy.
Swara: But today I saw the different you.
Sanskar: That’s because I can’t tolerate people speaking ill about the people I love.
Swara: Aww.. By the way…
Sanskar: What?
Swara: You look very cute when you get angry.
She then pecked his lips and ran to the washroom.

Sanskar stood there dumbfounded totally unable to speak due to the sudden kiss. He blushed and then said: cute and me? But if I get this kind if a reward for being cute I might as well be one.
Swara(from the washroom): I heard that Sanskar..
Sanskar: Well I could do with more of this you know…
Swara: In your dreams Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: Well you are always there in my dreams Mrs.Maheshwari…
Swara blushed inside the washroom.
After a few minutes she goes down while Sanskar goes to the washroom.
Swara goes to the kitchen and makes food for the family as well as separate pure vegetarian food for the pandits which would be sent to the ashram.
Sujata and Swara were sitting in the living room when the doorbell rang.
Sujata: I think the men from the ashram have come have you packed the food?
Swara: Yes mom. I’ll check the door.
She rushed to the door and opened it.
Swara: Are you from the ashram? Then please have a seat i’ll just come.
Rohan: No no. I.. I am Sanskar Sir’s P. A. Rohan. Nice to meet you Ms. Malhotra…
Before swara could reply him, Sanskar comes out of his room shouting.
Sanskar: Shona.. Shona… I can’t find my mobile charger.
Swara(looked up): its in the drawer of the right hand side bed side table.
But sanskar saw Rohan and stood there shocked.

Sanskar: Rohan you here?
Rohan: I came to give you this file. But…
Sanskar: Come sit…
Sanskar comes down.
Rohan: Sir why is Ms. Malhotra here? Regarding the function? Is there any problem?
Sanskar: No and thanks for the file and moreover she is not Ms. Malhotra, she is my wife Swara Maheshwari.
Rohan: Sorry ma’am, sorry sir… I didn’t know.
Swara: It’s okay Rohan…. Have dinner and then go.
Sujata: Yeah. Swara cooked today.
Rohan: Okay ma’am.
Sanskar: I have a request Rohan.
Rohan: Sir just order me.
Sanskar: That’s so nice of you. Well we wanted to avoid the media fuss so we didn’t reveal our marriage and all to the media. So let this news be between us ok?
Rohan: I understand sir. Till the charity function no one will get to know it.
Swara: Thank you Rohan. Come have dinner.
Sanskar: Yeah come.
Laksh also came down.
Laksh: Hi Rohan.
Rohan: Hello Sir.
Laksh: Call me Laksh. Ghar pe ho so no formality. Did you meet bhabhi?
Rohan: Yes.s Si.. Laksh.
Ragini comes down.
Ragini: Shona… I am too hungry..
Swara: Sit. Baba… I’m serving.
Ragini: Jiju you didn’t say we have guests at home today?
Uttara: Arey. He is Rohan. Bhai’s assistant.
Ragini: Oh hello Rohan. I am Ragi..
Rohan: Ragini Agarwal… Right hand of Swara Malho.. Sorry ma’am.
Sanskar: Shona… looks like I am not the only one who’s scared of you?
Swara: What? What do you mean? I am scary? dangerous? How could you.
Sujata: Why are you teasing her Sanskar,she made your favourite Kheer and you are teasing her not fair say sorry.
Swara: Leave it mom. I’ll not give him the Kheer and the Paneer.
Sanskar: Hey hey you can’t do that?
Swara: I can. I’m your wife.
Sanskar: But…. Acha acha sorry baba…. Now I can have right?
Sujata: chori maaf kar de isse… Khane de bechare ko..
Swara: only for you mom. Okay…
Everyone starts laughing.
Swara: Rohan you can call me bhabhi as Laksh calls ok?
Rohan: Okay Bhabhi. He smiles.
They eat the food.

Sujata, Uttara, Laksh, Rohan and Ragini: Amazing. Cook more often.
Swara:Thanks.(looks towards sanskar for his reaction but slaps her forehead seeing him fully. Concentrated on the bowl of kheer)
Sujata: chora… Kuch to bol. Your wife’s waiting.
Sanskar: Let me eat mom. Its so amazing. Mujhe aur chahiye.
Swara who was all upset suddenly started laughing.
Sanskar now realised his situation.
Sanskar: Oh… Sorry…. Swara this is amazing…. I need more…
Uttara: Haan bhai wo to dikh hi raha hain… Jaise kha rahe the mano kabhi kheer chakhi hi na ho…. Oh god….
Sanskar: Chup kar….
swara forwards the bowl of kheer to Sanskar he takes it happily.
Everyone smiles. Rohan was shocked seeing Sanskar’s free attitude because he has always seen the Sanskar in his business suit the harsh and stern Sanskar not the Sanskar who was so carefree and loving.
Rohan: i’ll take your leave. Bhabhi the food was awesome.
Swara: Thank you Rohan. He smiled and left.
Sujata and all give her gifts. After everyone left for their room Swara took the dishes and went to the kitchen when she was keeping them in the sink. Sanskar came and pecked her cheeks. She got startled and turned…
Sanskar: The other gifts…
Swara: Uh?
Sanskar: The nek for your rasoi ritual is waiting in our room.
Swara blushed hearing this and Sanskar gave his characteristic smirk…
Sanskar: I’ll be waiting for you shona come fast.
Sanskar left saying this to Swara. …

Precap: Romance, charity function and a party.

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