Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 10

Guys I will post my other ff on sunday. I want to bring both my ff’s at par and then continue writing. I will try to give as many episodes possible before my 1st year examinations.
“Loving in truth, and fain in verse my love to show,
Not at first sight, nor with a dribbed shot”
Lines from Astrophel and Stella Sonnet 1 by Sir Philip Sidney. Describes Swara and Sanskar’s love to the perfect point. People interested in literature can go through the sonnets of sidney and edmund spencer for the platonic strain and shakespeare for a rather unconventional theme for the Elizabethan sonnets.

At Karma:
Laksh: Um… Bhai? Blushing?
Sanskar: No…. Actually.
Laksh: Let me guess missing swara?
Sanskar: Yeah….
Laksh: Look at you the great Sanskar Maheshwari is behaving like a love struck puppy all drowned in his emotions for his wife that’s so cute. Aww..
Sanskar: Hey, I ain’t cute. Stop calling me cute.
Laksh: Aha? Okay… Lets wait…. And watch.
Sanskar glares at him.
Soon it was time to go to mauve. Sanskar got excited that he had started knocking on Laksh’s cabin door.
Laksh: Sanskar, man, she’s your wife you will get to see her at your home.
Sanskar: It’s been 3hours since I have seen her.

Laksh: who’ll say you both had an arranged marriage? Chalo. Let’s get going.
They reached mauve and entered the premises. Swara and Ragini were in a discussion with the staff in the conference room when Jenny came in running.
Jenny: ma’am. Mr. Maheshwari and his brother have arrived.
Swara: Okay. Guys ready to give your best? So have a seat.
Sanskar and Laksh enter the conference room to be greeted by everyone.
Swara and Ragini: Please have a seat.
While the meeting was going on… Swara saw two girls continously gawking at Sanskar. She startes feeling jealous but then anger took over.
Swara: Nisha, Riya concentrate or else you may leave.
Sanskar seeing swara so angry got worried. While Nisha and Riya got scared and started concentrating on the presentation.
When the meeting over. Everyone left except swasan and raglak.
Sanskar: Shona, why were you so angry?
Swara: Why wouldn’t I be? Who the hell are they to stare at my husband.
Sanskar: You were jealous?
Swara: Hmmpf.

Sanskar: Shona, calm down.
Ragini and Laksh: ahem… We are here…
Swara and Sanskar blushed after realising that they heard their conversation.
Sanskar: Now we need to leave i’ll pick you up in an hour ok?
Swara: okay.
Outside the conference room.
Nisha and Riya: Ma’am got so angry, I got scared…. But what was there to be so angry we where just looking at him and moreover wo lagti kya hain Sanskar sir ki?
Sanskar who was coming out of the cabin heard it and became angry. So he went up to them.
The girls were shocked and mesmerised seeing Sanskar approaching them. Swara who was moving out of the conference room held herself back seeing this.

Sanskar: Miss whatever… I really don’t want to know your name. But listen to me very carefully. When you don’t know the person personally don’t judge ok? Before that remember she is your boss she has the right to scold you if you are not working properly. Learn how to behave in an office. Turned to swara and said: Sorry swara I didn’t mean to interfere in your office matters but I think they need to learn how to think before acting and also before commenting on someone. Bye.
He left with Laksh.
Nisha and Riya stood there hell scared as they had never witnessed the ruthless sanskar they were used to the soft spoken Swara.

Precap: Rasoi ritual.

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