Swasan: An impeccable bond Episode 1


Sanskar Maheshwari was the leading business tycoon of Kolkata. He was known as the “Perfectionist” in the business world.
On the other hand Swara Malhotra was the leading fashion designer her company “Mauve” had reached a great height in just 3 years making her the youngest designer in the fashion industry at the age of 24.
Sanskar aged 27 was considered the most eligible bachelor in town. His family wanted him to get settled and were in search of girls but our Sanskar believed in love marriage.
Swara’s family were also in search for a groom. Swara believed in her family and their decisions but also wanted her freedom and her would be to understand her profession.
In a business party :

Sanskar was in a conversation with a few people who belonged to the industry. Swara was seen entering the party and all the media focus which was till now swarming around Sanskar now turned towards where Swara stood. Sanskar turned towards the centre of attraction and got a glimpse of the kohl lined deep brown orbs of Swara. He was lost in those eyes when Mr. Khanna the person standing just next to Sanskar spoke: So Ms. Swara is here.
Sanskar: She is Swara Malhotra?
Khanna: Yes.
Soon Swara emerged out of the media focus. She was looking stunning in her attire(self designed black georgette saree).
Mr.Mathur the one who threw the party led swara towards the place where Sanskar was standing. As soon as his eyes fell on her he was mesmerised.
Mathur: Ms. Malhotra meet. Mr. Khanna,Mr.Shah and the most handsome Mr. Maheshwari.
Swara folded her hands and said Namaste.
Everyone got impressed seeing her.

Swara: So you are Sanskar Maheshwari? Right?
Sanskar: Yes. Nice to meet you Ms. Malhotra.
Swara: Call me swara. Nice to meet you too Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: Call me Sanskar. Please.
Swara: I have heard a lot about you.
Sanskar: I am obliged. I must say you are really talented the way people admire and appreciate you it shows how much a gem of a person you are. I must surely come over and see your designs.
Swara: It’s good to hear some words of appreciation from an enigmatic man like you.
Swara and Sanskar get along well in the whole party.
Whereas in their home. Their parents are fixing their marriage.
After the party.
Sanskar’s place.
Sujata: Sanskar, we have found a match for you son. The photo is kept on your table have a look she is one a kind just the way you want. We have fixed a meeting of you both tomorrow.
Sanskar: Okay mom but if I don’t like her I will not carry the meeting along for more than 5minutes.
Sujata: Sure son.
At swara’s place

Shekhar: We have fixed a meeting with the boys side tomorrow. Shona please be here.
Swara: okay dad but you have told them my wish right? My career and everything?
Shekhar: yes and they have agreed too because their son also wants a girl who is ambitious just like you and can understand his career too.
Shona: okay.
Shekhar: His photo is kept by your bedside table have a look.
Swara leaves.
But both of them did not have a look into the picture.
The next day the Malhotra house was in a rush.

In the evening when swara reached home. She saw Sharmishtha in her room selecting her dress.
Swara: mom i’ll wear what i’m comfortable in. They should see the real me not some artificial swara.
Sharmishtha: No one can win over you in an argument. Wear something decent.
Swara: mom I know.
Around 6pm the Maheshwari’s arrived at the Malhotra’s. Everyone sat down.
Shekhar: Mr. Maheshwari where is Sanskar?
Ram: He is coming in a few minutes he got stuck in a call.
Shekhar: Good. My daughter will be coming in a few minutes.
Sanskaemr ended his call and entered the Malhotra’s and as soon as he was about to greet Shekhar he saw Swara coming down in a comfortable Top and Skirt. He was dumbfounded too see her. Swara stood surprised seeing Sanskar. Both smiled at each other. Sanskar then greeted Shekhar and Sharmishtha and bent down to take their blessings.

Precap: Swasan conversation.

Credit to: Tista

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