Swasan IMAGINES : One Shot #1

Imagine #1

~~Love you, Idiot ♥ ~~

Swara’s P.O.V. ~

“I can’t do this, Laksh!” I sigh, gently untangling myself from him.

I take a seat on the couch with a frown and stare at Sanskar, who’s across the room. He’s not mingling with anyone. Neither is he smiling. He just stares at me with a look like he has just been robbed of everything he had. I feel a pang in my chest.

Laksh walks over to me and takes a seat beside. I hear him sigh before speaking up.

“You like him, don’t you?” He asks. I can only nod. “Then why didn’t you tell me before?” He sounds hurt. I sigh and clutch my head in my palms.

“I don’t know! I don’t know whether he likes me back. I’m uncertain about everything right now.” I cry.

“Except your feelings for him.” He states. I look up at him with tears in my eyes. “I think you love him, Swara.” He smiles weakly. I’m confused as to why would Laksh, out of all the people would say that.

“But I love you too, Laksh.” I speak.

He smiles and shakes his head. “But you love him more. And your feelings for me are just as a friend. I know that, cause whenever I look into your eyes, I see that emptiness and that longing for someone special. Clearly, its not me. Cause the way you’re with him, its not the same when you’re with me.” He says.

I don’t know what to say. These were the things that were buried deep inside me. And he has just said them. Like pouring my heart out to myself. ❤❤

“So, go to him. Confess that you love him. And from what I can see, I think he loves you too. He always has. Didn’t you see how upset he got when I asked you for a dance?” He asks. I nod, remembering the incident that took place a while ago.

“Go, now. Talk to him.” He says.

“But Laksh. . . I can’t leave you.” I say, holding on to his hand. I can still feel Sanskar’s gaze fixed on us. Laksh smiles and gently wipes the tear from my eye, before it can roll down my face.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll get over it. Yes, I do like you. A lot. And maybe its more than just liking. Maybe I love you. But its wrong. Who am I to come in between him and you?” He smiles. I can see the honesty in his eyes.

I don’t know how to thank him. I’m speechless as I engulf him into a hug. He wraps his arms around me, gently rubbing my back. “If you ever need me, I’m just a phone call away, okay?” He asks as his voice breaks in the end. I can sense that he’s about to break down.

“I know. And I love you. Keep that in mind.” I say and pull myself away from him. He smiles down at me and tucks a few strands of hair behind my ear. Just as I’m about to walk away, I hear some shuffling from the right. I think Laksh hears it too, as we look in the direction of the sound.

I see none other than Sanskar.

He’s standing frozen. A look of betrayal in his eyes as he glares at the two of us. I can’t comprehend what he’s thinking at the moment. But clearly, his expression says that its not good.

“Sanskar. . .” I blurt out.

He takes a deep sharp breath and slams his wine glass on the table before making his way outside. There are people around us, who are grooving to the music, chit chatting in groups, flirting and drinking and doing what not. And amidst them, there are Laksh, me and Sanskar. . . trapped in a triangle. Like a love triangle. . .

Laksh gives my hand a light squeeze before gesturing me to go after Sanskar. Without wasting a moment, I rush after him.

I make my way through the people, to spot him standing alone in the balcony. I notice, he has taken his blazer off, leaving himself in just the trousers and the white shirt. I can’t help but think about how hot ? he looks with those sleeves rolled up. I enter the balcony and stand beside him.

He is staring far away into the distance, standing under the moonlight.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Why are you here?” He snaps.

“Because there is something, that I need to tell you.” I say with honesty laced in my voice. Its now or never for me. I have to tell him about my feelings. And if I don’t, I lose him forever.

“I don’t want to hear anything. Why don’t you go to Laksh? I’m sure he’s all ears for anything you say.” He retorts. I sigh and know exactly what’s causing the trouble.

Mr. Sanskar is jealous. ??

Laksh was right. Maybe, Sanskar feels something for me. Or maybe, not. . . But whatever it is. I have to know.

“Its not about him. Its about us.” I say.

He lets out a little dry laugh. “Really? What is it? Is he jealous of the fact that you and I are friends?” He asks.

“What? No! God, no.” I speak, slightly annoyed by the way he’s acting.

“Then don’t waste your time on me, Swara. Go to your boyfriend.” He snaps and turns his face to look away.

No doubt, I’m hurt. But moreover, I’m angry. I’m irritated with his behaviour. I am here to make things right. But this man is taking them to a whole new level!

I grab his arm and turn him around. “Listen to me, Sanskar. I’m not here to talk about me and Laksh.” I say. I don’t care how rude I’m sounding at the moment. I just want him to know the truth.

“Why? Did he leave you?” He asks sarcastically.

“We were never together! For God’s sake, Sanskar, stop assuming things. Yes. He has feelings for me. But I don’t!” I yell. His face turns from angry to shocked to confused.

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“I don’t love him, goddammit! I – I’m in love with someone else. And that is what I was trying to tell him back there!” I say.

“W- wait. You mean, you’re not dating him. And he loves you, but you love someone else? Who ?!” He asks.

I sigh. Is it so stupid to understand one simple thing?

“Hai koi. Tumhe kya? (Its someone. Why do you care?)” I ask.

“Arrey but – batao! (Please, tell na)” He groans and whines like a toddler.

“Its you , you idiot! I love you!” I spill those words out at last and I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my poor shoulders. His face is unreadable for a moment. And suddenly, he breaks into a bright smile.

“You’re kidding. . .” He speaks.

“Thappad lagaungee na do toh samajh mein ayega that I’m not joking(I have to slap you to make you realise that I’m not kidding).” I snap. He gasps a little and cups his mouth. I smile at how he’s reacting to those three little words.

“No. I mean. . . y-you don’t like him na?” He asks again.

“If you ask me again na Sanskar, I swear, I’ll go back to him.” I warn. He chuckles and slips his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. Our bodies are pressed together and our faces are inches apart.

“Tu jaa hi nahi sakti (You can’t go). You love me too much to do that, don’t you?” He smirks. And suddenly, a very nervous Sanskar Maheshwari was his own confident self again.

“Nahi. Never. And I won’t even let you go anywhere. You’re mine, okay?” I say. He bites his lip and nods. His eyes are locked on mine, not leaving them even for a second.

“All yours, Swara. You know what? I gave you my heart the day I first saw you. I knew that I was in love. Aur tab se, mujhe pata tha, ki ab jo bhi ho. . . tum hi ho (You’re the one and only).” He smiles, making my heart do a flip flop.

Why is he so sweet ?!

“Awww. So cute! But admit it, you were jealous na?” I smirk.

“Uuuhhhhhhhh. . . naaaahhhh. . .” He says making a cute face. I laugh and poke his cheeks.

“Acha. Now that all’s okay. . . can I ask you to be my girlfriend?” He asks. I make a face, pretending to think about it and finally break into a smile.

“Yes!” I squeal and shut him up with my lips before he can say anything else.

Our lips connect and move in a synchronized pattern. His hands travel down my back as mine grab a handful of his hair. And I swear, I feel butterflies in my stomach and electricity flowing throughout my body. The moment is magical.

But most importantly, its unforgettable. . .


So this was my first imagine. And many more yet to come. I’m on a break for months probably, so I may not update Alive and Childhood Sweethearts for a while and both are special and need time to write. But yeah, I will definitely give you my share of heart by Love Is Love! Full Stop. So you don’t have to miss me! And actually I know this one didnt have any story but I wish love triangle could be so simple and I wish CVS get this in their minds. ??


Anu ♥

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  1. It was very sweet. I loved it. CVs should read this. Love triangles cud be so simple. Anu ur an awesome writer.. I dont comment much but u forced me today. Lov u Anu.

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    Its bestest ever imagination nd aww! Sanky in trouser nd shirts with sleeves rolled up…~~
    so hot!

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