mela – a function in village which is held once in a year as thanks giving day for deity who protected them lifelong with rain, food and peace. In return ppl offer god with all kinds of handifacts, food, ornaments, dress so on…
First pooja would happen followed by dance, song then drama and games. Function would be organized by the village heads and every house will offer some ransom , which will be used for temple welfare.

At mela :
swaragini , sanlak and grand parents were welcomed by ppl in the village. They went staright to the temple, pandit started his pooja which prolonged for 10 minutes, next they took three rounds around the temple and got Prasad from pandit.
Kashyap’s are village head and renowned person he was caught by men’s and they were talking with him blocking the way further. many ladies crossing their way gave wide smile to sanlak and swaragini. few came forward and touched their face and patted their cheeks and asked about their current status like studies, parents where abouts… like this half an hour passed. ambu signaled them to move towards the stalls present there, four went to various stalls purchased few items…
Then swalak saw cotton candy shop and ran towards him, ragsan followed them.
Four were relishing cotton candy (mouth drooling). swaragini saw mehandi shop and had mehandi on their hands now sanlak were their right and left hands working as servants…..
Four were gossiping about ppl there and banners which was having weird gang names and photos of youngsters in village..
Suddenly the place was filled with loud music, dance programme started followed by song and so on…..
The day ended with happy faces of sanlak and swarags……..

Next day at after noon :

All were having lunch with gossips and bulling other, suddenly a girl around their age came inside the house. ragsan were facing their backs to the girl and swalak were facing her face to face… swalak started laughing like mad seeing that girl and sanskar continuously.. ragsan don’t know the reason behind their stupid laugh and they were scolding swalak for their attitude. sanskar got angry and shouted at them while ragini was asking swara what’s the matter??? swara signaled her to see at her back. ragini was shocked to see her but joined in swalak team and started laughing at sanskar making mad again.. you too brutus (choco :p) was sanskar look to ragini.
sanskar stood up from his chair with anger and turned to move, his legs got stuck seeing the person..
This was enough for swaraglak they burst into laughter…….
The girl standing there felt shy looking at sanskar and she joined swalakrags.
Sanskar turned to them gave a annoying look,but the girl did not notice that..
Sanskar took this as chance and ran towards his room locked the door.
Swalakrags were holding their stomach and laughing, the girl doesn’t know the reason behind their laugh. she was standing watching them keenly.

After 10 minutes they were back to normal and welcomed the girl and asked about her studies , life and other stuffs… she was answering them with smile and searching for sanskar through eyes…
Swalak are rank holders in teasing others, will they leave this chance after witnessing the girl’s action!!!!!!!! Weird ideas were popping in their mind. Ragini’s voice brought them back to this world, the girl was observing their face reactions..
Four marched towards sanlak room, ragini banged the door. swalak were giggling and the girl was shying. “Open the door sanskar”, ragini was shouting from her throat. After 5 minutes door got opened, “what the hell!!!! why are you disturbing me”?? sanskar shouted at them..
Four were shocked by his anger but entered the room composed themselves on the bed and chairs.
The girl started why are you shouting at us sanskar??? swalakrags were laughing at him and sanskar gave them a dead glare. she was pestering for answer and sanskar replied nothing.. All were maintaining silence for past 10 minutes, swara started, tell us recent spooky incident happened here looking at the girl..
The girl started narrating the story, four were listening to her biting their nails and giving shocking face expression. she was explaining dramatically moving her hands in air, walking and using various tones, it was like watching horror film.. swasan raglak were holding EO hand for support and comforting other with looks. Suddenly the girl shouted bahhhhhhhhh from their back, this was end for them.. Four shouted aaahhhhhhh and fell from the bed with thud on the floor…..

The girl was holding her stomach and laughing at them… but four were lying on the floor like corpse. The girl went near ragini and shook her slightly, ragini shouted ghost, maaaa…….. save me……. she was yelling closing her eyes…After hearing ragini statement, In fear swasan were hugging EO and doesn’t want to move apart.. laksh was lying like corpse with his mouth and eyes open …..
Girl took this as chance, she wore make up like ghost and appeared before laksh by kicking on his legs. laksh opened his eyes got another attack and closed his eyes with aahhhhhh sound… ragini saw this ran outside the room locking the door..
slowly the girl shifted near swasan, who were lying as single person, she patted swara’s back but swara snuggled more on sanskar and shouted pls leave me.. sanskar slowly opened his eyes and saw the girl he got heart attack like lucky and loosened his grip over swara. swara’s heart was beating like pendulum and she gripped tighly on sanskar..
After an hr trio got back to normal and looking at each other face….
The girl was still in their room, but in her normal look. ragini entered the room with bang and gave the water and assured them with positive thoughts…
The girl then bid bye to them and left the house saying she will be back tmrw.

Night :
Ghost story was revolving in their brains and made difficult for them to sleep. so four decided to sleep in one room, they made their bed ready. Their bed was surrounded by chappals, broomstick and god photos.. Four turned into saint by applying vibudhi on their forehead and slept by keeping their room lights on.

morning :

kaki was shocked to see the room and their surrounding she left down to call ambu and gayu. trio saw them and laughed seeing their face and naughty grand pa he took many snaps of swarag and sanlak for future purpose. kaki woke them and four refreshed and descended for having breakfast.
Four spent their morning by roaming around the village, afternoon again the girl came while they were having lunch.
The girl started so, how did you guys sleep yesterday??? Four were giving shocking look to each other and passed cold look to her. what did I do???swara only asked me to share a story was the girl’s reply. swara gave sheepish smile to them….
swasan were talking wih that girl and raglak were upside in the balcony talking. All of sudden swara ran from there, sanskar and the girl was laughing at her..
swara was crying on the way to her room which was noticed by raglak. They were shocked seeing her crying ran towards her, before that swara closed the room door. raglak enquired sanskar about swara sudden behavior and they did not mention about her crying. sanskar gave them mischievous laugh ,”nothing guys”.
That girl to left bidding bye to them ……

( actually that girl has crush on snaksar so swraglak are teasing him and her name is kaku 🙂 😀 😀 )

Evening all were ready to return to city, swara was not speaking to sanskar and she was ignoring him. Sanskar took her treatment playfully and remained silent laughing at her. raglak were confused but left their issue aside…

Night : All returned to their respective house bidding bye, swara hugged raglak and turned to her house without speaking to sanskar. sanskar was laughing at her but he sighed nothing to raglak…

Precap – tomorrow is first day of college for them……

Note – please google abhishek malik (harshad),ayaz ahmad (cabir), yuvaraj thakkur(madyam), Charlie chauhan (mukti ), zain iman(abhimanyu )and kishwar merchant (nyonika) –
cast are from kaisi yeh yaaryian , since I cannot upload their pic in cover photo I’m informing u early so It would be easy for u….

thank u friends…..

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