hellooooo im back…….

sorry I was stuck btwn personal stuffs…..

ok lemme start before u scold me…….

morning @ kashyap villa house :

kaki was banging sanlak room door, beta see the time come down for breakfast. Next she shifted towards swaragini room and was waking them too. due to kaki sound sanskar sleep was broken and he refreshed and gave a kick on laksh butt to bring him back from his dreamland. sanskar gave huge sigh and left out and met ragini who was approaching him.” where is the monster”??? ragini was questioning sanskar. sanksar sighed, he is still sleeping and he asked about swara. she is too sleeping ragini gave him a reply. ragsan went downstairs nodding their head with big no….. swalak got ready in their respective room and hurried down for having their breakfast. ragsan “ here comes the kumbhakaranas” with giggle.

swalak were grinning “ only blessed are born with this boon” they gave hifi to each other. ragsan were staring at them, enough have ur breakfast we are gonna roam, if ur planning to waste time, then we are leaving. swaslak got ready in 5 minutes and ran behind ragsan who were crossing the main gate. four were walking parallel blocking the pathway and few ppl who passed the way where blowing horn to clear the road. swalak turned and stared at the persons who were disturbing their walk. Is this your road, give path to riders” a man around 40 yrs scowled at them. four never let a chance to bully others, haan this road is built by our grandfather and mind it we are letting u to use this or else we will take fence and u have go around the village to your destined place. Man got angry due to their words, don’t you have manners?? which family you belong to??? we belong to this universe and for your kind info we are kashyap’s never mess with us….. man was shocked and stated, now I got to know from where the bold gene is from…. he left saying this.. four were laughing at the stranger and continued their silly chat. Road was covered with mango groves on either side and gave pleasant look and the mangoes hanging in the huge trees were welcoming them to relish them once. four were drooling over the mangoes and their legs failed to move further. sanskar, I need to taste them ,my tongue has started secreting juices. swalakrags then for what we are waiting????
ragini and swara was searching for wooden stick to cross the thorn fence to enter the grove. sanlak found wooden sticks and four carefully entered the copses. next second each had mango( unripe state) on their hands, four took their first bite… uuuuuuummmmhhhhhh………….. unakkum pidikuma ?? enakum pidikkum (do you also like this fruit?? I too like them…)
soon they sat on the branch which was quarter ie till their knee length height, four composed themselves placing their seats carefully and holding the branch with one hand eating with another. They were making weird faces due to the mango taste, slowly four started swaying their legs in air and soon it had rhythm… poor branch it was bouncing in the air, soon sanskar brain crawled over his mind as a result he pushed swalak down, being clever they pulled ragsan. four fell on the ground with thud but safe landing due to grass bed. four were laughing like mad, but their beautiful moments were disturbed by landlord…

“who is that “???? landlord came running scolding them with harsh words…..
Four started their marathon, which came to an end once they saw their paddy field.
raglak and swasan at same time “majestic”……. they entered their paddy field, the lush green paddy strands were dancing and swaying in the air in rhythmic patterns. It was eye pleasing for them. Small insects and crabs were running along the walking pathway and inside the piece of land. Cranes were pecking the insects as thou it was their dinner. Another side water was flowing through the grooves entering the paddy field. Four were dipping their legs along the water groove and playing. They took many selfies and enjoyed the nature…..
It was around 3.00 pm they left to their house for having lunch. After an hour they planned to visit the river that was flowing through their village.

Evening at river :
Either sides of river was covered with beds of grasses and huge coconut groves…
Water was flowing till their knee length in the river which made them not to worry about drowning inside the water. Slowly they dipped their legs and extended deep inside the water. It was cold , four caught Eo hands and drained their body inside the flowing water ,but they had small fear inside them, warning about “water current”. Time passed they got acclimatized to flowing water, swasan & raglak started playing and singing.. Four lied on their backs and water carried them as logs. when they were carried away their body became weightless, all they could hear was sounds of moving sand and small shells. Like this they were enjoying their bath and soon they found a coconut tree whose branch was falling over the river which was awesome place to sit and have chit chat. swasan & ragalak climbed over the branch and parked their seats. It was amazing place, four were swaying their legs in air followed by sweet talks. sun started to settle down and they moved towards their villa house.

night : four had their supper with beautiful feeling becoz of pleasant day experience and bid bye to sleep since they were tried. soon their eyelids became heavy and sleep took over them..

At breakfast table :
Ambu (grand pa) – evening we are going to thiruvizhla (mela) so be ready…
Gayu (grand ma) – ha, so today spend your day at house.
Four gave smile at them and started eating…

Afternoon :
Gayu…….. gayu!!!!!! gayu ma…….. came a voice from entrance of the house..
swasan & raglak were sitting in the hall and gayu came from kitchen to see the person. swalak ur mr.romeo is calling u…. hahhhahahaha…..
Ha he is my romeo, gayu said proudly.. ragsan – love ah!!!!!
swalak ragsan gave hifi to eo with fits of laughter..
Why are you troubling my Juliet, came ambu giving them angry look……
swasan and raglak – ur gayu is blushing first control her….
Oh my sweety stop blushing or else these monkeys won’t leave us ambu was complaining to gayu…
Ahem ahem four cleared their throat…
Gayu ma started , watsup ambu???
Again the youngsters of the village started their work, ambu said with sad face but he was praising them at same time..
swasan and ragak – what happen?????
Gayu – the youngsters in this village have stopped a marriage again.
Swara – why don’t you take action??
Ragini – ha…
Sans – but why they stopped the marriage??

Laksh – may be love problem..
Ambu – no……
Four – then????
Ambu – actually the bride is minor and the parents were forcing for marriage, so the youngsters board a complaint. As a result marriage got broken and the girl was saved. ( tamil friends its true like incident, im not copying frm VVS film)
Four – brave boys but why are you sad??
Ambu – im happy but feeling sad for the girl, becz her parents may think it was her plan.
Four – oh… but she is saved…..
Gayu – ha…
All had family time and got ready for mela function…..

After long gap im writing hope I did not bore you…..

Thank you for reading…..

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  1. Missed u sooo much Navi.. !!
    awesome chappy…. but lemme kick u 1st…. huhh wanna know d reason ….. 1st word u used “KAKI”… but i was like “Kakuuuuuu”… huh *blush..
    u killed me… loved it dear… !! Thnk u… ;-*

    1. Scooby

      awww thank u so much dr….. ur love and coments means a lot.. tc 😀

  2. thala unaku pidikuma enakum pidikum sk dialogueeeeeeeeeeeee semaaaaa loved it dear 🙂

    1. Scooby

      Cosmic conktion unakum pidikuma enakum pidikum,…. thnk u dr…. 😀

  3. SNY

    Navi??? finally U posted after so long…
    Unaku oorutu kattai rdy a irukku machi…
    Anyways, awesome epi …loved it…!!
    Nxt one soon..
    And tc dr????….

    1. Scooby

      yaz aduchuradha… ena panuradhu na ullaga maga somberi.. heheheh here aftr i wud post but vakku kuduka matten :p
      thnk u so much dr 😀

  4. Mahavir

    thala…thank u sooooo much for wrote it today and ya i really enjoyed it a lot…ungaluku oru vishayam theriyuma ippo nan idha padikumbodhu ennala siripa control pannave mudiyale adhe samayam sirikavum mudiyala appa ennaku edhirlaye unkandhutu irrukanga…sirichen apparam phonea marnandhuda vendiyadhu dhan…swasanraglak friendship it was awesome thala….apparam andha unaku pudikuma…ennakum pidikum…indha dialogue idhu rakshuvoda favvvv…thankx thala…love u…tc

    1. Scooby

      hahha unaku vaaku kudathanala na post pannen maha.. illana na somberi ya irudhurupen.. its my fav dialogue too… nallaveyla nee sirikala… my dad to strict….. thnk u so much dr 😀

  5. Soujanya


    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much souj dr 😀

  6. Rabia

    Arrey wah navii ??? awesomee one ?

    1. Scooby

      thank u so much lady don dr 😀

    1. Scooby

      thank u anu dr 😀

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much krsytle dr 😀

  7. Awesome ?

    1. Scooby

      thank u so much stg 😀

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much vyshu 🙂

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much s 🙂

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