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If I use foreign language ,its meaning will be in brackets.

Ambadhranath – ambu ; gayatri – gayu

Ambadhranath and gayatri ( swaragini grand parents)were planning to visit their village, they were busy in packing and ordering others to join them ( shekar and Prasad family), but they were refusing to go and said business meeting as reason. janki and shomi were so happy to visit village and enjoy its beauty but their happiness was broken due to their husbands. swaragini were not aware of this.
After several hours of quarrel, ambu and gayu planned to take swaragini with them to village. where as janki and shomi were giving pleading look at EO bcz they don’t know about the sudden trip to village.. swaragini entered the house on hearing their names between elder’s talk.

swaragini – so watsup oldies and beautiful ladies ???? why are we stuck between you??
gayu – we are planning to take you to village with us.
swaragini – what????
ambu – yup your coming with us to spend weekend.
swaragini –nooo…
ambu – now a days you don’t love me, I thought you will be happy, but you have proved it to be wrong like your father’s. It’s my mistake to have faith on u, he started shedding fake tears..
swaragini – please stop your crocodile tears.
ambu – no no you don’t love me, your scolding me ( like small child)
swara – ok fine we are coming, please change your face expression its not worth to watch with giggle.
ragini – stamped swara foot.

swara – ouch…..
ragini – what happen swara.
swara – gave her question look.
ragini – eyed her to come out.
swara – ok and both went out.
ragini – swara how can you agree!!!! with sad face.
swara – why are you not interested??
ragini – sad face she nodded yes..
swara – why?? she was thinking for while …..please don’t tell me that you will be missing that donkey.
ragini – on hearing the word donkey she smiled widely.
swara – aww my anaconda smiling like idiot..
ragini – swara I’m too excited to visit village but I need lucky also (pout)
swara – hmm lets think…
ragini – we ask them o join..
swara – if u ask them straightly they both will tease us, so lets think another way…
ragini – yeah your too correct..
swara – we will ask gayu to speak with ap and suji ma so they will send sanlak with us..
ragini – ok.

gayu was watching tv, swaragini sat on either side of gayu. ragini started, swara do you know sanskar told me that he loves our village so much, but so sad he cannot come with us. swara started ha ragu, even lucky told me he was missing the beautiful atmosphere in this city.. like this swaragini were filling gayu ears with lies. gayu stood up with sudden jerk and left to maheswari house.

she called suji and ap outside their house and ordered to send sanlak with her to the village. suji and ap was happy, they were not bothered about their sons decision and said ok and hugged their mother.
trio had family moment and left…

sanlak – no way mom we are not going there, this is final.
suji + ap – I m not asking you, its our order.
sanlak – noo…..
suji – even swaragini are going, so you won’t be feeling bored.
laksh – ok mom im ready, bcz its your wish.
sans – gave cunning look to lucky bcz he only knew the reason behind his ok.
lucky – plss he gave puppy look to sanskar.
sans – gave him huge sigh and nodded yes for village visit.
ap – it’s getting late go pack your bags.
lucky was jumping like monkey and packed his bags in minutes and went to meet sanskar….
sans –was rolling on his bed, not willing to pack them.
lucky – opened his door with bang, making him panic.
sans – sat on his bed with jerk, huuhh donkey what was that???
lucky – you and swara will never change, stop calling me donkey and stupid pack your bags fast, its getting late.
sans – please don’t compare her with me and what’s benefit do I get?? coming along with u?
lucky – may be you would become romeo while returning to city..
sans – how??
lucky – who knows what will happen next, ur Juliet might be swara or any girl from village. gave him a wink..
sans – lucky monkey donkey dunkey kooky …… dare not to take swara name with mine.. she is my enemy.
lucky – yeah I have seen in movies, enemies become friends next lovers..
sans – lucky………. he gave him punch on his stomach and roll over him and started beating him..

sanlak were busy in fighting….
swaragini entered sanskar room and was shocked to see sanlak position and yelled noo…. closed their eyes..
sanslak – here come devils and they were laughing at them.
swarag – chiiiii….
sanlak – realized their position and sat on the bed maintaining some distance. And spoke “what they have seen is was not true”.
rags – lucky you cheated me, I hate you she left room..
sans – was laughing at lucky.
lucky – hit him on shoulders and ran behind rags to convince her.
swara – chiii yuck!!!! was showing face to sanskar.
sans – madam ji your over reacting.
swara – hahhah I thought you’re his boy friend but its beyond that, hahhhahah ……
sans – swara stop thinking like that.
swara –your guilty we found your truth, she was winking and laughing at him..
sans – swara before I do something go away..
swara – hahahhaha what you will do??

sans – im warning you again..
swara – hahahhaaa..
sans – got angry and pulled swara towards him..
swara – was struggling to free herself.
sans – was strong and he rolled over on the bed pinning her below.
swara – oi im not lucky type, leave me.
sans – got too angry and shouted let me prove…..
swara – do you think your weighing like air, get up stupid.
sans – u idiot….
swara – ur calling me idiot..

sans – haa idiot idiot idiot he was shouting on her ears…
swara – ahhhhh stupid valandha maddu (cow) please get me off….
sans – no, ask me sorry.
swara – no way….
sans – then I won’t leave you..
swara – hahah I have my own way…
sans – veyri naaye (stray dog) don’t think about biting me..
swara – thank you so much and moved towards his shoulder to give a bite..
sans – pushed her down and gave strong bite on her shoulders and ran to his bathroom.
swara – aahhhhhh she was wincing in pain.
sans – locked his door and waiting for her to leave his room.
swara – moved towards the door like fierce tiger, started kicking, banging the door,” hey crazy frog – coward open the door”
sans – oi don’t call me crazy frog and don’t call me coward.

swara – ur coward crazy frog.
sans – anger grew like volcano ,he opened the door with jerk ,as result swara fell on the washroom floor.
sans- did not expect swara ,started laughing at her as she was wincing in pain.
swara – u idiot stupid crazy frog help me.
sans – it was ur mistake, he showed his palms for swara to rise from floor controlling his laughter.
swara – was trying to get up but seeing his continuous laugh, swara turned into demon, she pulled him down.

sanskar fell on the floor with thud.
swara – got up and started dancing like jerry laughing at him “crazy frog is hopping on the floor”.
sans – frogs like to eat insects like you,gave a smirk.
swara – nooo…. she ran outside ,closing the door and hid under the bed.
sans – got up slowly and moved inside the room, searching for swara. “surrender urself or else I will kill you” he spoke in venom tone..
swara – was hiding like rat and laughing at his talk..

sans – ok lemme count 5, if u fail to show up, u have to face the consequence. 5… 4…. 3…. 21/2
ur testing my patience swara ……. 2… 1 ¼… 1 ½ 1……… 0….. ur dead, even god cannot save you..
swara – was panicking…
sans –was searching swara inside cupboard, balcony side, under table alas under his cot, there he found scary rat which was caught by cat. he was laughing at her.
swara – was closing her eyes tightly , lying in fetal position.
sans – slowly crawled near her like snake and patted her arms with smirk.
swara who was shivering due to fear screamed on his sudden encounter, sanskar too joined her screaming without knowing the reason. both were shouting aaahhhhhhh… making the other deaf….

After few minutes, they got relaxed and sanskar asked her why was she shouting?? swara replied him that she was caught by him. sanskar burst in to laugh making swara angry again.
swasan slowly crawled outside, fell on the bed with sigh…..
raglak entered the room with thud and saw swasan on the bed together and shouted ahhhhhh… swasan got up with jerk and gazed them with questioned look. raglak were covering their eyes and standing like statue. swara shouted at them to open their eyes. raglak slowly removed their palms opened their eyes, laughing at swasan.
where as swasan were confused with raglak reaction but sanskar got their dirty minds and yelled noo….. raglak were laughing, innocent swara was stuck between them.. raglak started so what were you doing on the bed?? with mischievous tone to swasan. swara mind clicked now and kicked raglak for their idiotic thoughts….
now raglak were running inside the room and swara was chasing them with hockey stick..


how was today chapie ????

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