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lemme clear u I’m swasanian so this story is fully about swasan but raglak is also playing role so I gave them as 30 %. so no worries its only “ swasan ..swaa….san…. swasan”………. <3 <3 <3

sanskar and laksh are one year elder to swara and ragini but all are studying in same class. you’r doubts will be cleared in further chapters….

Ok I will start the story,

Journalists are busy in their non – stop talks and eager to increase their TRP ratings…. yes toady is great day for board exam givers, 12 standard results are gonna be announced. students and faculties are busy in praying , bcz all should secure high grades.
Educational department head is busy in collecting the list of rank holders , he was giving talks, still few more minutes to announce the state first rank holder and he continued with counting
5…… 4….. 3………..2…………. 1……………………………..

Boom…… blast………..

He started with 3rd place, state is secured by NANCY from silver mount school and she has scored 1158/1200, congratz nancy…

Second place is secured by RAGINI from blue hills high school and she has scored 1169/1200, congrtaz ragini.

The most awaited first place is secured by SANSKAR from bule hills high school and he has scored 1178/1200, congatrz sanskar..
Followed by students list who topped in language and other major subjects were announced……

Journalist headed towards blue hills school for hearing their joyful words and heartfelt gratitude from rank holders of the state.

Ragsan were beyond the world of happiness… they were jumping and shouting like mad, yesss…….
We made it……. students, fellow mates, friends and faculties were happy by their success and wished them good luck for future and recent success…….
News channels were buzzing like bees around ragsan, asking them to share few words….
Reporter – so sanskar and ragini what have you planned for ur higher studies??
Ragsan – gave wide smile we are gonna do BBA..
Reporters – shocked, what??? why??
Ragsan – we are not interested in engg or medical profession , we are interested in business administration, so that’s it….
Repoters – were flashing their words as great news and clicked several snaps of them with their faculties.

After big commotion,
Ragsan went towards two souls who were not in this world and they were busy in eating ice cream..
Ragsan – how much did you secure??
Two souls – hmmmmm……… it’s lovely….
Ragsan – we are talking to you only….
Two souls – disturbance..
Ragsan – gave weird look, pulled them apart who were sitting like fevi stick.
Ragini – lucky dumbo did you pass or not, wait I will see your marks in notice board..
Sanskar – oi bubbly what’s your mark??
Swara – busy in eating last part of cornetto which is filled with chocolate, her favorite..
Ragini – sanskar these stupids have passed so only their enjoying the success with ice cream.
Sans – oh !!!! he went near swara and snatched the small ending cone..
Demon has been waked up by sanskar which was lying deep inside swara.
Swara – dei……….. she started scolding him green words..( bad words)
Raglak were laughing….
Sans – thimiru piduchavaley….. he pulled her pony tail and ran away…
Swara – ahhh… she was running behind him to accomplish her revenge.
Raglak – were laughing seeing the scenario…
Laksh – ragu congrtaz and he gave her small peck in her knuckles.. ( raglak childhood lovers)
Rags – was shocked and she was blushing too, she wished him back…
Swasan – after long fight , came back to raglak.
Raglak – were busy in eyelock..
Swasan –ahem.. ahem this is school not your house.
. Raglak – were embarrassed scratching their head and staring at swasan.
Swasan – burst into laugh seeing their face.

Raglak – enough of teasing us, for us too one day will come….
Swasan –we can see on that day ….
Raglak – may be that day is not so far, wink…..
Swasan – hahhahaha…….. lets see…..
Ragalak – between how you both end up without storm.
Sans – bubbly epudi chumma viduva enna without destruction..( how she will leave me without causing any destruction) he was soothing his skin on his arms..
Raglak – swara dnt tell us you bite him…
Swara – noooo raglak, with innocent face…
Sans – Oscar should be given for her acting…
Swara – what did I do?? you snatched my ice cream next spoiled my hair style, do you think I will let you go???
Sans – one day you would suffer for this, bubbly bite me yaar with faking tears and painful sound.
Raglak – burst into laugh…..
Sans – staring at raglak, I won’t help u both.

Raglak – sat chup chap…. we won’t tease you.. and swara I pity your future hubby..
Swara – he should be blessed to get me as wife..
Raglaksans – yeah bcz daily he should visit hospital for having TT injection..( poison)
Swara – oh is it?? thank you , she took hand full of sand threw on raglaksans head.
Sansraglak – were standing like statue without blinking their eyes..
Swara was about to run , but pulled by three strong arms…
Raglaksans – hold her and decorated her with sand shower.….
Swara – was twisting and protesting them, finally she got idea and acted like spitting on them…
Raglaksans – yuck……
Swara – took this as chance and she was showering them with sand.
Swasanraglak – were playing in sand like KG kids…

After few hours they reached their house….
Entrance Gate was filled with maheswari’s and kahsyap’s…..

Four sneaked like rats, their family was shocked to see them who were looking like coffee beans…
Sanlak and swarags grand parents came forward and saved them from parents darshan(scolding’s).
All moved towards DP house,
Everyone were congratulating sanskar, ragini, swara and laksh..
All were ready with sweets in their hand ,but they were confused to whom they will feed first.
Suddenly all moved towards swalak and filled their mouth with saliva drooling sweets..
Parents – congtraz , both have passed in first class, its heart breaking news…
Swalak – idhu vanja pugalchi madhuri theriyudhey..(Indirectly you’r taunting us)
Parents – noo… with wide smile….
Next all were feeding ragsan with sweets……
Swasan Raglak – hugged and congratulated EO…
All dispersed to their house….

Night : all had their dinner and was preparing to sleep.
Sanskar was planning to take revenge on swara for bitting him. other side raglak were planning to meet . swara was bored and thought to disturb sansraglak.
Swara informed shomi that she is going to meet ragini and left the house by covering her with shawl.
Ragini left her house saying, swara wants to meet her.
Sanskar left his house informing, lucky has called him for important matter.
Lucky left his house informing ap, sanskar has got headache so gonna meet him.
So tetra left their house covering them with shawl looking like terrorists..
Four were gazing their house and walking slowly looking to and fro… at one point 4 hit each other and let out loud scream due to fear and another side being caught by each other..
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………
All the houses turned their lights on hearing their scream….
Tetra don’t know what to do, they caught each other hand and ran towards their garden form being caught.
Swasan raglak hit on each other and fell on the ground behind bush, covering their mouth from letting their laugh out…

Dp, Rp, Shekar and Prakash came out of their house and were discussing about the scream. They were checking from where did the sound come from. Four lead towards garden. But they stopped and took U turn, since noise was coming from outside their compound, so four moved towards the road and found few children playing. They left sigh and went towards their house wishing good night greetings..

All this was watched by swasan and they let out huge breath hughhhh…… and look at each other..
But in this gap raglak were in their world having eyelock…
Swasan – pinched their arms telling indha ranagalathulaiyum ungaluku kilu kilupu kekudha?? ( being in this situation too, your romancing ah??)
Raglak – ahh its paining….
Swasan – don’t change the plate.( dnt change the topic)
Raglak – ok we planned for meeting, but y you both are here??
Swara – I thought to disturb u (trio)….
Sanskar – I came to take revenge on bubbly…
Raglakswara – shooting arrows on him…
Sans – she bit me yaar, raglak you should support me…
Ragalak – ahh yes….
Swara – oi what yes ?? she started pulling raglak legs, some one will butter me telling swara ur my cutie, teddy, chocolaty na “ please bring ragini/laksh to terrace”
Raglak – swara we are no more your friend ah?? your explaining us our help?? with fake tears..
Swara – dramabazz…. she hit them on their heads..

Trio were looking at sanskar…
Sanskar – was sleeping a sound resting his back on bush.
Raglakswara – gave smirk….
Swara slowly lifted him and held him before her and closed his mouth.
Raglak – were busy in torturing him, like beating, tickling, pulling his nose..
Swara – was trying hard to control him and her laughter..
Sans – was struggling to get up but failed, bcz lucky was sitting on his feet..
Sanskar – gave smirk and kissed swara hand and licked her inner palm..
Swara – yuck…. I should wash my hands with dettol…. she ran left him on the ground with thud..
Sans – ouch, his next target was lucky and rags..
Next moment raglak ran leaving him alone..
Swara was running first followed by raglak last by sanskar..
Sanskar speeded up his power and caught trio and pushed them down….
Trio along with sanskar fell on the grass bed…
Four were giggling and lying on each other reminiscing about their encounter….


So tell me how was the first chapie…..

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