Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 17)

hiiii guys. sorry for late updates. without any delay let’s go to next part.

next part:

swasan suju are going to market.

San: maa y u always go to market to bring vegetables n groceries.

suju smiles n says, sanskar in market we will get fresh stock at wholesale price. and u know if we buy there even farmers will get profit.

San: maa seriously I don’t understand u. badimaa says even ramu Kaka brings good ones only. but u will never listen.

suju: sanskar stop the car here itself n wait for. car won’t go more inside.

San: ok maa. but plz don’t take much time. am having a lot of work. she nods n they both goes.

he stands there only n check the mails.

seeing a mail he gets happy.

inside both swara n suju are taking needed items. it’s more than one hour they went so sanskar calls suju. but she is not responding. sanskar decides to walk to them.

he listens swara voice n turns back. he is shocked to see the scenario. swara is fighting with a seller. he angrily goes towards her.

San:(angrily) swara what the hell are you doing. y r u fighting with him.

sw: sanskar am not fighting. voo am buying those earrings. mumma loved those. so we are bargaining with him.

San: for God sake swara behave like SM wife. why do you want those cheap quality ones. I can afford diamonds for my mom. I don’t know from which background u came, but maheswaris don’t use cheap quality. no need of all those . now both of u just come.

saying this he drags suju from there angrily. swara also comes Fastly n sits in car.

suju: sanskar what was that. how can u say all those to swara. ask her sorry now.

San: mom it’s not my mistake. n from now u don’t go to market especially with her.

suju: sanskar lower Ur Voice. am Ur mother.

a lone tear escapes from her eyes. she wipes it without anyone’s notice. but swara notices it n feels bad.

suju: ( murmurs ) maa am missing u alot. plz come back. am tired of faking myself. in these years jiji even started controlling my children. but am feeling helpless here. I could c even bhaisa n ramji are missing u.

soon they reach mansion.

swara helps suju in arranging groceries. suju goes to her room. swara also goes back of her n closes the door.
SW: mumma I have a surprise for u saying this she excitedly shows the
earrings with suju liked.

suju: surprisingly……. when did u bring it.

SW: when my husband angrily dragged u from there mumma.

suju: swara don’t feel sad about sanskars words. the environment in which he grown is different. plz don’t leave my son beta. I can understand ur both bonding is not too good. for me u are angel in his life. plz change him. n I know only u can do it. plzzz tell me u will do it.

SW: I will do it.

swara goes to their room n sees sanskar sitting angrily n waiting for her.

San: what was that? I told u to stay away from my family. especially mom. then what was that Haan. never try to bring such cheap crap to my home.

SW: sanskar she may be Ur mom. but now she is my mumma also. even if we get divorced I’ll be in contact with her. n what more u said, u can afford diamonds right. then tell me when u gifted mumma last time , n what u gifted.

San: I gifted her a ruby set on mother’s Day.

SW: u mean to show Ur love on mother do we specially need mothers day.

San: just shut Ur mouth ms.mehra. don’t teach me what to do n what not to do. n listen never ever try to come close to me. cheap minded people like u will always try to show off n become rich. saying this he angrily goes from there.

listening to his harsh words she gets teary eye. but soon she composes her self.

late night sanskar feels thirsty n gets up. he drinks water but doesn’t find swara. he thinks to go n see her but his ego is not letting him to see her. he jerks his thoughts n sleeps.

next day morning:

ishu: bade Papa I was thinking y not ragini Bhabhi also work with laksh Bhai. I mean even she is also MBA graduate………so….

DP: ragini do u want to work.

rag: no bade Papa. I don’t want to do. I want to help maa at home.

ishu: but ragini u are qualified in 1st class nah. y don’t u try.

lak: just give a try. u don’t have any work. just help me.

she nods.

San: ok then u can come from
today. ( sanskar knows ragini is laksh love.)

all goes to office.

in sanskars cabin:

asusual swara is reading his schedule.

San: ms. Mehra today SAMs pa is coming. n I don’t want anything to go wrong. I’ll give this presentation personally. u cross check everything.
I want to deal with premanjali at any cost .

SW: ok sir.

after sometime they start meeting n ended successfully.

sm: ms. kushi am glad that we are moving further.

kushi: wish u all the best Mr.sm. I’ll mail u details of final presentation with SAM.

sm: ok ms.kushi.

kushi: mr.sm I want to meet Ur pa swara. can I take her out for sometime.

SM: am sorry ms.kushi . there is alot of pending work left. I can’t send her. but u can discuss here itself . wait I’ll call her . he call her through intercom . she comes. as soon as she sees kushi , she goes n hugs her .

SW: idiot u are meeting me this much late Haan .

San:(angrily) ms.mehra behave urself.

kushi: cool down mr.sm. she is my bestie.

kushi: I thought to give u surprise. I excepted u to be in conference hall . I want to talk important thing.
we decided to adopt aarav. I want Ur signature.

SW: oh my god. that’s gud . but u can take Anjali Di signb na.

Ku: we want u to complete it.

SW: ok . saying this she signs.

Ku: ok now I need to go . home children gave this letter to u . n sent u Chocolate box.

kushi goes from there.

raglak enters his cabin.

lak: Bhai y did u call me.

San: am going to assign u Ur 1st project . Ur r going to present mehra’s project.

SW: sir , laksh sir can’t handle it.

San: ms.mehra u are my pa . n here no one asked Ur suggestions . u can go.

SW: but sir . am telling for your benefit only . I worked there. so I know them very well . pragya Mehra is going to handle it . it is very important project for them . especially for her . according to her laksh is immature to handle this project. ( guys no one knows swara is abhi n purab sister .)

screen freezes in sanskar angry face . n swara emotionless face .

from today swasan hate story starts . let’s see how their hate story turns to love…….

plzz do comment guys . n share Ur views.

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  1. Sreekkutty

    I am waiting for their love story. Now u r saying hate story?????

    1. Shreny

      Yes their hate story is going to start.but it will end soon. Hope u enjoy the story.

  2. the episode in which swara ate chicken in that episode only Dr. Anand told everyone about swara being sister-in-law of pragya mehra

    1. Shreny

      In that part I also mentioned pragya as psychologist. But sometimes she manages business also. And as all were tensed about Ishani no one in maheswari family noticed it.

  3. Pravee

    waiting for swasan love

    1. Shreny

      Their love will Start surely……. But before that be ready to see their hate.

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    1. Shreny

      Thank you dear…

    1. Shreny

      Thank you dear…

  5. Swasan7764

    Heyy I am silent reader its awesome but why sanky is behaving like that to shona don’t separate them but sanskar also should know about swara value nd thanks for your lovely story of our SWASAN nd update next part soon dear

    1. Shreny

      Thank you dear….. N let’s see how sanskar will know swara value………

  6. Harneet

    wow di …………….. plz get swara’s new shade,,,,,,,,, ic .bye tc

    1. Shreny

      Thank u dear… Let’s see will swara show any new shade of hers or not….

  7. Adishu

    it’s very interesting…hate to love… waiting to see there tashan….

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  8. Awesome..

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      Thank you dear…..

  9. Neha_01

    Amazing..loved it

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  10. Mars

    Nice I want swara to be strong and sanskar should learn how to behave he has so much of ego and attitude of being rich…..

    1. Shreny

      Thank u dear….. Let’s c will swara behave strong or not….

  11. Superbbbb

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      Thank u dear……

  12. Swara being half owner of mehra company like that can u show us

    1. Shreny

      Let’s c what will happen?????????

  13. awesome update next part soon feeling bad for swara..

    1. Shreny

      Thank u dear….. I’ll try to update soon.

  14. AbrahamEzra

    It’s awesome and thank u dear for posting it. I loved it. Sanskar is such an egoistic man yaar. Hope swara will change him soon and their love story will start. I’m eagerly waiting to know what will be sanskars reaction when he knows that swara is rich and she is the sister of abhi and purab. Pls post soon.

  15. Shreny

    Thank you dear….let’s see will sanskar change or not????? N his reaction on knowing swara being rich…….

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