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Hey guys….this is me shanaya and this is my first try…So I decided I’ll be writing a one shot as a trial….

Swara s POV:
It was a bright day. I got down from my bed and looked at the side table. Sadness filled me, when I saw my parent’s photo. I missed them. They died when I was 10. I didn’t have any friends. I was all lonely. I got dressed and went down. I was greeted with a unfriendly environment. My uncle and aunt stared at me. I walked out and reached my college.

It was a beautiful place and every engineer’s dream campus “IIT Lucknow” I walked through the huge ground to my class when I saw him….the one I loved the most SANSKAR MAHESWARI….i had a crush on him from the first day in the campus. He was the cool guy of the college. He was extremely handsome and every girl had a crush on him. He was the second topper of the college since the first topper was me….yes I was a nerd with big glasses and always had a book in front of me. People ignored me. And I too never talked to anyone. He had a gang consisting of his bestie laksh, ragini (laksh s gf), kavya, Rahul (kavya s bf) and kavitha. I hated her since she was always close to him. i walked to my class. He was always in my class but he never noticed me. Today I entered and sat down on the first bench. To my shock, he came and sat beside me. He said ‘Hello!!!’ I said hi….and we had our first conversation….days passed and he became my bestie …
And then came my life s most beautiful day…..
I was sitting on the bench under a tree in a park surrounded by our college students who were playing, talking jumping etc. I saw sanskar coming towards me. He came and sat on his knees in front of me and said “ hey swara…you know what I am madly in love with this girl…. She is my love….i don’t know when and how this happened but I am madly in love with this girl… Don’t u want to know who?” he asked me. I replied ”who???” innocently. he stood up and said as loudly as possible “you….I have madly fallen in love with you….Will you be my girlfriend swara???” I was blushing and nodded my head. He gave me a bone crushing hug.

One month passed by and it was my birthday today. I was feeling the most happiest in the world. I went to college with a huge smile on my face. Sanskar was very reserved. He never came close to me cause he knew I was shy. He was the one I felt who was made for me. I asked his friends about his whereabouts. They replied he was in one of the old classrooms. I was suddenly feeling restless. I walked upto the classrooms and to my utter shock he was going to kiss kavitha!!!! I screamed at the top of my voice with tears rolling down my face. Both were in a shock seeing me. I went and caught the collar of his shirt and said “ why did u do this to me???? I never cheated anyone…. Then why me????” kavitha turned me and gave me a tight slap and she spoke the words that shattered me…”you b*tch…. How dare you catch my sanky s collar….you better stay in your limits…you are no more than a zero in ur life.. who will fall for a nerd like you…you think he loves you??? No way …he always loved me and will love me….he was completing his dare which was given by Rahul ….” I walked out of the room with tears flowing continuously out of my eyes. I felt to kill myself for trusting someone again……again??? You might wonder but I have been cheated by loved ones before too…I walked down the corridors. Tears didn’t stop. Suddenly someone turned me around. I saw into his eyes…yes it was sanskar…He said “I am sorry…” I replied calmly “ you think a sorry will heal everything??? You know what sanskar ??? IT HURTS !!!!!! being cheated every time hurts …. I don’t need your sorry …leave my hand…” he immediately left my hand and I ran from there. I reached home and locked myself in and cried the whole night.

Days flew and I ignored him…..little did I know what destiny had in store for me…..
I know I hurt her….and I was not worth her forgiveness…. I broke up with kavitha the day she spoke like that about my swara… yes …I have fallen in love with her ….this time it was true love…but I knew that she would never forgive me….
The final exams approached and after this we all will be able to earn on our own….I saw swara covered immersed in her books… I walked to her and said “All the best” she said thanks with the most uninterested face. I felt bad and walked in to write the exam.
Exams were done and results were out. As usual swara came first and I was second. Everyone congratulated me but no one spoke to her. I walked to her and said “congrats!!!” she replied with a stay-away-from-me look. I walked away

I didn’t know why he came to talk to me after all that drama. Tears started forming in my eyes yet again. I didn’t want to show it to him. so I went home as soon as possible. On the way home, I saw a lady who had fallen on the road and was trying hard to breath. I guess she had asthma. Her inhaler was a few feet away. But no one helped her. I went and gave her the inhaler and helped her get back on her feet. She was a sweet lady and I felt she was like my mother. Just then a BMW stopped in front of us and she asked my name. I replied “swara” she said “nice name” and she went away. I reached home and to my surprise I saw the same lady with a man. My aunt said “ Oh my dear niece is back!!!” I never expected her to say that. She came to me and whispered in my ear “you r getting married day after tomorrow. Ur engagement is today evening. Keep quite and marry or else…” I gulped and went to my room. I was about to get ready when I remembered what my mom always said “ when u will marry, I will ready my daughter like a princess “ I was missing my mom and tears were flowing down. But still I got ready and wore my specs. My aunt came and scolded me “ it is ur engagement and u r wearing specs??? Remove it now “ I protested since I was blind as a bat without my specs and I didn’t have lenses. But she forced me to remove.

I walked down the stairs and as expected everything was blur. I reached the boy and he forwarded his hand . I didn’t look up since I knew I was cheating him. I could never love him like a wife loves her husband . I always loved sanskaar and I always will. I made him wear the ring and he made me wear the ring. After the engagement I went to my room and fell asleep.
The wedding function were done and today was the wedding. I didn’t see his face. I got ready and all my relatives said I looked beautiful. I sat on the bed as there was time. I remembered my past….
I was 10 when my parents died and I was left with my uncle and aunt. They were really nice to me. I was like sanskar the cool one in school. When I turned fifteen I heard my uncle and aunt s conversation saying that they loved my money and as soon as I turned 21 they will throw me out of the house and transfer all the property onto their name. I confronted them and they tortured me. I turned to my friends and they ditched me saying I was not rich anymore. I was completely broken. I learnt that people love money more than anything. So I decided to change. I became the nerdy one and people hated me. It was all fine till I met sanskar….

I snapped out of my thoughts when they called me down. All the rituals took place and I was married to someone I didn’t know.
I was sitting on the bed thinking…. Just then I heard a noise. I didn’t look up. The person said “ hey chashmish u didn’t even see who ur husband is ….” Wait no one called me chashmish except…………………SANSKAR… I lifted my hand to see him grinning… he came and sat in front of me and said “sorry….please forgive me I cant stay without u …..i love u ….” I said “its ok I am sleeping” he asked “where “ I replied “on the bed” he said “if u have to sleep on bed then u have to kiss me “ I frowned.
Sanskar s POV:
She looked so cute when she frowned… I said “ its ok if u don’t….” but before I completed she smashed her lips on mine. I couldn’t resist and kissed her back. After a while she backed off. She was blushing. She was so beautiful. I lifted her and put her on the bed and kissed her and we consummated our marriage. At last, she was mine…..

How was it guys??? Good??great??? was it too long…please comment …. Love u all lots…..please tell me if I should continue….

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