Swasan : Humari adhuri kahani (episode 1)

Sorry guys for the late update and thanks for the lovely comments in the intro … So here we go :

In the temple house in gm :

There is a girl standing there her eyes are closed she says to god : “god why you have you gave me a short life huh i haven’t found my true love na so why you did this to me and yes when i come to you na i will irritate you that i miss my family and then you will see im very upset with you but its oke i will try to make this 1 year the best year in my live ” she smiles an other girl comes she calls : ” shona come we are late for college ” yes that girl was our swara … Swara says : ” yes im coming ragu ” they were about to leave just then a man in his 50’s calls them ” are will my princesses leave without giving their baba a hug ” swaragini in union ” sorry baba ” and they hug him then a women says ” and will they forget their maa now ” they hug her to … then shekhar says ” swara you are going later to college today ” she asks ” why ” he says ” bcoz you are going to leave us within 1 year and i dont want that anything happens to you before that thats why i have hired a bodyguard to protect you and he will come later ” everyone gets teary eyed and swara says ” but baba ” he says ” but vut kuch nahi i dont want to lose you so fast if not for you pls for me will you agree ” swara gets teary eyed seeing her fathers love for her and she nods … Ragini says ” so i will leave now ” she hugs swara and goes

A boys room in mm :

He is looking at the photo of his parents and cries he says ” dont worry mom and dad i will do as you say and live my life to the fullest but before that i will take revenge from that swara gadodia for killing you both ” he hugs the picture and says ” your sanskar will give you justice ” yes he is our sanskar … someone knocks on his door he wipes his tears washes his face and does the door open a boy comes in and says ” bhai im going to a party will you come along ? ” sanky says ” sorry lucky but i have to go somewhere for work ” laksh gets teary eyed and says ” didnt you listen to uncle and aunt they said that you have to enjoy your life you don’t have much time bhai ” he cries sanky gets teary eyed and hugs him ” let me do this work first then i will enjoy for sure ” laksh says ” promise ” he says ” promise ” …. Sanky later leaves for his work

Precap: swasan meeting

I know it was short update but from tommo i will write longer for sure … hope you liked it …plz comment

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